View Full Version : Abjurant Champion and Arcane Strike

2007-03-22, 04:47 PM
I'm making a Paladin 4/Sorceror 5/Abjurant Champion 5 for my campaign and had some questions about Arcane Strike and Arcane Boost, the AC ability.

First, is Arcane Strike redundant with Arcane Boost? Boost looks like the weaker ability, so Strike seems like it could still be useful. What other feats should I consider if Arcane Strike shouldn't be taken?

Second, do Arcane Boost (a swift action) and Arcane Strike (a free action) stack? That is, can I burn one spell to get the benefits of both, or do I have to use 2 spell slots to use both?

Bears With Lasers
2007-03-22, 04:51 PM
Just take the abilities as written. Arcane Boost lets you sacrifice a spell as a swift action. The result is an attack bonus. Arcane Strike lets you
sacrifice a spell as a free action. You get an attack bonus and extra damage. These are separate things. You can activate one, the other, or both. The attack bonuses are from different sources and not of the same type, so they stack. Why on earth would you be able to use a single spell slot for both?

2007-03-22, 04:52 PM
I agree with what Bears said, only more politely put ;)