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2014-11-11, 10:17 AM
so, i'm running a D20 Modern game in a real world post-post-apocalypse where DnD monsters and magic suddenly appeared. my group is only three member strong and each had a pretty solid idea of what they wanted out of their characters crunch-wise but none of them seems to be happy with what they'd got planned out so far, so i came up with these and i'm just looking for a 3rd party perspective on how they balance with each other. saddly since none of us has a lot of familiarity with D20 Modern i wasn't able to add in skills or defense/reputation/wealth/action point progressions yet as i'm going to be AFB for awhile yet.

first off, the Tank of the group, this guy started the first session off by walking up to a hill giant, at level 4, and yelling things about its mother. i was baffled by this action too, he's normally a smart wizard style player.

Triad Enforcer
D12 HD
4+int skills
3/4th BAB
good fort, med ref, low will

1st: Diehard, Insult
2nd: Combat Euphoria
3rd: Improved Toughness
4th: Crowd tactics
5th: School of Hard Knocks
6th: Good Instincts
7th: Bravado
8th: Fearsome Opponent
9th: Tough Beyond Reason
10th: Deathless Enforcer

Diehard: as the feat
Insult: single target that can see/hear you, save Vs being forced to focus on the enforcer. DC 10+character level+cha
Combat Euphoria: for every 5 HP lost you gain +1 damage, for every 10 you gain +1 to attacks. these are moral bonus's that last until the end of an encounter
improved toughness: as the feat.
Crowd Tactics: can't be flanked
School of Hard Knocks: bonus to trip/disarm/grapple checks equal to Combat Euphoria's attack bonus
Good Instincts: +4 bonus to spot, listen, sense motive and +2 to initiative
Bravado: bonus to all Saves equal to Combat Euphoria's attack bonus
Fearsome Opponent: bonus to intimidate checks equal to combat euphoria's attack bonus, swift action intimidation check (DC 25) to shaken all opponents within 30ft
Tough Beyond Reason: you can add your Con Mod as DR/-
Deathless Enforcer: once per day you can spend a move action to "get into the zone" and gain 50 temporary HP. these go away at the end of an encounter and do not affect your bonus's from combat euphoria

also: for this one, if anyone has a suggestion to make fearsome opponent less clunky, i'd appreciate it.

Next up we have the sneaky scout of the group, this persons character is a sort of combination of the Major from Ghost in the Shell and Raiden from Metal Gear Raising.

Cyborg Ninja
6+int skills
3/4 BAB
good ref, med will, low fort

1st: fast movement, skirmish +1d6, +2 ac
2nd: acrobatics training, weapons focus
3rd: spring attack
4th: skirmish +2d6, +4 ac
5th: silent running
6th: weapon specialization
7th:skirmish +3d6, +6ac
8th: improved fast movement, wall run
9th:deflect missiles
10th: rapid assault

Fast Movement: +10ft
Skirmish:specific rules as Scout (complete adventurer)
Acrobatics training: +4 to jump, climb, tumble
Weapon Focus: duh
Spring Attack: as the feat, no prerequisites needed
Silent Running: no penalty to hide/move silently when moving at full speed and only half as much for running
Weapon Specialization: double duh
Improved Fast Movement: additional +10ft
Wall Run: while moving the cyborg ninja can move along/up walls and ceilings, must end turn on a flat surface, or fall.
Deflect Missiles: as the swashbuckler ability
Rapid Assault: for an action point make a full attack as a standard action.

and last but not least, the long range combatant, your basic grizzled old military vet specializing in sniping, the main thing about this character is that we're not using the death by massive damage rules as none of us like them so we've got to pump up his damage to give him a valid mechanical reason to try and stay very far away.

Veteran Sharpshooter
6+int skills
3/4 BAB
good will, med ref, low fort

1st: Deadly Aim +1die
2nd: Eagle Eyed, Weapon Focus
3rd: Improved Far Shot
4th: Deadly aim +2dice
5th: The Quick And The Dead
6th: Trigger Discipline, Weapon Specialization
7th: Deadly Aim +3dice
8th: improved crit
9th: Called Shot
10th: Deadly Aim +4dice

Deadly Aim: when using the deadeye feat you deal extra damage as well as gaining its normal benefit
Eagle Eyed: +4 search/spot, half the penalty to spot from distance
Improved Far Shot: add an extra 1/2 range increment to ranged attacks
The Quick And The Dead: use the deadeye feat as a move action
Trigger Discipline: half the penalty for shooting beyond the first range increment
Improved Crit: as the feat
Called Shot:spend action point to target certain limbs for extra effects
head: double crit range and increase crit mod to x4
torso: save Vs being stunned for 1d4 rounds
arm/leg/wing save Vs loosing use of limb until receiving surgery or magical healing

Tanuki Tales
2014-11-11, 02:42 PM
If you're using DnD monsters and magic, why not just have them use DnD classes? They'll be woefully outgunned, underpowered and on the straight path to death otherwise, since D20 Modern mechanics can't cope with the assumptions that 3.5 had in mind for PCs.

2014-11-11, 06:05 PM
That's kind of the point actually, to use modern technology and good tactics to overcome the stronger monsters, plus I'll be going easy on magic using enemy's. No lichs or anything.

Tanuki Tales
2014-11-11, 06:14 PM
That's kind of the point actually, to use modern technology and good tactics to overcome the stronger monsters, plus I'll be going easy on magic using enemy's. No lichs or anything.

You'll also want to avoid incorporeals, outsiders and anything with...actually, nevermind, DR won't be a problem with how much damage modern weapons do. But be very wary and up the ante on their personal power by a margin if you want them to survive.