View Full Version : (Help)D20 A Game Of Thrones, Black Company, Thieves World miture

Fatal Rose
2014-12-18, 01:29 AM
I personally love these three games, GOT was released by Guardians Of The Order, the other two were released by Green Ronin.

The character creation process in these three games is amazing, I applied this to my recent Pathfinder campaigne and it worked out really well. Choosing your background, blood line feats, houses affiliation (if any), was really helpful when it came to fleshing out the PCs stories and really aided me in DMing.

Next game I'm considering applying GOTs method of combat, how AC is used to help aid in a dodge roll and armour is used to absorb damage, I find it far more realistic and brutal.

Not sure where to begin though or how to do this. I was thinking of modding the Pathfinder character sheet with elements of the GOT character sheet. However now I need to add the unique differences (which I like) of the other games. The magic systems is a bit of a toughie for me. PF, BC, amd TV all work really well. I prefer the flavor of magic in TV/BC though. However BCs magic system is very different.

Any ideas, suggestions, help anyone can provide?