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2015-01-27, 11:30 AM
I've always wanted to play the PF Witch in 5e because I thought their Hexes were really cool. So I decided to homebrew this subclass where (from what I feel) the more iconic Hexes (with some changes) are the subclass features. I understand that some of the spells granted overlap with the other subclasses and may not make sense for some people so I sorta left it openish for people to adjust for their table. I also adjusted the subclass's flavor so it wouldn't just be witch covens. Initially I wanted to homebrew a Coven Invocation as well but I had no idea how to do it without it being abuseable in some way. Yes, I know the 'witch' flavor can be replicated with the other subclasses but come on guys. WITCH HEXES!!11oneone!!


Rather than making a pact with a single powerful being, you are making a pact with a coven of witches where the addition of members makes the group more and more powerful. Alternatively, your character may be part of a Hermetic Order or some other magical organization instead, although some groups of such organizations do no discriminate between genders or make exceptions based on the command of the more notable members. It is also not uncommon that such groups do serve a more powerful being where the power of the pact is only given to those who are accepted into the magical organization by some sort of hazing. In any case, it is likely that the group you are associated with has many chapters and you are a member of one of them.

Below are spells granted for a typical member of a witch coven. If you feel that your coven or order would offer different spells, talk with you DM to figure out what arrangements work best for your character.

1st level
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Ray of Sickness
2nd level
Blindness/Deafness, Phantasmal Force
3rd level
Bestow Curse, Spirit Guardians
4th level
Compulsion, Evard’s Black Tentacles
5th level
Contagion, Dominate Person

Witch Hex (1st level)
The Warlock may target a creature within 30 ft and give it Fortune or Misfortune for 1 round. Granting a target Fortune lets them have Advantage on one roll of their choice. A target granted Misfortune gets a Wisdom saving throw against the Warlock’s spell save DC. Failure means they have Disadvantage on all attack, ability, and saving throw rolls until the Misfortune is gone.
Either way, the Warlock may call upon this power as an action once per short rest.

Cackle (6th level)
The Warlock may Cackle as an action to either give himself Advantage on concentration checks for one round or make a creature affected by a concentration spell have disadvantage against its next saving throw against that spell.

Retribution (10th level)
Once per short rest, the Warlock may affect a creature as an action with the curse of Retribution for as long as he maintains concentration on this ability. The targeted creature gets to make a Wisdom save and is affected upon failure. A creature affected by Retribution take necrotic damage equal to half the damage whenever they deal direct damage to another creature. If the affected creature deals damage to more than one creature in a single instance, he takes necrotic damage based on the creature he dealt the most damage to.

Vision (14th level)
Granting a vision takes 1 minute, during which time the Warlock and the target must remain in contact with one another. At the end of this time, the subject receives a brief image of the future, usually no more than 1 year from the time of the vision, subject to DM discretion. This is only one possible version of the future, making such visions unreliable at best. Most visions are slanted toward the alignment of the Warlock that granted them. For example, the visions granted by a chaotic evil Warlock often show scenes of death and destruction, while those of a neutral good Warlock tend to be of joyous events or occasions. A creature cannot be subject to another vision until the current vision has either come to pass or been prevented. A Warlock cannot use this ability on himself. Unwilling creatures receive a Wisdom save to negate the vision.

2015-01-27, 12:18 PM
Looks good mechanically and with good flavor. The only problem would be overlap with other Patrons.