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2015-01-30, 08:03 PM
So I decided to make some archetypes to make multiclasses less necessary, and to make multiclasses that don't work work. These are archetypes meant to imitate the flavor(if not the crunch) of a multiclass, without multiclassing. I am trying to not use any of the crunch of the mimic class, sometimes it is unavoidable(as with brawler) but i am trying.

First off, a path to give the power of a monk to a fighter

While most people think of monks when they think of unarmed fighters, some unarmed combatenets just beat people with there fists, lakeing the mysticism of the monk. These are the brawlers.

Fist of death
When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in your own body as a weapon. This body does 1d4 damage.
Your ac when not wearing armor is 10+your strength modifier+your con modifier

Improved fists
Starting at 7th level. Your unarmed attack is a 1d6 instead of a 1d4. They also count as magical for the purpose of overcomeing resistance. You can grapple creatures 2 sizes larger than you, but you grapple creatures 2 sizes larger than you at disadvantage.

Stronger than an ox
at 10th level, your unarmed attack changes to a 1d8. You no longer have disadvantage when you grapple creatures 2 sizes larger than you.

Starting at 15th level, You have advantage on all rolls to lift heavy things, or move heavy things.You have advantage on rolls to destroy things with your body.

God grappler.
Starting at 18th level, you are a paragon of bodily streangth. Your unarmed attacks change to a 1d10. You can grapple anything, and have advantage on grappling checks.

A path which gives the barbarian the musical talents of the bard

The skald.
For some barbarians the thrill of rageing is not enough, they want to lead they're allies to victory. They want to inspire them with they're music, and have managed to tie they're rage to they're music. You are one of these barbarians, a leader of mortals who inspires rage in a way beyond any other.


Musical rage.
When you choose this path at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in performance as well at 3 instruments of your choice. While rageing you have advantage on all performance checks. You also gain the ability to drive your allies into rage with your music. To do this you must make some kind of noise, and spend one of your rages. You are then doing a song of rage, you must maintain concentration on the rage as if it were a spell, and the ally has to be able to hear you for the entirty of their rage.

Lead the Battle
Beggining at 6th level, while rageing you can inspire your allies to attack. Durreing your turn while you are rageing you can spend a bonus action to have one of your allies perform a weapon attack. THey must be able to hear you and you must make some sort of noise. The weapon attack is normal exept instead of the normal to hit, they instead use your performance skill.

The rage of an army
Starting at level 10, you can make multiple allies rage. When you use your musical rage, you may spend multiple rages and have multiple people rage, one rage equals one ally rageing. All of your rages share the same concentration.
You may spend an attack to do an awesome solo. When you do, all of your allies that you have raging gain advantage on there next roll.

Undying rage
Starting at level 14, when someone does a death saving throw while under the effect of your rage, they have advantage. And when they succeed, they restore one of your hit die in health.

A domain that gives the cleric some musical flavor
Music domain

bonus spells
Yep, I dont know how these work

Holy music
At 1st level, you learn one bard cantrip of your choice. You gain proficiency in the performance skill and 3 instruments of your choice. You can use an instrument as a spell casting focus

Other level 1 thing
Something i cant think of

Channel divinity; charm or frighten person
Starting at 2nd level, you can use your channel divity to charm or frighten people.
As an action you make some kind of noise that is either charming or terrifying. One person of your choice that can hear you within 30 feet of you must make a wisdom saveing throw. If the creature fails its saving throw, it is charmed or frightened of you for 1 minute or until it takes damage. While it is charmed it is friendly to you and other creatures you designate.

Inspiring song
At 6th level, you may inspire one of your allies. You can spend an action to grant an ally an extra 1d4 on there next roll, you can do this a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier. This refreshes on short rest.

Sonic strike.
at 8th level, you gain the ability to infuse your weapon strikes with sonic energy. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 sonic damage to the target. When you reatch 14th level the extra damage increases to 2d8.
(is sonic damage still a thing?)

Level 17 thing

A school for wizards who want to mimic paladins

School of perfection

You are no normal wizard. While most wizards shun the physical world to focus on the arcane one, you know that that path leads to weakness. Instead you see no diference between your body and your spells, and have made it your mission to become perfect with bolth. You have sworn an oath to make sure that you do nothing that could harm yourself, instead dedicating yourself wholy to perfection.

The extension of the body
Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level. You have full weapon and armor proficiency. However, should you have done anything to harm your body within the last 24 hours on purpose, than you have disadvantage on all roles while weilding any weapon or wearing any armor.

Arcane strike
Starting at 2nd level when you choose this school, you have begun to strip the border between the arcane and the flesh, as such you have mastered the ability to channel your arcane power into a martial attack. When you hit a creature you can expend a spell slot to do extra damage to the creature. You do an extra 1d6 damage of a type of your choosing for each level of the spell slot which you spent.

Extra atack
Begging at 6th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the attack action on your turn.

Perfect imunity
Starting at 10th level, your dedication the perfection of your body makes you immune to disease, You can spend an action to cure the disease of someone else, you can do this a number of times equal to your int modifier.

Complete fusion.
Startubg at 14th level, you have mastered the fusion of the physical body and the mental world. When you cast a spell you may spend a bonus action to do a melee attack, and when you do a melee atack you may spend a bonus action to cast a spell. You can only do this once per turn. In addition you no longer age as your dedication to perfection has stoped your ageing process.

A rogueish archetype that mimics the warlock

Beginner spell caster.
Starting at 3rd level, you gain the use of a warlock cantrip. You use charisma for the purpsoe of this cantrip

Beggining lier.
Gain profiency in one of the following skills; deception, or persuasion. In addition you can cast disguise self at will

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Just saveing space

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Again, I want to do something for this!
I'll come up with something, and hopefully it'll replace this text when I'm finished.

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Just a single nitpick, on default, unarmed attacks do one damage unless you are a monk or have the tavern feat.

2015-01-30, 10:29 PM
Just a single nitpick, on default, unarmed attacks do one damage unless you are a monk or have the tavern feat.

ah yes good point, I will change it so brawlers get 1d4 unarmed attacks at level 1.

2015-01-30, 11:03 PM
edit, fixed some spelling mistakes and added the music domain and the school of perfection. I am out of ideas on the music domain(will sleep on it but would like ideas) and I think that the school of perfection is overpowered as all hell but I am not sure how to turn it down.

2015-02-01, 10:53 PM
I've got a few comments.

The Bardbarian's Lead the Battle feature allows for character with Expertise to give massive
bonuses to their allies attacks.

The damage you want for music domain's Sonic Strike is Thunder damage.

You also should tone down the School of Perfection's Complete Fusion feature, because it's better than the Eldritch Knights 18th level feature. Make it similar to The Eldritch Knight's War Magic feature, maybe?

Edit: I took another look at School of Perfection. You provably want to specify that Arcane Strike is supposed to be when you hit when using the Attack action, instead of just on a hit, unless your intent was for it to be able to be used with spells. If that was the case, then disregard this.