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Azura Vash
2015-02-10, 12:37 AM
I am trying to find a premaid adventure for Pathfinder that goes from 1st lvl to 5th lvl anyone have any suggestions

Kol Korran
2015-02-10, 04:26 AM
From what I know, Pathfinder usually publish Adventure paths (Series of 6 connected adventures that run from 1st to 14th20th level approximately, with each adventure spanning 2-5 levels or so). You can check this page for the paths suggested (http://paizo.com/pathfinder/adventurePath/) The different modules themselves can be played as stand alone adventures, so you may be able to look for the first (maybe also second) module of each path, for a shorter story.

I've only tried the "Wrath of the righteous" path, about demons conquering a city, and the characters getting caught in it, till they happen to save the city. Runs from 1-5, and can certainly be an adventure on it's own. Check the others as well, see what fits. 9If you choose the Wrath adventure, you can check my sig for a campaign log that also has plenty of tips about making it better).

I think "Rise of the Runelords" is very popular.

I know Paizo also do on rare occasion singular adventure (Like "We be goblins"), but those usually span 1-2 levels, and are very specific in their theme.