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2015-02-14, 12:04 AM
Psyreactant Silica 100gp 5lb Craft (alchemy) DC 25

Psyreactant silica is a form of powdered crystal that reacts to thoughts, taking the form a sentient mind impresses upon it. An object made from psyreactant silica acts physically similar to the object it is shaped as, though it has a hardness of 8, and 25 hit points per inch of thickness. Silica formed objects are chemically and alchemically identical to mundane crystal, and are subject to the effects of shatter spells and the Liquify Crystal special attack of the Folugub. Silica formed armor is considered to be made of metal to the vows of druids: the substance cuts one off from nature as effectively as worked metal. Objects made of psyreactant silica do not have any magical effects of the forms it is changed into: a pile of psyreactant silica formed into the Annulus does not gain any of its artifact abilities, nor would a Staff of Power shaped silica object be able to cast any spells. Enchanting an object made of psyreactant silica works as normal, but the enchantment becomes dormant when the object is shaped into any form that could not normally carry the enchantment: a wand of silica that was shaped into a ring cannot be triggered, nor can a silica formed flaming burst sword still burn when shaped into a robe. If the silica is formed into an object capable of carrying the enchantment again, the magic reasserts itself and the item functions as normal. Weapon and armor enchantments cost 10% more when placed onto an object made of psyreactant silica.

Controlling psyreactant silica is an exercise in concentration. To alter its shape, one must make a concentration skill check with a DC equal to the craft DC of the new desired shape. One may alter only a single item or pile of psyreactant silica at a time. Forming an object out of psyreactant silica requires as much weight in psyreactant silica as the desired object would normally weigh. Changing the form of a psyreactant silica formed object is a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. To control an object of psyreactant silica, one must be within 30 feet. Once shaped, an object made of psyreactant silica remains in that form until altered. If you fail to reform the psyreactant silica, you may continue attempting to reshape it normally, at no penalty other than time.

Altering an object made of psyreactant silica that you did not shape is a contest of concentration, with the most recent shaper getting a +2 bonus for every 10 feet the character attempting the reformation is away from the object. Defending against an unwanted reshaping of an object you have shaped and that you hold or are within 30 feet of takes no action. You may not attempt to defend an object you didnít shape, nor may you defend an object you are further than 30 feet from. If you cannot defend the object, the new controller must make a concentration check with a DC equal to the Craft DC of the current form to control it, and may then shape it normally with a separate concentration check. Establishing control this way takes the same amount of time that shaping the object normally would, and it assumes the new form at the same time that control is established.

Psyreactive silica cannot exert much force on objects other than itself. For any situation where it must disturb or alter another object, treat its Strength and Dexterity as 1.

Psionic characters may alter a volume of psyreactant silica in the same amount of time it takes them to regain psionic focus: the mental exercises are very similar, at their core.

Gifted Silicaformer
Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Concentration
Benefit: Shaping an object from psyreactant silica takes only swift action action for you. You gain a +4 bonus to concentration checks made to alter or control psyreactant silica. You may defend or alter psyreactant silica from up to 120 feet away, and do not take any penalty for distance when attempting to take control of psyreactant silica.

Design notes
I like shapesand. The idea is cool, and I feel it has an interesting niche in the magical / alchemical properties that nothing else really covers. But the rules pertaining to it are so vague as to make it either insanely overpowered or useless. So here's my attempt to make it a useful, interesting object without allowing it to dominate mundane crafting or devalue magic like minor creation. If you have any ideas for cleaning it up or altering the balance a bit, please chime in. My next project along these lines is retooling the Sandshaper PRC to use psionics and this stuff, and build a living construct Shardmind back-conversion, with a similar mechanic to the Hellbred (empathy path to telepathy, and crystal attack path to shard swarm effect.)