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Ethereal Gears
2015-02-20, 07:22 AM
Hey guys.
Well, I guess this one is pretty self-explanatory. I had a stab at turning the white-haired witch archetype for the witch base class into a full 20-level base class of its own. I wanted to try to keep the feel of the original archetype, while hopefully making it more balanced and easier to play, as the standard WHW generally required a lot of weird multiclassing and other shenanigans to make it viable. I warmly welcome any and all comments and criticism, especially if the latter is of the constructive variety!

So, without further ado: The White-Haired Witch (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8e09cD4OAF3MHBnbEhCUkhGRm8/view?usp=sharing).

- Gears

EDIT: Oh, shoot! I just realized I forgot to add the Spells Known table to the document. Not surprisingly, it's supposed to be identical to the Bard's Spells Known table, including the same number of Cantrips.

EDIT II: I updated the document, adding in the Spells Known and Cantrips. I also changed Hair Mastery to just let you count your level as your BAB for CMD and combat maneuvers made using your hair. I also gave the class a hex at 1st level like regular witches get. This does however leave the WHW with effectively dead levels at 7th, 11th, 15th and 19th level. I'm not necessarily seeing this as a problem, but if anyone has any suggestions for ability to fill these out I am all ears.

2015-02-20, 02:22 PM
I'm confused.......

Instead of gaining a witch hex, the white-haired witch can choose one of the following unique white-haired hexes whenever she could select a new hex:

Where are the hexes then ?

Also, you forgot to add the White-Haired Witch class spells.

Ethereal Gears
2015-02-21, 07:03 AM
Allow me to clarify. The white-haired witch casts off the witch class' spell list. That's stated in the Spells section; they don't have their own unique spell list, they just get access to the regular witch's first 6 spell levels.

The term 'witch hexes' refers to the hexes regular witches get. Much like if I'd written 'alchemist discoveries' or 'rogue talents', et cetera. This means a WHW can pick either a regular witch hex or one of the new hexes I've created especially for the class. Hope that helps to clear things up!

2015-02-21, 09:56 AM
As far as i can tell this is very balanced and reasonable, and above all else, fun! I would enjoy playing this class, and it is very simply and elegantly made.

To me it would be fun if there was an option added to play a WHW that is more close range. While i enjoy the reach, and it is quite unique, i think that an option that makes it possible for you to make a more powerful attack or similar at a closer range. It would also be fun to have an option that removes the reliance on combat maneuvers. As i said, this is not because i dislike the grappling reachy feel of the class, but i like options. If you agree, i have some basic ideas for hexes.

Braids: As a full round action, the white haired witch can braid her hair, and use the heavy braids to attack her opponents. While braided, the white haired witch's prehensile hair deals 1d8 blunt damage and looses the ability to grapple foes with a natural attack. At 4th level, a white haired witch can make two such braids, giving her two natural attacks. At level 11, and once again at level 17, she gain make one additional such braid, giving her a maximum of 4 natural attacks. The white haired witch can redo the braids as a free action, returning her prehensile hair to normal.

Hairmor: By spending a witchery point as a swift action, the white haired witch can wrap parts of her hair around herself, protecting her body from harm. By doing so, she gains a +4 armor bonus to ac, but decreases the reach of her prehensile hair by 5 feet. At level 7, this increases to a +6 bonus, at level 12 it increases to a +8 bonus and the reach is decreased by an additional 5 feet. At level 17 it increases to a +10 bonus and the reach is decreased by an additional 5 feet. The white haired witch can unwrap the hair from herself as a free action.

Strong Roots: Any attack the white haired witch makes within 5 feet of herself gains a +2 bonus to damage. This bonus is also given to damage she deals with her constrict ability to creatures that are within 5 feet. At level 6, and every 5 levels thereafter this bonus damage is increased by +2, to a maximum of +8 at level 16.

Lead Locks: By spending a witchery point as a swift action, the white haired witch can increase the the damage of her hair by two steps, increasing as a bite attack would when increasing by two size categories. This bonus lasts for 1 minute per class level and while used, the white haired witch's prehensile hair's reach also decreases by 5 feet.

Obviously, if you want to use any of these ideas, feel free to change them as much as you want. I havent given them too much thought, so i'm sure some changes will be necessary.

On a less important note, i found an error in the snatching hair hex. "This functions as per the Deflect Arrows feat, except she does require have a free hand to do it." I assume it is supposed to say "except she is not required to have a free hand to use it."

Anyway, cheers.

Ethereal Gears
2015-02-22, 04:00 AM
Thanks for the input Kitsune Boxing. I'd had some ideas along the same lines rattling around in an older version of this class, so I combined those with a few of your suggestions and some I got off the Paizo boards and cobbled together a new and improved version:

White-Haired Witch 2.0 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8e09cD4OAF3UUVRem14N2xVeTQ/view?usp=sharing).

* Hexes are now called witchings, and I've added some new ones. Witchings that add a rider on your prehensile hair attacks (like combat maneuvers, constrict, et cetera) are called 'hair techniques', and you can now only apply one such technique per attack, although you can use any one you know however many times you want in a round.

* I gave the WHW evasion, improved evasion and a Will save counterpart called occlusion and improved occlusion to fill out the dead levels.

* Some new witchings, obviously, giving the WHW more uses for her witchery pool besides adding enhancements to her hair.

* I'm sure there's lots of stuff I've missed and more witchings and such could be added, but for now I think the class seems fine and playable and fun, so...yeah.

- Gears