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2015-03-31, 07:24 AM
I wanted to build a Fey for my DMPC in an adventure that I'm about to run, but I was kind of disappointed that Eladrin was the only kind of Fey that is offered as a Player Race in the DMG. So, here is my homebrew for the Fey which includes the Eladrin as a subrace. Is there anything about it that gives the races too much? I basically reflavored the Elvish subraces.


2015-03-31, 08:51 AM
Impressive! *bookmarks and downloads pdf for his own game*

2015-10-22, 05:57 AM
Hey :) Just chiming in. Don't think anything is overpowered really but Dryad's weapon proficiencies seem out of place. Maybe swap out for Nature proficiency? Or a 'speak with plants' once per day? Neither are particularly powerful & I know the Elvish weapon proficiencies don't come into play all that often due to the stat reqs (other than dex builds and rapier) but it seems off for a dryad.

2015-10-22, 06:38 AM
Yeah, as someone who has done some research in this area, I can't see why dryads should have weapon proficiencies. In most settings, they actually suffer from an aversion to iron or even all metals, which would preclude them from using most medieval weapons.

Also, what's with the wraith? Aren't they usually classed as undead? And why Cha? I thought the one defining feature of wraiths was cripplingly low Charisma (in some settings, that's why they ended up as wraiths in the first place)...

2015-10-22, 07:16 AM
I would give the Dryad shillelaghs, since it's a giant wooden club, which fits with their aversion to metal, and the fact that they are a tree spirit.