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2015-04-17, 04:49 AM
The Shadow of the Dark Beyond
CE Deity of pacts with otherworldly entities and demons, darkness, and fear.
Symbol An eye held in a clawed hand, surrounded by a corona of darkness.
Domains Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Occult, and Void.
Subdomains Corruption, Dark Tapestry, Demon, Fear, Shadow
Favored Weapon Dagger

Obedience: You must spend an hour in contemplation and prayer, staring into a place you cannot see the end of, typically a deep pit or cave shrouded in darkness. Gain a +4 profane bonus on Will saves against creatures native to the Dark Tapestry, the Abyss, or from beyond the great beyond.

The Shadow's Rite (Sp): unseen servant 3/day, scare 2/day, or summon monster III (Demons, Aberrations, or creatures with the Alien or Fiendish template only) 1/day,
Call upon Contract (Sp): You can cast planar binding once per day. The creature called must be an aberration or an outsider of the Demon subtype.
Favored of the Well (Sp): Once per day, you may summon a devourer with the sorcerer creature template. This devourer uses the spell-like abilities list designating a former demon, possesses the umbral bloodline, and has the following spells as spells known; 3rd- blink, deeper darkness. 4th- black tentacles, shadow conjuration. 5th- shadow evocation. This is treated as if using summon monster IX.

-Forever standing before the Ebon Well that resides within his domain in the Shadow Plane, the god Xuuldar Ainar (Zee-Yoo-L-Dahr Ae-N-Ar) is a point of contention among those who know his name. While most of his followers do not refute his divinity, some claim that he is no true god but a terrible and ancient creature, drawn from its home in the tapestry, the abyss, or even from beyond the outer sphere. Whatever the truth, Xuuldar Ainar is a patron of those who give themselves up to entities from beyond, a facilitator of dark pacts, and a maker of such as well. He is also considered by many to be a god of darkness, corruption, and the fear invoked by horrific creatures, both real and imagined. Always greedy for more, seeking to consume and rot away at the world, he constantly brings forth more dark and terrible beings, pulling them through the Ebon Well.
-His cultists are primarily those that interact with beings from beyond themselves, be it by summoning fiends and creatures of the tapestry, or simply forming pacts with such entities for power, though wielders of magics or psionics tied to shadow often pay homage to him, some even claiming that it is by pact with or through him they are able to wield their power.
-None know for certain what Xuuldar Ainar looks like, as even what he is is up for dispute, though most accounts present him as a being cloaked in darkness, the only thing revealed of his form is a clawed vaguely humanoid hand holding an eye within its grasp. Whether this is as he appears or not, along with the significance of the eye itself, have been subject to debate among his followers.

Supplementary Content
This section, which will be broken up, will be filled with various content relating to the deity above. What these will be, will be told in time.

After zaydos made a deity for me in this post and thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=19119033&postcount=281), I couldn't help but contemplate how it would be under Pathfinder and decided to set out to do that and expand upon it. I am just putting this up as a start and may, or may not, add upon it.