View Full Version : 160+ Unique Fan-made Magic Items with fluff for Creative Uses of "Identify"...

2015-04-20, 08:24 PM
Over at my blog manysideddice.com (http://manysideddice.com/2015/03/10/a-table-of-contents-thats-better-than-nothing/), we have a table of contents (sorted by name, type, how useful the item is and isn't, and recommended class) of a growing list of magic items.

They all have a couple of layers of information: a story-snippet about the item being used by someone, once upon a time; light details about where it came from or when; and mechanics for play.

All the items are intended to be either low-level useful (any +1 sword is going to be generally preferable over the items) or have a dramatic and big effect that only happens rarely or with great risk. They're pretty play balanced.

Feel free to take and borrow!

2015-04-22, 04:11 AM
What system? Also wondrous items are all misspelled. You have an extra "e" in there.

2015-04-22, 10:31 AM
I think they're meant for 5e, but I've been adapting some of them for use in my Pathfinder games just fine.

Also, I believe wonderous is technically an acceptable alternate spelling of the word. (Though really outdated, 15-18th century according to the OED).