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2015-05-07, 03:38 AM
So, in 3.X, there was a fair number of feats that were geared specifically towards making a multiclass build better, letting class levels combine for certain features and similar things like that. I've done a bit of brainstorming and come up with some of those for 5th edition, some entirely from scratch and some meant as an update to older feats that did the same thing. I of course tried to account for the somewhat higher strength of 5th edition feats.

I've arranged them by the 'primary' class they're for, though this is arguable in some cases. Regardless, let me know what you think! There's not that many for now, these were just what came to mind for me first. I'm definitely open to suggestions for more combinations.
(As a note, I know that there's currently no feats that require specific classes, but there's also nothing preventing it)


Practiced Spellcaster
Prerequisite: Able to cast at least one spell with two different classes
When determining what spells you know/can prepare for any two of your spellcasting classes (chosen when you take this feat), treat your class level as two higher, to a maximum of your character level, with regards to the maximum spell level you can know/prepare (but not the number). For example, a Wizard 5/Sorcerer 3 with this feat may prepare Wizard spells of up to 4th level, and may know Sorcerer spells of up to 3rd level.

Sacred Devotion
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity from 2+ classes
When you have multiple classes with the Channel Divinity feature, the uses per rest from each are added together. In addition, your class levels for each are treated as two higher (maximum of your character level) when determining effects.

Flexible Casting
Prerequisite: Two different spellcasting abilities
Upon selecting this feat, choose a spellcasting ability used by one of your spellcasting classes. You may use that ability when casting spells from another spellcasting class, instead of their normal spellcasting ability.


Natural Shifter
Prerequisite: Wild Shape
One of your other class' levels (chosen when you take this feat) are added to your Druid class levels for the purpose of determining the animal shapes you can take, including duration and uses. This does include the shapes granted by Circle of the Moon, if applicable, but only if you have reached the appropriate level (so, you must be Druid level 6 for your max CR to be one third your level). In addition, this can never be used to qualify you for Beast Spells or Archdruid.


Trained Killer
Prerequisite: Sneak Attack, Action Surge
You calculate your sneak attack as if your class level were one level higher, to a maximum of your character level. In addition, whenever you use Action Surge, you may benefit from sneak attack as if it had not been used yet that turn, if it was previously used.


Ritual Sorcery
Prerequisite: Sorcerer level 1+, 1+ levels in a class with Ritual Casting
You gain the following benefits:
•You may cast your Sorcerer spells known with the ritual tag as rituals, using either Charisma or the spellcasting ability of the class granting you Ritual Casting.
•If you have a spell book or a ritual book, you may copy your spells known into it as if it were from another spell book, if on the appropriate spell list.
•You gain three additional spells 'known', following the normal rules, but that also must have the ritual tag, and may only be cast as a ritual. Two of these may come from another class' ritual spell list.

Flexible Font
Prerequisite: Font of Magic, and any of Ki points, Rage, Superiority Dice
Sorcerers are inherently flexible and adaptable, and you've taken it a step further. If you have Ki points, you may use your Sorcery points in place of Ki points, and visa versa. If you have Rage or Superiority Dice, you may use 3 Sorcery points as 1 use of Rage or 1 superiority die, and for Rage this works visa versa. For superiority dice, you can use them as Sorcery points but at a 1 to 1 ratio. In all cases, you must still keep track of each resource separately, and regain them as normal for each.


Arcane Flexibility
Prerequisite: Pact Magic, Spellcasting
When determining your multiclass spellcaster slots, you may add one third of your Warlock levels (round down) to your multiclass caster level, to a maximum of doubling your multiclass caster level.

2015-05-07, 03:40 AM
5-11-2015: Updated feats, added flexible casting.

2015-05-07, 09:04 AM
I don't really understand what the second aspect of Ritual Sorcery does exactly... And that part of the feat is obviously extremely important (Otherwise it is just a weaker, more limited version of Ritual Caster).

2015-05-07, 09:51 AM
Basically, it allows the Sorcerer to add his known spells to his Wizard or Warlock book, assuming they are on the same list.

2015-05-07, 11:07 AM
Well other than Flexible Font leaving me wanting to write my spells in Comic Sans, I quite like a lot of these.

I have used flexible font, pretty much as written, in one of my games and it has worked perfectly. It is an awesomely powerful ability (convert spells to Ki or recharge some spells on a short rest) but is significantly balanced by the lack of synergy between the classes. I also let the Sorc use wisdom as a casting stat.

I love these other options but some of them are awesomely powerful.

Arcane Flexibility
Not a problem for some - a warlock ranger becomes more viable for example, but others may be a little OP. A Paladin/Warlock on the other hand would have a huge supply of smites. Half Paladin Level + Half Warlock Level + normal Warlock spell slots recharging on short rests... I think this may need a little work on how it scales as well - Almost pure warlock + this feat + 1 level of another class (as written it doesn't even have to be a casting class) and at high levels you get a lot of free spell slots for your feat. This gives a lot of extra flexibility to the class.

I might even make it broader and allow a full exchange of abilities: 1 sorcery point = 1 Ki,
2 sorcery = 1 rage = 1 superiority Die: this lets barbarian-sorcerers use their rage to fuel spellcasting or fighter-monks to have a big pool of combat abilities.

Ritual Sorcery
Seems ok power-wise but it means that your sorcerer really starts to step on the toes of other caster classes.

Trained Killer
I don't like this if I am honest. This is a colossal damage boost to a lot of characters and it only requires a 1 level dip. Rogue 2 Barbarian x will, for example then do a lot of damage. Whilst it is true of a lot of these feats to a limited extent, the bonus they give generally scales with the class that grants them.

Adding the action surge rider on top of the feat just seems a bit much.

Natural Shifter
I do like this but I wonder if it could be better off using the old 3.x effectively adding druid levels? Shoehorning people into Ranger feels a bit narrow - by the time you have wildshape you already have a pretty strong natural theme going. Allowing up to 4 levels of druid to be added?

Sacred Devotion
Sacred devotion seems sound, but it also seems a bit of a niche ability. I might be tempted to go further and allow you to add levels together to determine effects as well - so paladin + cleric to destroy undead for example.

Practiced spellcaster
It is hard to judge this. Spell level progression is immensely important and a feat that gives this is obviously awesome. The benefit is what you get from dipping another class. Sorcerer gets you metamagic, wizard gets you a school, bard gets you a college, cleric splash lets you get all those nice weapon and armour feats without losing spells... It also opens up some pretty damn good builds. Paladin 5, Sorcerer 6 will get you 2 attacks (plus something like polearm mastery), the ability to cast elemental weapon and to add Cha bonus to each attack (and spell slots to burn for smites etc.). Personally I might be keen to take this feat if it were 3 levels or even just 2 levels (so one whole spell level). As it is I think it is a bit much.

Additional idea:
Chose a mental stat, use it for all spellcasting, you may use it in place of any other mental stat for the purposes of multiclassing?

2015-05-07, 01:48 PM
Some thoughts, not necessarily in order:

Arcane Flexibility seems way too easy to break. The thing is, the reason that Warlock doesn't add to spellcasting is that it gives you a whole other set of spell slots. As MrStabby pointed out, this makes already-strong builds even stronger. Putting Warlock levels on a paladin becomes a must- after level 11, paladins don't get much before the capstone, so with this you go Warlock and get double spells. It also makes Sorcerer 3/warlock x incredibly powerful, since you have almost full warlock progression and half-caster slots as well. I like the idea of MC feats, but this one just makes already-optimized builds even stronger and makes MC characters straight better than single-class characters.

Flexible Font, on the other hand, I really like. It makes a sub-optimal MC choice playable and fun.

I don't see the point to taking Ritual Sorcery over Ritual Caster. Sorcerers have like 4 rituals, none of which are hugely good. If you have the stats to multiclass Wizard or Cleric, just get ritual caster and don't slow your casting progression.

Natural Shifter is cool. I'd spell out that it doesn't get you the druid level 18 and 20 abilities. You may want to open it up a bit to things other than just Ranger/Druid.

2015-05-07, 04:42 PM
Alright there's a lot of thoughts here so I'll just address them in general instead of quoting fifty people

Ritual Sorcery: I agree it's a little weak right now, but I don't think it steps on toes since EVERY other full caster can use rituals. What I think it needs is a way to give it a further boost. I was thinking maybe expand on the number of free ritual spells known, and allow a couple to be picked from another class list? Wouldn't be too potent, but it'd be something. I could also make the ability switching go both ways.

Arcane Flexibility: I will fully admit, I didn't think about half casters. Maybe I should make it require a full caster? Or maybe lower it to Warlock Level/3? I mean, that'd cause an arcane trickster or eldritch knight to progress a little more, but that doesn't really worry me.

Font: I like the idea of allowing Rage and Maneuvers to be interchanged too, but I'm not sure it fits quite as easily. Maybe make it so it's a choice of which two you want to interchange, so you avoid too many dips.

Trained Killer: What if I removed the extra levels, or reduced it to like +1, and just had the action surge part?

Natural Shifter: Yeah I added ranger on after the fact cus I was wondering if it being universal would be too potent, but I could make it any one other class. And i'll mention the 18/20, yeah.

Sacred Devotion: It's niche as is, yeah, but there's homebrew and potential future classes to add to the options. As for adding levels together for effects, I suppose that might work, since there aren't any that are too terrible.

Practiced Spellcaster: I could easily lower it to +2, which is a single spell level and never any more, which I don't think is a big deal.

Mental stat casting: I like that, and will add that when I go through other stuff.

(I'll actually update the feats mentioned after a bit of discussion on the others so I can do it in a fell swoop)

2015-05-11, 05:33 PM
Alright, lacking further input I've updated the feats, trying to take into account the points mentioned.

2015-05-15, 07:23 AM
Looking good. I still don't think trained killer is quite right and I think a maximum number of bonus levels might be appropriate for Natural Shifter.

As natural shifter reads at the moment, you can simply add a couple of levels of Druid to your other class and then keep progressing in that class and maintain the progression of an iconic and powerful ability. Maybe up to a maximum of 4 levels? This would still allow a pretty major dip into another class with no loss of wildshape power.

Trained killer is really difficult for me to judge. I don't like the style of it (not that the style is bad; this is very much a personal preference thing). I don't like that it specifically calls out action surge - it makes the feat very specific in terms of which classes can get full benefit. On the other hand the sneak attack damage is also difficult to judge as it is either overpowered at low levels or pretty poor at high levels. 1D6, when it happens only once per turn is a solid feat at low levels but doesn't scale well with extra attacks etc. If you were to give more damage though - say 2 D6 I would worry it would be very strong at low levels. Using variant human and one level in rogue as a dip will add a lot of damage to other classes. I might be tempted to make the prerequisite uncanny dodge and allow up to 4 levels of rogue to be added for SA purposes. This pushes it later in the game and means that to have iconic rogue abilities you actually need to have an appreciable number of levels in Rogue (I would also drop the action surge bit).

2015-05-15, 11:55 AM
For the most part they are decent and interesting or a little underwhelming in which it shouldn't be an issue. Though there are a couple of outliers that need to be addressed.
1. Flexible Font is way too good because if you would just have 3 levels of Battlemaster you can gain 12 sorcerery points per short rest.
2. Natural Shifter basically begs the Circle of the Moon dip to have major flexibility in which otherwise no other feat could offer.

2015-05-15, 04:53 PM
For the most part they are decent and interesting or a little underwhelming in which it shouldn't be an issue. Though there are a couple of outliers that need to be addressed.
1. Flexible Font is way too good because if you would just have 3 levels of Battlemaster you can gain 12 sorcerery points per short rest.
2. Natural Shifter basically begs the Circle of the Moon dip to have major flexibility in which otherwise no other feat could offer.

1. Ah, I don't know fighter that well, didn't know it was per short rest, I'll switch it up to be 1 for 1 with superiority dice, then.

As for number 2, I'll reword it to make it clear you don't actually gain the new math unless you're actually at that level (so, you'd need 6 levels to get the full effect, which is hardly a dip).