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2007-04-19, 03:51 PM
Level 10 character
Bard 7, Swiftblade 3


Basics: Dodge, Mobility, Snowflake Wardance, Song of the Heart, Improved Initiative, Flaw (Battledancer) Murky Eyed (was debating swapping this for combat expertise, but aren't sure if it's really worth it)

with items he has i provide a +5 bonus with inspire courage.
cha to damage, cha to attack twice

anything you would change? adjust? or questions on why i did something i did?

2007-04-19, 04:20 PM
I'd honestly drop improved initiative, you'll be getting charisma to initiative in another level anyway, and as you're going into what is known as a 'gish' Arcane Strike is a very useful feat to have.

Combat expertise would seem to be an exercise in diminishing returns. You don't have weapon finesse, and are thus going off of strength to get your melee attack bonus. Bards don't start off with a high BAB anyway. So you'll probably want to use your attack bonuses to actually hit things with as opposed to dumping them for an equal amount of AC.

Fax Celestis
2007-04-19, 04:24 PM
Seconded on Arcane Strike. Also, try getting yourself Smiting Spell. Nothing quite like an on-hit Hold Monster.

2007-04-19, 04:43 PM
well arcane strike i did have that at first, then i figured if i could get improved initiative, i would almost always be gaurenteed a facinate before they would be able to act.

with arcane strike i would be using my 2nd and 3rd level spells to buff myself. and my 1st level spells for arcane strike, so that's +1 hit, 1d4 damage. which if i can get a fascinate off, then suggest, then i can do alot more damage..

the reason i was thinking combat expertise is since i have a low AC, and in melee i will be using bardic music which is +5 hit/dam, i would be getting +5ac/dam with it for myself instead.. stil leavin me with a +20 to hit while bardic music is up, and that's w/o eagles spleador, which would put me at +22 at level 10, which is rather decent for a bard.