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Renegade Munchy
2015-05-14, 09:03 AM
Made this when I was sick and bored so I found some grammar mistakes here and there, probably some left
Just wanted to make a class, not sure if perfectly balanced or not.
Please if you see mistakes or possible ways to optimize the class tell me.
This is just my take on how I think a Shaman Class could be done based loosely on how they were before.

D&d custom class Shaman



The Shaman

Class features:
Hit dice: D8
Weapons: All simple, Warhammer and Battle axe
Armour: Light armour, medium armour, shields
Saving throws: Wisdom and Constitution
Tools Herbalism kit
Skills: Choose 2 from this list
Arcana, insight, Medicine, Nature, Animal handling, Perception, Religion, survival


1 A Scale mail or B Leather armour and a Warhammer or Battle axe
2 A Two simple weapons B Herbalism Kit and a component pouch or totem formed as your spirit animal.
3 A A martial weapon you are proficient with or a simple weapon and a shield
4 A Explorer`s pack or B Dungeeoner`s pack

Spell Casting

Drawing from power from nature and the spirits around you, you use this power to shape and bend the energies around you into the required forms.
Unlike Druids you do not need to prepare your spells.
Uses Wisdom as your spellcasting ability.
Can cast spells as rituals if they have the ritual tag.
Can use a small totem formed as your spirit animal as a focus.
Spells known:
Starts by knowing 2, 1st lvl spells.
Every level the shaman learns 2 spells from his spell list and can exchange 1 of their known spells for another from their list.
Uses the Druid Spell list until I manage to form one based on other spell lists.
Uses the same cantrips known and spell slots as a Druid.

Spirit Animal
At 1st level you choose an animal that you form a special bond with to grant you some of its power, animals of the chosen type will never attack you unless provoked. (Took all animals with a challenge rating of that was not a swarm.)
AXE BEAK When Dashing you can move 15 feet extra if you do not move adjacent to enemies. This increases too 25 at lvl 10 and 35 at lvl 20.
BLINK DOG As a bonus action once per short rest you can teleport up too 30 feet. This increases too 40 at lvl 10 and 50 at lvl 20.
BOAR While using the dash action if you move at least 20 feet in a straight line you can use a bonus action to make 1 basic attack to any enemy you bypass. At lvl 10 you only need 10 feet of movement and at lvl 20 you add + 2 on the attack.
CONSTRICTOR SNAKE You have advantage on all grapple checks. At lvl 10 you gain + 5 on grapple checks and at lvl 20 you cannot be grappled anymore.
DRAFT HORSE Gain + 5 feet movement speed and can carry 50 pounds extra weight. At lvl 10 you gain another 5 feet movement, At lvl 20 you can now dash as a bonus action.
EAGLE Gain proficiency in perception and advantage on Perception checks that rely on sight and + 2 too your passive perception. At lvl 10 the bonus increases by 2 and at lvl 20 you cannot be surprised anymore while conscious.
ELK If you move at least 20 feet in a straight line you deal 1D4 bonus damage on your first attack after the movement if you attack the same turn. Increases too 1d6 at lvl 10 and 1d8 at lvl 20.
GIANT BADGER Gain proficiency in perception and advantage on Perception checks that rely on smell an + 2 too your passive perception. At lvl 10 the bonus increases by 2 and at lvl 20 you cannot be surprised anymore while conscious.
GIANT BAT Gain blind-sight 30 feet (trigger) cannot be used if deafened. At lvl 10 the Blind-sight range increases too 45 feet and at lvl 20 it increases too 60 feet.
GIANT CENTIPEDE Gain blind sight 15 feet. At lvl 10 the blindsight range increases too 25 and at lvl 20 you gain + 5 too your passive perception.
GIANT FROG Can hold your breath 10 times longer then what is normal for your race and take the pressure of much deeper water and have advantage on any checks related to swimming. At lvl 10 you gain a swimming speed equal too your movement speed and at lvl 20 you can stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time and can take any amount of deep sea pressure.
GIANT LIZARD Have advantage check related to climbing and can traverse vertical paths up too half your movement. At lvl 10 you can travel at vertical paths up too your normal speed and at lvl 20 you gain + 5 on all climbing checks.
GIANT OWL Gain proficiency in perception and advantage on Perception checks that rely on hearing and sight. At lvl 10 you gain a + 3 bonus too your passive perception and at lvl 20 you gain Darkvision and can see three times as far as normal for your race in any amount of light.
GIANT POISONOUS SNAKE As a bonus action you may attempt an unarmed attack with proficiency that deal 1d4 damage + STR or DEX mod. Increases too 1d6 at lvl 10 and 1d8 at lvl 20.
GIANT WOLF SPIDER Can climb difficult surfaces without needing a check and ignore movement restriction from webbing. At lvl 10 you move 10 feet faster while climbing and at lvl 20 the bonus increases by another 10.
PANTHER Gain + 5 to stealth checks and deal 1d4 bonus damage on enemies you attack with advantage on. Increases too 1d6 at lvl 10 and 1d8 at lvl 20.
RIDING HORSE Can carry 100 pounds extra weight and travel at a fast pace with a party of less than 6 people without having reduced perception and gain a bonus on CON check to not become exhausted from a forced march equal to His CON mod. At lvl 10 you gain + 5 feet movement speed and at lvl 20 you can use the disengage action as a bonus action.
WOLF Self and allies within 30 feet have advantage on attack towards enemies if another ally is adjacent too it. At lvl 10 any ally within 20 feet of you gain + 2 on their attack rolls and at lvl 20 you gain + 1 to your attack rolls for every ally within 15 feet of you.

Summon Spirit
Summons a spirit that represent you chosen Spirit animal that acts as a Companion for the summoner within 30 feet of the summoner. Has stats equal to its non-spirit counterpart except health, the spirit animal can only be destroyed if damage exceeding half its mac health is done.
The spirit animal can be summoned any number of times, but if it is destroyed in combat it cannot be re-summoned until a short rest has been had and the shaman takes 1d4 psychic damage.
The summoner can use an action to move the spirit and have them attack a target with a full attack with advantage, if the Animal is not moved it will attack an enemy within range with a full attack at the end of a combat round.
The animal can move at max 100 feet away from the summoner before it returns to the spirit world.
The summoner can possess the animal to see what it sees, but this leaves his body vulnerable and if the animal is destroyed while possessed the summoner takes 2d10 psychic damage..
At 12th level the Spirit animal grows stronger gaining + 7 on all its attributes except Intelligence, any damage dice they have are increased one size, their health is increased by the summoners CON mod* 3 and they have advantage on any attacks made if the summoner is adjacent to them.
If the Shaman attempts to summon additional spirits he must pass a CON save, DC 6 + (Shaman lvl/2) if it is the second spirit or he must pass a DC 10 + (Shaman lvl/2) if it is the third spirit, due to the stress of his body and mind. If successful another spirit under the shamans control is summoned, if a failure the Shaman takes 1d6 psychic damage and no spirit is summoned.

Shamanistic Path
At 3rd level the shaman chooses which path they take focusing their power on specific sides of their powers based on this.
The spiritualist focuses on his bond with the Spirit animal combining damage and the ability to heal.
The elementalist focuses on spells and dealing as much damage as possible.
The Spirit Warrior takes on a more physical approach and joins his allies in the front using spells as a way to amplify his combat abilities.

Spirit Spells
The spirit animals can now be used as the point a spell is cast from and the summoner can cast spells while possessing the animal if they do not require materials.

High Shaman
At 20th level you can now summon 1 more spirit and no longer require a short rest if an animal is destroyed.

The Spiritualist

At 3rd lvl
Soothing Presence
Allies adjacent to the spirit regains 1d6 HP at the end of a combat round, allies within 10 feet of the spirit regain 1d4 HP at the end of a combat round.

At 6th lvl
Combat Spirit
The summoned spirit becomes stronger dealing 1d4 bonus damage on all attacks and cannot be destroyed unless damage equal to its full health is dealt in one turn additionally attacks made by the spirit now counts as magical to bypass resistances and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage.

At 10th lvl
Spirit Explosion
When the spirit is destroyed the energy released damages enemies nearby and heals allies nearby, not self.
Damage dealt 1d10 + Summoner WIS mod
Health restored 1d12 + Summoner WIS mod

at 14th lvl
Master Summoner
Increases the number of spirits you can summon by 1 and summoning or moving a spirit now counts as a bonus action.

The Elementalist
Adds the Circle spells from Circle of the land druid spell list until I come up with something better.

At 3rd lvl
Primal elemental spells
When using a spell that uses Fire, Acid, Cold or Lightning damage you can add WIS mod as damage.

At 6th lvl
Spirit infusion
During a short rest you can meditate and focus on the spirits around you to regain spell slots for a total of your max level, can only be used on spells up too spell level 5. (LVL 6 can regain spell slots equal too 6 so two lvl 3 spells, three lvl 2 spells, six lvl 1 spells or any combination) Can be spread out over multiple rest. Requires a long rest to regain full use of it again.

At 10th lvl
Spirit knowledge
Can choose 3 spells from other spellcasters spell list of a spell level you can currently cast. These spells do not count towards your spell slots when used and must be cast at their base level, they require a long rest before they can be used again.

at 14th lvl
Ancient Spell knowledge
When casting a spell affected by Primal elemental spells you can forgo 1 part of the components needed and they can be cast as a bonus action if they normally require a normal action.

The Spirit Warrior
Gain proficiency With 1 Martial weapon and 1 tool of your choice.

At 3rd lvl
Spirit Power
While a Spirit animal is summoned you deal bonus damage equal to your WIS mod on your attacks and your attacks count as magical to bypass resistance and immunity to non magical attacks and damage. Additionally the Shaman gains + 1 AC for every summoned spirit.

At 6th lvl
Spiritual rage
Once per short rest you can enter a rage like state by absorbing the power of your spirit animal as an action, this offers resistance to non-magical attacks and increases your damage. Look at chart too see bonus damage.
Bonus Damage
Lasts 1 minute or ends early if you are knocked unconscious or release it as a free action.
Cannot cast spells or continue concentrating on spells while active.
Cannot re summon your spirit animal while active.

At 10th lvl
Guardian of nature
Gain immunity to Lightning and Cold and resistance to acid and fire.

at 14th lvl
Force of nature
Grants the Shaman Extra attack 1 through all his training.
If an attack would put you at 0 health or outright kill you, you can attempt a DC 5 saving throw if successful you instead are put on 1 HP, this can be repeated multiple time but the DC increases by 5 each time. A long rest resets this.

Added drawbacks with trying to control many spirits at once, like taking damage if they are destroyed, possibly failing to summon them and made it so you can only summon one per turn.
Added progress too all the types of animals that can be chosen instead of only three of them having progress.
Altered elementalist path so you cannot chose a spell with Spirit knowledge and cast it at a higher level.
Altered Spirit warrior so it can hold its own better compared to other Melee fighters I think it was rather weak even with the ability to cast high level spells. Added extra attack 1, bonus AC if any spirits are summoned and swapped out poison immunity for cold instead.
Thanks darkscizor for pointing out some flaws.

2015-05-14, 08:10 PM
A few things-

1.- I like the level advancement you used with some abilities (giant poisonous snake, elk, and panther). All of these spirit animal abilities increasing with level would be cool.

2.- Summoning a spirit animal seems like it would take a long time to do, even for an expert shaman. Maybe the at-will summoning at lv. 20 could be changed to 3 rounds of concentration, as concentrating on a spell, to summon the spirit animal? This would change being able to summon two/round infinitely to attack a powerful opponent, staying out of reach all the while?

Maybe summoning a spirit animal could drain your life energy a little, making you take a few damage? Just putting an idea out there.