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2015-05-22, 06:47 AM
“Let he who is without sin, c-c-cast the first stone!” babbled the priest. The knife, a razor glint in the near darkness of the looming church, bit a fraction closer into soft flesh. The mayor’s daughter, of all people. A maid of thirteen years. A pretty thing. Brainless. Innocent. A thin trickle of crimson slipping from sweet skin, a taste of things to come. The farmer with the hammer looked stricken. A huge man, built of sweat, and of the land, rendered helpless by six inches of common steel. “Now, Brother, come on, we can talk. Those boys-“ the blade pressed deeper. Despite herself, the girl let out a feeble whimper, all too aware of her helplessness. The farmer’s eyes went wide “They must’ve, uh, they must…“ He petered out. The priest was mad. Twenty-seven years of backbreaking work had given the farmer arms like tree trunks. Useless.

Sunshine illuminated the face of the priest, glittering on blood and steel. The priest dropped the knife, flung away the girl and sank to his knees, praying. The figure stepped forward, beautiful, terrible light streaming from her visage.

“In the laws of men, you are guilty. With knowledge and justice, they have found you guilty.”
“In mine own eyes, you are guilty, for I have seen your sin for myself, and it is black and terrible.”
“In the Truth of God, you are guilty. This you know. This you know.”

She turned to look at the assembled crowd. Farmers, wives, daughters, sons, strangers. As the priest staggered to his feet behind her, dagger in hand, she spoke in a voice of-

Well, you will hear that voice eventually. When it is dark and your bones are growing cold, you will hear it. Be certain of that. She spoke.

“I am without sin, but I have no stones to cast.”

“I have only my fists.”

Inspired totally and completely by the webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons (http://killsixbilliondemons.com/) (which I thoroughly recommend) this is the Archonic Devastator, a Tome of Battle Discipline. It features kung-fu angels. Did you get that? I said it features


Ahem. Now. In general, when it comes to homebrew, I often come up with ideas that are grossly underpowered or grossly overpowered (or on one memorable occasion, both). However, I, at this current moment, am more interested in ideas than balance at this point. Anything marked in red is something I'm really not sure about, and anything in [square brackets] is another option I have thought about.

As a wise man once said:
Steal everything you can, attribute it to yourself, and hope no one notices.

~ Spwack, 2015

Following this illustrious advice almost completely, I present something written by someone else.

All maneuvers of this discipline are also considered to have the [Common Sense] subtype. I'm fairly certain you knew I didn't intend for you to carry a sack of rats around and declare them as your enemy to abuse the functions of the maneuvers, and similar deals. I am defining here, in the rules, that should you be under suspicion of conspiring to perform such acts, your DM and fellow players are allowed to douse you with kerosene and light you on fire. It's here. In the rules.

Hm. Yeah. I like it. I'm going to keep this.

With all of that out of the way, on with the show.

The Archonic Devastator
Key Skill: Sense Motive
Core Stat: WIS
Favoured Weapons: Unarmed attacks, touch attacks, ranged touch attacks, light weapons.

Maneuver List:
Level 1:
Angelic Arts (Stance ) - While in this stance, you may make an unarmed attack as a move action. You may transition to this stance during the same move action if you wish.

Level 2:
Step of Perfection (Boost) - Your next attack with a favoured weapon has a bonus range of 5ft x WIS, and you teleport to the target struck

Level 3:
Chastise the Foolish (Stance) - Missed attacks provoke Attacks of Opportunity from you. You can make 1 additionally AoO per round, regardless if you have already made one against that enemy

Level 4:
Seraphic Inheritance of Vigor (Boost) - Until the beginning of your next turn, every successful hit with a favored weapon grants WIS mod temporary hit points, stacking to a maximum of your initiator level.

Level 5:

Level 6:
Glorious Deathsurge (Strike) - Make a ranged touch attack against an enemy that is flat-footed. Until the beginning of that enemies turn, they take an additional 1d6+WIS radiant damage from any attacks by your allies

Level 7:
Gaze of the Vengeful (Boost) - Until your next turn, you may make unarmed attacks with a range

Level 8:
Break the Shackles of Chaos (Stance) - Gain a perfect fly speed equal to land speed
Collect the Life-Debt of the Unworthy (Strike) - Automatically hit an enemy with a favored weapon. Deal double damage if your original attack was more than their current HP. If you do not deal double damage, your attack is reduced by 50%

Level 9:
Ascension Storm - Become untargetable for 1 round, reform at the beginning of your next turn and critically hit all enemies within an area. You may begin your turn at any point adjacent to an enemy you hit.

(Still formatting this part. I'll finish it once I actually have all the maneuvers...)

Archonic Devastator (Type)

Angelic Arts
Archonic Devastator (Stance)
Action: Swift / Free
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Stance

Breath in. Breath out. Steady your feet. Feel the pulse of the air, the terrible otherworldly power you command. Finally, punch them in the face.

While in the stance, you may make an unarmed attack as a move action. If you make that unarmed attack on the same turn as you enter this stance, you can change to this stance as a free action.

Step of Perfection
Archonic Devastator (Boost)
Action: Swift
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 attack

On activating this boost, your next attack with a favored weapon can target any enemy within 5ft per Wisdom modifier, so long as you are not obstructed. On a successful hit, you teleport adjacent to the enemy struck. On a failed hit, you must expend your movement to walk to your opponent, possibly provoking attacks of opportunity. If you have already expended your movement, you end your turn prone.

Archonic Devastator (Type)

(If this looks somewhat empty at the moment, that is because it is. I'm just posting before I lose everything. Stay posted)