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2015-05-23, 03:55 AM
I saw someone craft a few new pact boons, and decided to take a swing at it (along with a couple of Invocations for each).

My thought process
- Cloak is all about mobility
- Rod is all about casting and improving the spells you know (As opposed to book, which is about knowing MORE spells)
- Orb is all about "sight beyond sight"

Pact of the Cloak
- You can summon a cloak, coat, or robe which aids your movement and mobility. You constantly float a few inches off the ground. You ignore the effects of rough terrain, your speed increases by 10 ft. and you may walk across non solid surfaces (Water, quicksand, etc.).

Whisp of shadow (Pre-req: Level 5, Pact of the Cloak)
- You do not take any damage from falling

Fell Flight (Pre-req: Level 7, Pact of the Cloak)
- You can cast the spell Fly without using a Warlock Spell Slot

Pact of the Rod
- You can summon a Rod which assissts you in Focusing your spells. As an action, you can summon your rod to your hand; The rod acts as a spell focus. Whenever you cast a spell through your rod, add +1 to either the ranged attack roll or the save DC of your spell. Additionally, you may attack with the Rod as a mace, which is magical.
You may bond with a Rod of the Pact Keeper (or other similar magic item) in place of your Pact Rod.

Eldritch Channel (Pre-req: Level 5, Pact of the Rod)
- You may contact your patron with your rod, refreshing one pact magic spell slot. You must take a Long rest before using this ability again.

Energetic Blast (Pre-req: Level 7, Pact of the Rod)
- You may channel an element though your eldritch blast. When you cast Eldritch Blast, you may choose for it to deal Fire, Cold, Acid, or Force Damage.

Pact of the Orb
- You can summon an Orb which aids you in casting your spells and increases your senses. As an action, you can summon your Orb to your hand; the Orb acts as a spell focus. Your Orb floats around your person, always within easy reach. While your Orb is in your possession, you gain Darkvision out to 60 ft., and blindsight out to 10 ft.
You may bond with a Crystal Ball (or other similar magic item) in place of your Pact Orb.

Visions of the Awakened Eye (Pre-req: Level 5, Pact of the Orb)
- You can use your Orb to extend your sight. As an action, you may transform your Orb into an Arcane eye. This Arcane eye is Intangible, Invisible, and may move at 60 ft. per round. You can see, hear, and smell through the orb, and It's vision range is equal to your normal visiual range.

Iris of the Demon (Pre-req: Level 7, Pact of the Orb)
- All forms of vision you have double, and you become immune to Blindness and any attacks that require sight (such as a medusa's petrification)

Pact of Apotheosis
- Warlocks who take the Pact of Apotheosis give themselves over completely to their Patron, taking on aspects of their benefactor in exchange for more power. Fey, Fiends and Abberations are known to be extremely hard to kill. Once a warlock takes on the Pact of Apotheosis, his skin changes to reflect this, changing form and becoming more resistant to damage. He takes 3 less points of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage from any weapon or souce that is Non-Magical.

Apotheosis wings (Pre-req: level 12, Pact of Apotheosis)
- You grow a pair of wings, gaining a flight speed equal to your normal movement speed.

Apotheosis Carapace (Pre-req: level 9, Pact of Apotheosis)
- Your already tough form becomes even moreso. You now take 6 fewer points of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage from any weapon or souce that is Non-Magical.

Apotheosis Force (Pre-req: level 7, Pact of Apotheosis)
- You learn to channel your Patron's power into your eldritch blast. You can now cause your eldritch blast to do Psychic damage instead of Force damage.

Apotheosis Claws (Pre-req: level 5, Pact of Apotheosis)
- You gain a pair of natural weapons which deal 1d6+Cha magical slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning damage (you may chose each time you attack), and you add your charisma modifier to the attack roll. When taking the attack action, you may attack with both natural weapons. This does not count as Two Weapon fighting, and does not stack with the Extra Attack class feature.

Edit: Added a new Pact Boon, Edited Pact of the Orb to reduce blindsight distance.

2015-05-23, 07:15 AM
1st one is cool, the 2nd one beats pact of blade hands down, but so does everything else, and the third one people might object to the blindsight at level ?3? so you might want to gain it naturally and automatically at some dead level of the warlock's

2015-05-23, 07:19 AM
The last two are pretty overpowered.

+1 to save DCs is a lot stronger than most people realize. Plus, 30ft of blindsight is really strong at 3rd level.

2016-07-05, 08:09 AM
I love the first one