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2015-05-25, 08:43 PM
Anyone have any campaigns that ended in cliffhangers and, for whatever reason, never continued? Anyone dying to know what would've happened in a game that ended prematurely?

2015-05-25, 08:58 PM
All of the time. The one that grates on me the most was when my Dark Sun halfling fighter/thief had one of his children kidnapped. At this point in time he was pretty much retired, but finding his kid was going to be his last quest.

Never got off the ground. Didn't even find out who kidnapped my kid or why.

2015-05-25, 09:08 PM
In one of my longer campaigns, when the reveal hit that their employer was Lucifer, some members decided to run off while some really wanted to stick with their current job as I'd played Lucifer as a pretty reasonable (sounding) person. Basically had to ax the campaign after that just because the players couldn't decide on the right thing to do.

In one of my horror campaigns, it ended when all of the player characters either opted to shoot themselves rather than keep moving forward, or tried to escape through a sea of acid on a boat made out of limbs. Basically every time they had to open a door, the just looked inside, decided "nope" and then turned around, even though nothing they encountered could even fight. Suffice to say, any kind of progress was inevitably slow.

2015-05-26, 01:27 AM
The campaign was going great. I was playing an awesome character and the plot was getting better and better. We we're sure that the final fight was just around the corner. We all show up to the next session totally hyped and excited.

Only for the DM to instantly declare that he had "lost his mojo" and say that the campaign was over.

2015-05-26, 09:26 PM
The very first campaign I played ended prematurely. I've mentioned it a couple of times on these forums and the problems it suffered (which mainly boiled down to people having real life get in the way and then having to replace them and retcon that the new character was always there..worked out well since every new person wanted to be the party face using some wand build for some reason)

The setting was interesting but we didnt actually get too far in. Our final session had 3 of us travelling through a suspiciously empty spiral dungeon. The concept was interesting, but unfortunately it didnt play out so well- it was essentially just myself (duskblade) and the barbarian following behind the rogue as he checked around each corner for traps and seeing another empty hallway. The session was also interrupted by each of us having something going on irl, I was baking a birthday cake, barbarian was doing homework in between posts, rogue (or whatever his class was) I think had wife aggro. Thanks to it the entire session time was dragged out with nothing but peeking around corners and we stopped halfway where we finally picked up some item in the center of the spiral. This caused us to hear a ticking and then a click after a minute. We stopped there and the DM admitted to me that was the dungeon and all of it's traps activating because we removed the item, and it was fighting our way OUT that was to be the hard part.

Unfortunately the rogue then had to stop playing with us thanks to RL, the barbarian seemed to just get busy with a new job and couldnt make it, and I'd kind of lost interest with the constant retconning/introduction of new characters and the boring final session.

Although the DM has been talking about starting it up again someday with the system he created himself (much faster paced than 3.5 or pathfinder or whatever we were using), but since he's already DMing 2 seperate campaigns for me already and Im in the process of planning to DM a solo player game for him, it's likely going to be a while before we get back to that one.

2015-05-26, 09:51 PM
My proudest accomplishment as GM is that I've resolved all my games. The trick is that I write plausible endings in advance. If I lose my mojo, I rush to the ending instead of bailing.

Jay R
2015-05-27, 10:16 AM
It wasn't so much an unresolved plot as unresolved rewards. I was once in a game in which:

a. We found a Spelljammer helm early on, and never managed to get it on a ship.
b. We found 300 pounds of mithril, and I eventually owned a mithril mine, but were never able to make mithril weapons.
c. Wizards who were not trained by the kingdom (like my character) were not legal, so when my character finally arranged to be trained by the state, the king made him an Earl, and he was required to leave the capital to rule.
d. We developed gunpowder, cannons, and an armed steamship, and raised a 4,000 person army, and never got to use any of them.
e. I was encouraged to learn to make magic items, but was never allowed to.

2015-05-27, 10:21 AM
Our 3 year long Eberron campaign, 14/12/2009 to 09/06/2012, (which was on the final stretch as well) abruptly ended when the DM moved house. (damn real world interfering with roleplaying :smallfurious:)

2015-05-27, 11:07 AM
Pretty much every D&D campaign I was a PC in since 3rd edition came out is unresolved. :smalltongue:

I think the most hilarious unresolved plot was the very last D&D game *I* ran, where the PCs (all around 13th level) had discovered a dungeon inspired by Portal 2. No portal gun, but I had some puzzles that allowed the players to fiddle with limited use Dimension Doors and they liked using those to mess with the dungeon monsters. Also there were two AIs here-- twin sisters, one who wasn't very emotional and really just wanted to kill the PCs because they were making a mess out of her perfectly clean and tidy dungeon and the other who loved company and would tell the PCs directions on how to find treasure and hidden passages just to keep them around longer and interact.

It was fun, but sadly we left on a cliffhanger when the party managed to avoid a TPK in a garbage compactor, with the happier AI asking the party "Who wants to visit a secret room and play with my magic waaands?" The entire party raised their hand and we ended session there. Unfortunately real life took many players away and we just never got back to it.

2015-05-27, 11:50 AM
My group's first (and most successful) foray into 4E.

Myself and one of the other players were warforged and believed that we were the last two in existence. The last game we played had the other player being kidnapped by mysterious strangers. We did get a good look at a couple of them and discovered that they were warforged!

And that's it. We never played that campaign again, though we did try 4E for a little longer. The DM of that campaign never let us know out of character what he planned either.

(Spoiler alert: we went back to 3.P in a matter of months.)