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"She'd brooded on her loss, misery had brewed
In her heart, that female horror, Grendel's
Mother, living in the murky cold lake
Assigned her since Cain had killed his only
Brother, slain his father's son
With an angry sword."

The Mythic Hag

Of all the Lawgivers, you would be hard-pressed to find one more understanding than Harmony. When the gods squabble about events of the utmost importance, or sometimes about nothing at all, it is she that is called to mediate. She even petitioned her comrades to ease the suffering of the imprisoned Titans, such was her compassion. It came as no surprise then, how utterly horrified the gods were on that blackest of days. Harmony was floating on a cloud, as she is want to do, playing music pleasing to all creatures; before the completion of her piece, a terrible scream cut through the night. Though it pained her to do so, she always ignored such things; if she ran off to save every single animal or person in distress, she would invariably fail every time. This was different. The scream carried with it a terrible sense of despair that could not be ignored. The wail led her to a dingy little cave in the middle of nowhere, and therein lied a sight of unparalleled horror. Her very own scions were committing the one act truly anathema to her nature: betrayal.

Her wayward disciples had gathered all their loved ones; their friends, their parents, even their own children were being sacrificed to some dark god. Harmony was well-acquainted with the concept of betrayal, as disgusting as she found it. During the Great War, many gods were seduced by the majesty of the Titans, and turned against the Lawgivers. Despite that, this was just too much. She did not even think to waste time on asking for an explanation before she set to work; she immediately laid a plethora of truly terrible curses upon the sinners. First was the hideous appearance; their bones cracked and their backs twisted until each part of their body was out of proportion with the rest of them. The flesh began to melt as their faces went from beautiful to horrendous in a heartbeat. Next came the gnawing hunger, not for animal flesh, but for the flesh of their fellow mortals. They could no longer resist the scent of living meat. Finally, she set their souls on fire with terrible, murderous hatred. The slightest glance at anything was enough to send them into gut-wrenching fury. Each of these curses drove them toward a single conclusion: they would never be accepted by anyone again, not even each other. With her punishment meted out, Harmony left them to their suffering.

All the while, the Coven sat watching from the shadows. They could not help but be impressed by the speed and viciousness with which Harmony damned her children, and by the results. Before the pitiful creatures could finish tearing each other apart, the Sisters adopted them. Though they could not rid them of every curse, they were able to slightly alter one; they still hated each other, but they could, at the very least hold the bile back long enough to work together. With their souls eased as much was possible, the Coven deigned to teach them how to harness their curses. The next few centuries was a terrible time to be alive; each night countless children were stolen from their beds to flavor their soups. Beautiful girls would disappear for days at a time, only to show up later... without their skin. Handsome men were taken from their wives arms to sire more awful monsters. It was a dark time indeed.

It was not until the foolish creatures thought to attack the gods themselves did they fall. Whether they were simply killed by the clergy, or went mad after tasting a god's corpus, the monsters fell one by one. Counted among the corpses were the first of their number, and the mortal world rejoiced, but this was not the end. Among them were a few that were more clever, for they did not participate in the final battle; rather, they fled into the deepest parts of the world that no one with any amount of sense would dare to set foot in. Never again would these monsters think to stand against the entire world; they would be content with living out their lives in the vile pits they carved for themselves. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't know this. They will always remember the horrors visited upon their ancestors, for parents will never stop telling their children stories of the terrible things that stalk the night.

New Feat: Legacy of Black Hate
Prerequisite: One Mythos; Humanoid, Giant, or Monstrous Humanoid type; Must have an ancestor who was a hag.
Benefit: Choose one Mythos-granting class you have levels in. You may treat the following mythos as if they belong to that class. If you somehow lose this feat, or no longer qualify for it, you cease to gain the benefits of the granted Mythos until you regain this feat or qualify for it once more.

A number of times per day equal to the number of Exceptional mythos you possess granted by this feat, you must take a trophy from corpses of intelligent creatures that died near you. This can be anything from teeth, to tufts of hair, to eyes, or toenails. Some of the more deranged hags even collect genitalia. What you actually do with these trophies is your own business; the Queen of Fangs, for example, simply loves chewing on the canine teeth of her fallen enemies. She makes necklaces out of those that are especially long and sharp. Whenever you collect a trophy, you gain a +1 morale bonus to all Spot, Listen, and Search checks; indulging in this disturbing habit eases your heart, and frees your mind to focus on other things. This stacks up to a number of times equal to the number of Exceptional mythos you possess that are granted by this feat. These bonuses disappear as the sun rises on the next day.

Should you go an entire day without taking all your trophies, then each time you pass up an opportunity to collect your spoils the next day, you take a stacking -1 penalty to Sense Motive checks; it's difficult to pay attention to what people are saying when you're staring at their beautiful ear lobes. These penalties are reduced by one for every trophy you collect. It must be noted that these penalties DO NOT reset at the end of the day, meaning you will likely have to take quite a few trophies if you go too many days without collecting them.

A number of times per day equal to the number of Fantastic mythos you possess granted by this feat, you must eat the flesh of a freshly dead, intelligent creature. A creature is 'freshly dead' if they died no more than (Their Constitution modifier) hours ago; anything beyond that is unsuitable for consumption. The term 'flesh' can be interpreted however you like, whether if be muscle, skin, tendons, tongues, or even eyeballs; so long as you have your daily meals, you can take whatever cut of meat you like. For every corpse you eat, you gain a +2 bonus to your Fortitude save; this stacks a number of times equal to the amount Fantastic mythos you have granted by this feat. These bonuses disappear as the sun rises on the next day.

Should you go an entire day without getting all your square meals, then each time you pass up an opportunity to feast the next day, you must roll to check for starvation; tapping into your latent ancestry has unearthed certain... needs that must be attended to, lest you waste away. The effects are identical, save that the DC increases by +2 for each previous check. In addition to an improved constitution, each time you feed, your bonus to Spot, Listen, and Search checks increases by +1, though this only stacks a number of times equal to the number of Fantastic mythos you possess granted by this feat. By the same token, each time your miss a feeding, your penalty to Sense Motive checks increases by -1.

Once you learn the Legendary mythos granted by this feat, you understand the true price for uncovering this dark power: once a day, you must murder someone who has slighted you in some way. It is not enough to kill an orc raider in self defense, or save a damsel from a highwayman by snapping his neck; although, if that orc dares to spit in your face, or that highwayman insults your parentage, then they simply MUST suffer. Suitable victims include, but are not limited to: enemies who insult you after you've shown them mercy, mean old ladies who hit you with their canes, that one guy who bumped into you without saying "Excuse me", that other guy who didn't wave back when you waved at him, or that horrid girl who has the GALL to be prettier than you. Essentially, you can kill anyone for any trivial reason that comes to mind. If you can actually bring yourself to end a life so callously, you devour their very soul. You may only imprison one soul a day, regardless of how many creatures you kill.

Upon completing this heinous act, a tumor slowly forms somewhere on your body over the next hour; as time goes on, the growth develops sores in very specific places, almost as if to resemble a humanoid face. Once the tumor reaches full size, the sores burst open to reveal two empty eye sockets and a toothless mouth. This pitiful thing writhes incessantly, trying in vain to free itself. Simply having a soul imprisoned like this grants you another +1 to all Spot, Listen, and Search checks, as well as Fortitude saves. The maximum number of souls you have at any given time is equal to the number of mythos you possess granted by this feat. If you fail a save against a death effect while you have at least one soul imprisoned, it "dies" in your place, leaving you unharmed. The following spells are also ineffective against you while you have souls imprisoned: trap the soul, imprisonment, magic jar, as well as any other spell or effect designed to deprive someone of their soul. This interacts with magic jar in a very peculiar way; a caster who uses this spell on you will find that have, in fact, imprisoned themselves within you until the spell ends. If you consume them before the duration is up, their soul moves on to the afterlife.

If you have any negative levels, you may consume a soul to heal 1d4 of those negative levels. Finally, each mythos granted by this feat has an enhanced effect when a soul is consumed. Consuming a soul is not considered an action, so it can be done at any time. If you fail to murder at least one undeserving victim a day, the next day you must succeed on a Will save (DC 20) each time a character slights you in a minor way. If you succeed, you resist the urge to kill, but the DC for the next save increases by +2. If you fail the save, you must attack the offender immediately with the intent to end their life. Each day you pass up the opportunity, your quota for murders increases by 1.

DISCLAIMER: It should be noted that, if you go an entire day without actually receiving the chance to take a trophy, eat flesh, or take revenge on some young upstart, it is not counted against you. You receive no penalties the next day, but you gain no benefits until you give in.

Exceptional Mythos
Always Respect Your Elders
Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Intimidate

The gods made a very interesting choice when creating their mortal children; in order to maintain peace within communities, the elders were chosen to be the glue that held them together, and the disseminators of familial knowledge. It is so strange how something as simple as a few wrinkles or a hunched back can keep a group of even the most savage creatures in line. A few hags took advantage of this early on, changing their faces to steal away children and lead whole villages into depths of depravity from which they would never recover.

You gain the ability to use Intimidate in a new way, granting you the ability Scold other characters. Scolding is a very broad term, which includes, but is not limited to: admonishing other characters for violent or disrespectful behavior, critiquing their choice of attire, shouting orders at those who've angered you, and browbeating someone for something you only THOUGHT you heard. The DC of Scolding varies based on the desired effect, of which there are three: Embarrassment, Regret, and Obedience.

The DC for Embarrassment is (10 + Target's Cha Mod). If you succeed, they take become self-conscious about every move they make, taking a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls. This penalty increases by one for each tier of mythos you have access to beyond Exceptional. These penalties last a number of rounds equal to the highest tier of mythos you have access to. If you consume a soul before making this check and succeed, they automatically fail their next d20 roll.

The DC for Regret is (15 + 1/2 Target's HD + Target's Cha Mod). If you succeed, they find it very difficult to repeat their offensive behavior; requiring a successful Will save (DC 10 + Mythic HD/2 + Charisma Modifier) each time they try to to it again. This takes effect only if they used a specific ability, such as a spell, power, maneuver, feat, or other named ability. You can attempt to prevent a wizard from casting Magic Missile, but you cannot prevent a fighter from swinging his sword in such a way that leaves it unmodified by a feat. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the highest tier of mythos you have access to. If you consume a soul before making this check and succeed, they are unable to use that ability for the next 24 hours.

The DC for Obedience is (20 + Target's HD + Target's Cha Mod). If you succeed, the target acts as though under the effect of the Suggestion spell for a number of rounds equal to the highest tier of mythos you have access to. If you consume a soul before making this check and succeed, they are Dominated for the next 24 hours.

You gain a +2 bonus to Scolding attempts for each age category you are beyond the target, but you take a -2 penalty for each age category your target has on you.

Bog Biddy's Delight
Prerequisite: -

The most terrifying thing about hags is not their appearance, nor was it their penchant for torture, and it was not even the terrible curses they used, though all of these things are terrifying in their own right. The worst thing about them is the hunger for flesh. Parents will never stop telling their children about the boiling pots filled with stinking meat.

You gain a second row of teeth, granting you a bite attack that deals 1d8 damage plus (150% of your Strength modifier). You may freely retract these fangs, allowing you to hide your bestial nature. Each successful bite attack grants you Fast Healing 1 for a number of round equal to your target's Constitution modifier. This healing increases by 1 for every tier of mythos you have access to. You also gain the Favorite Feast ability of the Connoisseur (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?232699-The-Blue-Book-Preview-No-1-The-Connoisseur!), granting you the choice of one body part. It functions identically, save that you do not gain new feasts as you level.

By consuming a soul, you gain the Improved Grab and Swallow Whole abilities; you may only swallow creatures at least one size category smaller than you. You maintain them until a swallowed creature escapes your stomach, or dies. You may only ever swallow one creature at a time. Once inside you, the character takes 1d6 + (Str Mod) points of crushing damage plus (Class Level/2) acid damage per round. The crushing damage increases based on your size. Each round you have the creature in your stomach, you gain the benefits of Favorite Feast, as though you had sampled the body part. You gain this even if you have not selected that body part. The order in which you gain these benefits is usually as follows, barring any horrible mutilation: Skin, Blood, Fat, Muscle, Eyes, Tongue, Sinew, Brain, and Heart. Creatures that are able to escape your stomach are left horribly deformed based on how long they stayed there.

After one round, their skin is melted, draining them of 1d8 points of Charisma. After two rounds, they have lost quite a lot of blood, draining them of 1d8 points of Constitution. After three rounds, much of their fat is gone, meaning they are only able to go 12 hours without food before starving. After four rounds, their eyes are gone, permanently blinding them. After five rounds, their tongue is gone, and they lose the ability to speak. After six rounds, their sinew is mostly gone, draining them of 1d8 points of Dexterity. After seven rounds, part of their brain has melted away, draining them of 1d8 points of Intelligence. If they actually manage to survive for eight rounds in your stomach without escaping, then the acid reaches their heart, killing them. Creatures who die this way find their souls imprisoned within you. At any time, you may vomit, allowing you to free the creature whenever you like.

Refining the Grisly Palette: You gain an additional Favorite Feast.

Like a Stuck Pig: Whenever you deal piercing damage to a character, they begin bleeding for 1 point of damage per round for a number of rounds equal to half the damage they suffered from the attack. This manifestation can be purchased again after learning your first Fantastic mythos, causing your confirmed critical hits to deal 1d4 Constitution damage.

Just Like Granny Used to Make: You gain the Cook People (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/witch/hexes/major-hexes/hex-major-cook-people-su) hex without having to meet its prerequisites. The food made with this ability satisfies your hunger for flesh, allowing you eat them in place of freshly dead corpses. By using specific body parts in your recipes, you may stack the benefits of both abilities. For example, if you were to make black licorice using the sinews of your victims, you might gain the benefits of Cat's Grace and the Reflex save bonuses from eating sinew. Alternatively, you might bake a delightful eyeball pie, granting the effect of Owl's Wisdom and any special sight the victim possessed. Due to your culinary expertise, anyone who eats this food may gain its benefits, but you may only reap the benefits of Favorite Feasts that you know. Convincing them to actually eat it, however, is another matter entirely.

Gnarled Fingers and Crinkled Hands
Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Knowledge (Arcana)

Your ancestors raised inflicting terrible pain to an art form; each day, they would hone their craft by killing and torturing hundreds of people, both great warriors and pitiful weaklings. So routine had this become that the muscle memory has passed to you. You need only close your eyes, allow your hands to find their target, and wait for the screams.

You gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. You also gain knowledge of all first level maneuvers from the Crone's Hex (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?402957-Crone-s-Hex-(3-5-Supernatural-heavy-Martial-Discipline)) discipline, which you may use at will, without needing to ready, expend, or refresh them (though you may still only be in once stance at a time, as normal). Your initiator level is equivalent to your class level. Finally, add your Intelligence modifier to any attack and damage rolls made with discipline weapons.

By consuming a soul, you may use any maneuver from the discipline, so long as the soul's HD is at least twice that maneuvers level. Maneuvers used this way last their normal duration, save for stances, which last until the end of the encounter, or until you leave them, whichever comes first.

Horrendous Curse-Ridden Countenance
Prerequisite: -

Each generation of hags that congeals on the floor of their birthing dens emerges just a bit fairer, having clawed just a little ways away from the curse their plagues blood. It does not take much, though, to force a relapse.

You gain a bonus to all saves against supernatural abilities equal to (Intelligence Mod + Charisma Mod). Whenever you succeed on a save against a supernatural ability, your body begins to change, bringing your appearance closer to that of your progenitors. The hags of old were a varied people, and thus were not limited to the appearances of terrifying old women; one might resemble a flightless harpy, at once emaciated but still possessing a distended belly. Another hag may not change much at first, until his flesh begins to rot away, only to reform, then rot once more. Customize you hag-form to your heart's content, as it is only cosmetic.

Their are three tiers of hideousness, which are as follows: Unsightly, Horrid, and Grotesque. Each tier grants you additional powers, but makes others more hostile towards you. You attain these levels based upon the level of the ability you saved against; level 1 through 3 spell effects, and abilities from characters with up to 6 HD, trigger your Unsightly form. Level 4 through 6 spell effects, and abilities from characters with 7 to 12 HD, trigger your Horrid form. Level 7 through 9 spell effects, and abilities from characters with 13 HD or greater, trigger your Grotesque form. Once you've been altered, you cannot be altered again unless it is by an ability from a higher level.

At the Unsightly level, others don't really treat you any differently, aside from other commenting on how ugly you are, and small children making fun of you for it. You gain a bonus to Intimidate checks equal to half your class level, but you suffer an equal penalty to Disguise checks unassisted by magic or mythos. You also gain the Sneer ability. Choose a target within 60ft that can see you; as a standard action, you force them to make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Cha Mod) or be Shaken for (Charisma Mod) rounds. This form lasts 1d4 hours.

At the Horrid level, your appearance is so ghastly that NPCs begin with an attitude of Unfriendly toward you by default, rather than Indifferent. Your bonus to Intimidate checks increases to equal your class level, and your penalty to Disguise checks rises to meet it. Your Sneer ability becomes more difficult to resist, increasing the DC by +2, and leaves your target Stunned if they fail. You also gain the Frightful Presence ability (DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Cha Mod). This form lasts 1d2 hours.

At the Grotesque level, you become so ugly, so utterly repugnant, others cannot resist trying to end your life; NPCs begin with an attitude of Hostile by default. Your bonus to Intimidate checks increases to twice your class level, as does the penalty to Disguise checks. The DC of your Sneer ability increases by +2 once more, and leaves your target Nauseated if they fail. The DC of your Frightful Presence ability increases by +5, and leaves those affected by it Frightened. Finally, merely looking at you takes a level of endurance that few can hope to attain, forcing a Fortitude save (DC DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Cha Mod); those who fail are left Sickened for (Charisma Mod) rounds. This forms lasts one hour.

If you consume an imprisoned soul, you may modify your Sneer ability. If your target fails their Will save, they are left Cowering for the remainder of the encounter.

If you were to ever learn all the mythos granted by The Legacy of Black Hate feat, the Horrid level of this mytos becomes permanent.

A Face Even a Mother Couldn't Love: By giving up the bonus against supernatural abilities granted by this mythos, you may ignore an ability that you would have failed your save against. Ignoring an effect this way counts as succeeding for the purpose of making you uglier. You lose the benefit of this save bonus for the next 24 hours.

The Evil Eye (Requires 4 ranks in Intimidate): When you leave a character Shaken with a Demoralize action, their fear leaves them vulnerable, granting bonuses against them based on your level of ugliness as long as they remain Shaken. At the Unsightly level, you gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against them. At the Horrid level, the bonus to attack and damage increases to +4, and the critical threat range of all attacks against them increases by one. At the Grotesque level, the bonus to attack and damage increases by +6, you no longer need to confirm critical hits against them, and the damage multiplier increases by one (x2 to x3, x3 to x4, etc).

Bowel-Shuddering Terror: Whenever a character fails a Will save against an ability granted by this mythos, they must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Cha Mod) to resist voiding themselves on the spot. If they cannot, they immediately fall prone as they slip in their own filth. Even after they leave the area, the square they were in becomes difficult terrain. The DC for this save increases by +2 if the target is Sickened, and +4 if they target is Nauseated.

Fantastic Mythos
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Prerequisite: The 'Bog Biddy's Delight' mythos

As hideous as the first hags were on the outside, there were greater horrors waiting just beneath the surface. Their skin fell away daily, not because they tore at themselves (though they often did), but because their horrible curse burned it away, all the better to show the world their true nature. Unfortunately, it also provided them with yet another way to visit unutterable horrors on the meekest of souls.

The process of acquiring this mythos is a horror in and of itself; in the nights before you actually learn it, you are plagued with unsettling visions. Your dreams are filled with images of your own skin melting from your body, over and over again. Once you finally do learn it, you soon find that those dreams have become reality; your skin has completely sloughed off, leaving all your bloody meat exposed.

You no longer require sleep, your ancestors hate filling you with unnatural vigor. You also gain Improved Grapple as a bonus feat. By day, you appear to be your normal self, but when the sun sets you burst out of your skin, revealing your true monstrous nature. In this form, all of your hair (head, armpit, and otherwise) is replaced with nests of writhing worms; whenever you succeed on a grapple check, you drain your target of their lifeblood, inflicting 1d4 points of Constitution damage. Each round you drain blood, you heal 5 hit points, or gain 5 temporary hit points for one hour (up to a maximum of your normal full hit points). Should a humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or giant die as a result of you draining their blood, they become dessicated, allowing you to easily remove their skin. Once the sun rises, your skin grows back.

If you know the 'Reuniting the Harridan Diaspora' mythos, you automatically enter your Alternate Form when the sun sets as well. You cannot alter your form again until the sun rises.

After skinning someone you've killed by draining their blood, you may wear their skin like a suit, though only if they are within one size category of you; doing so grants you a +10 to Disguise checks meant to pass yourself off as them. This skin rots away after about a day.

Rather than imprisoning the soul of a person you kill within in you, you may choose to imprison their soul within their skin, preventing the skin from ever rotting, so long as the soul remains. If the soul is somehow freed, the skin rots immediately.

Finally, you gain Skin and Blood as bonus Favorite Feasts.

Heart-Stopping Terror (Requires the 'Reuniting the Harridan Diaspora' mythos): Once per day, while wearing the skin of another, you may use your Alternate Form ability, bursting out of it, and terrifying a single adjacent creature. If they fail a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + Mythic HD/2 + Charisma Mod), they die on the spot. If your victim intimately knew they person whose skin you are wearing, they suffer a -4 penalty to their save.

Blood-Hunter Swarm: Once per day, you may tear our all your hair, creating a leech swarm that follows your telepathic instructions. It appears in an adjacent square, and acts after your turn. While this swarm is separate from you, you may not drain blood from grappled victims. As a full round action, you may direct your swarm to merge with you. In doing so, you regain your ability to drain blood, and gain hit points or temporary hit points from any Constitution damage it inflicted. Should the swarm die, it grows back the next time the sun sets.

Reuniting the Harridan Diaspora
Prerequisite: The 'Horrendous Curse-Ridden Countenance' mythos, You must eat the flesh of a hag

When the wiser hags fled to their dark corners of the world, it was quite easy to adapt to their new homes. When they began spreading their corruption again, they found their spawn took to their pits nicely. While this did serve to add some genetic diversity to their people, it also served to dilute the purity of the curse, weakening it. In you, however, the disparate hag genera might unite, restoring the curse to what it once was.

You gain an Alternate Form. In it, you gain Darkvision out to 90 ft, a +1 natural armor bonus for each mythos you have granted by the 'Legacy of Black Hate' feat, as well as two claw attacks that deal 1d6 + (Strength Mod) damage. The aesthetics of this form are dependent upon the designs from your 'Horrendous Curse-Ridden Countenance' mythos, and you are in your Unsightly state by default. You gain a +2 bonus to your Strength and Constitution for each level of hideousness you accrue (+2 for Unsightly, +4 for Horrid, and +6 for Grotesque). Finally, you gain DR 5/Cold Iron. Once you learn the 'Drowning In Effluvium' mythos, it becomes DR 10/Cold Iron and Magic.

When you transform, the soul-tumors take on a life of their own, at once pleading for freedom and gibbering mindlessly; this unsettling display increases the save DC of all you fear-based mind-affecting abilities by +1 for every soul currently imprisoned within you.

Sea-Bred Malfeasance: While in your Alternate Form, you gain the Amphibious special quality and a swim speed of 60 ft.

Swamp-Bred Malfeasance: While in your Alternate Form, your claw attacks deal 1d6 Strength damage on a failed Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + Mythic HD/2 + Cha Mod).

Troll-Bred Malfeasance: While in your Alternate Form, you gain the Powerful Build special quality.

Eye of the Briny Deep (Requires the 'Sea-Bred Malfeasance' manifestation): While in your Alternate Form, you gain a gaze attack that Staggers those who fail their Will save (DC 10 + Mythic HD/2 + Charisma Mod) for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.

Strength of Black Hate (Requires the 'Troll-Bred Malfeasance' manifestation): If you hit with both claw attacks on the same target, you deal an extra 2d6 damage for each tier of mythos you have access to.

Swamp Witch's Madness (Requires the 'Swamp-Bred Malfeasance' manifestation): You gain the 'Meditating on the Elements' mythos.

Legendary Mythos
Drowning In Effluvium
Prerequisite: Two other mythos granted by the 'Legacy of Black Hate' feat

It was not enough for the first hags to master the curse within themselves; no, there was far too much bitterness in their souls for just that. They needed to visit their corruption upon the world that hated and feared them. Had they their way, they would have drowned the Cerulean Star in the vile pits they were forced to live in for centuries. For now, though, their descendants will have to settle for anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Once per day, you can create your own personal swamp by pouring your corrupted blood onto the ground; doing so requires you to deal Constitution damage to yourself equal to (8 - # of mythos you possess granted by the 'Legacy of Black Hate' feat). You alter an area 90 ft around you, the first 30 ft around you becomes deep bog terrain, while 30 ft out from that becomes shallow bog terrain, and 30 ft out from that becomes undergrowth. If you know the 'Eye of the Briny Deep' manifestation, then the area extends out to 120 ft, with the first 30 ft becoming aquatic terrain. You suffer no penalties to attack rolls, damage rolls, or movement speed as a result of fighting within this area. Within these swamps, you gain the Land-Strike Wrath mythos, which functions identically, save that it deals damage as your claw attacks rather than your unarmed strikes. This ability only functions in areas with sufficient soil, or unworked stone. You might convert a hamlet with nothing but dirt roads into a swampy wasteland, but could not do the same to a bustling city with cobblestone streets.

If a character is pinned in the shallow or deep bog, they begin drowning. If a character succeeds on a grapple check against another in the aquatic zone, their opponent begins drowning, unless they can breathe underwater.

By consuming a soul, you may create a patch of quicksand within this area. All Swim DCs are increased by 5 due to the hungry vines grasping and tearing at them.

This area is permanent, though its position remains fixed. Any who die within this area rise the next night as Brine Zombies (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead/zombie/zombie-brine-tohc).

Having this mythos completes your corruption, ensuring that you pass this taint on to any children you birth or sire; your daughters are born as Changelings (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/humanoids/changeling), while your sons are born as Hagspawn.

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2015-07-05, 01:42 AM
No one else, really? I worked really hard on this one you guys... :smallfrown:

On the plus side, somebody is already applying as a Mythic Hag (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=19486169&postcount=87) in a pbp game in the playground. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?423795-Threads-of-Narrative-CLOSED-TO-NEW-INTEREST)

Also, the thread title rocks my socks.