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Share Spell-like Abilities [General]
You are able to share spell-like abilities with your companion as if they were spells.
Prerequisites: Animal Companion, Familiar, a psicrystal, or other companion which has the Share Spells or Share Powers ability.
Benefit: You may share spell-like abilities and psi-like abilities with your companion(s) as if they were spells and/or powers.
Special: Some DMs ignore that Share Spells specifies that it does not work with spell-like abilities make sure yours doesn't before selecting this feat.

Hold Yourself Together [Psionic]
When substantially wounded you are able to hold your body together through sheer force of will allowing yourself to fight on a while longer.
Prerequisites: Autohypnosis 3 ranks, Constitution 13+.
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus as a swift action to gain temporary hit points equal to the difference between your current hit points and maximum hit points. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute, after which time you take nonlethal damage equal to the number of temporary hit points you lost.

You may only use this feat a maximum number of times each day equal to your Constitution modifier or 3 whichever is lower. The second time each day you use this feat you become fatigued once all granted temporary hit points fade or are lost. The third time you become exhausted once all granted temporary hit points fade or are lost.

Supporting Chorus [Music]
You are able to lend your voice to that of another bard's augmenting the effects of their music.
Prerequisites: Perform (any) 6 ranks, Bardic Music.
Benefit: When you and another bard both perform the same Bardic Music you may choose to act as a back up singer for the main bard increasing the effects of his music instead of using your own. You must have perform ranks no lower than the other bard's class level to provide support in this manner and must be within 15-ft of the other bard. Only one back-up singer may provide bonuses to a single performance, any beyond the first are wasted.

The effects of this back up performance vary based upon the bardic music ability used.
Countersong: You provide the lead singer with a +3 bonus on their perform check.
Fascinate: Add 1/2 the number of targets you could affect (rounded up) to the lead singer's number of targets.
Inspire Courage: Increase the morale bonus granted by +1 or you may cause the morale bonus to apply to all saves against mind-affecting effects not merely Charm and Fear.
Inspire Competence: Increase the competence bonus granted by +2.
Suggestion: Increase the save DC by +2.
Inspire Greatness: Increase the number of temporary hit dice granted by 1d10 and the competence bonus to attack rolls by +1, or grant a +1 competence bonus to Will and Ref saves.
Break Enchantment: Increase the lead singer's effective caster level by 2.
Inspire Heroics: Increase the competence bonus to saving throws and dodge bonus to AC by +2 or grant DR 5/- for the duration.
Mass Suggestion: Increase the save DC by +2.

Manager [General]
You are capable of organizing creatures to ensure that they function in the most efficient manner.
Prerequisites: Diplomacy 6 ranks, Profession (Project Manager) 6 ranks, Int 13+, Cha 13+.
Benefit: You may manage 1 creature + 1 creature per 3 ranks in Profession (Project Manager) you possess. As long as you are with these creatures for at least 2 hours in which they are performing a certain task their efficiency is increased by ~25%, this only applies for as long as they are performing the task or up to 6 hours after you stop assisting and only to time efficiency and not to efficient use of materials. If they are marching this increases distance marched as if they had marched 10 hours instead of 8. If they are crafting items they produce 25% more than they normally would. If they are using Gather Information it takes 80% the normal time. If they are resting they get 8 hours of rest in 6 hours and 40 minutes. If a task is under 2 hours long this ability does not assist it, if this ability would reduce the time required to less than 2 hours it reduces it to 2 hours instead.

Rift Walker [Spelltouched]
You have passed through the Astral Sea, stepping between worlds, and your body remembers the passages used, following them almost as if by instinct.
Prerequisites: Exposure to a [Teleportation] subschool effect.
Benefit: You may teleport up to your speed to any location to which you have line of sight or know well as a move action 1/day plus 1/day per 2 character levels you possess.

Time Leak [Spelltouched]
You have been exposed to temporal magic and have developed the ability to on occasion draw upon your own future to act now.
Prerequisites: Exposure to Haste, Slow, or Time Stop.
Benefit: Once per day, as a free action, you may gain an additional standard action during your turn. This burst of speed is drawn from your future and a number of rounds later equal to one-half your Constitution or Charisma modifier (minimum 1) you lose your turn (as if dazed). You may use this feat an additional time per day per 5 character levels, but may not use this ability a second time while you still have a debt to your future.

Death Birthing Blade [Vile]
You live as a conduit of death, sheathing your weapons in its power and causing the slain to rise again.
Prerequisites: Charisma 13+, BAB +4.
Benefit: Your melee attacks deal +1 negative energy damage, this damage never heals undead but if they would be healed they take no damage instead. In addition a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier when you kill a creature you may reanimate it as a zombie (as if with Animate Dead) under your control. This zombie only remains animate for 1 round per character level you possess before returning to a lifeless state. You may not have 2 zombies animated with this ability at a time, if you would animate a second the first returns to death.

Touch of Glorious Rising [Exalted]
You are able to guide a soul back to its body allowing it to momentarily rise again and fight alongside you.
Prerequisites: One of Wisdom or Charisma 15+, the other 13+.
Benefit: Once per day, plus once per day per 5 character levels, you may touch the corpse of a Good aligned creature and pray. Opening a conduit between the dead creature and the Upper Planes you call celestial energy into its body, even as you call out to its soul to return and rise again to fight the fight of victory. If the soul is free and willing to return the creature rises as a deathless with the augmented subtype of its former type. All stats are the same as when it died except its Con is now -, and its current and max hp are 1/3rd what its maximum hp was when it died. The creature gains deathless traits and immunities (see BoED or ECS). After a number of minutes equal to your character level the conduit is closed, the soul being pulled back to its eternal reward, and the body crumples to the ground. As it was never truly alive it does not die again and using this ability does not reset the timer for when Raise Dead or Revivify may be used.

Companion Bloodhunt [General]
You are skilled at fighting in a vicious pack with your bestial companion, striking to the best effect when fighting alongside it.
Prerequisites: 1 Tiger Claw stance, and Animal Companion, Familiar, or Wild Cohort.
Benefit: While in a Tiger Claw stance if you and your animal companion, familiar, or wild cohort both threaten the same creature you gain a +1 bonus to melee attacks and damage against that creature. If you flank a creature with your animal companion, familiar, or wild cohort you both deal +1d6 damage against that creature.

Summoning Knack [General]
You have a natural talent for calling creatures from other planes to your side.
Prerequisites: Cha 13+, ability to speak one of Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran, Modron, or Slaad.
Benefit: 1/day you may use Summon Monster as a spell-like ability, this emulates the highest level Summon Monster spell a Sorcerer of your character level could cast, and uses your character level as its caster level.

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Absorb Magic:
You are able to scavenge the magical energy of spells you resist to use again at your own descretion.
Prerequisites: Charisma 13+, Spell Resistance.
Benefit: Whenever your Spell Resistance completely prevents a spell's effect (this usually requires it to be single target) you may absorb that spell. When you absorb a spell you gain the ability to use it as a spell-like ability at any time in the next hour; it requires the same action as casting the spell to use it as a spell-like ability in this fashion and you must have a Charisma of at least 10 + the spell level of the absorbed spell. You may only have one spell absorbed at a time, if you would absorb a second one while you already have a spell absorbed you must choose one to lose.

Aegis of Resistance:
Your spell resistance protects nearby allies.
Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Spell Resistance.
Benefit: You may extend your spell resistance to protect any number of creatures within 10 ft of you. In effect these creatures gain spell resistance equal to your own, whether they want it or not. A spell cast upon a creature by itself, or through the share spells ability of a familiar or other companion creature, is not affected by this spell resistance.

Agent of Wrath:
You are an instrument of your god's wrath able to invoke it to serve their will.
Prerequisites: Smite ability with daily uses, patron deity.
Benefit: You may expend a daily use of your smite ability to invoke the wrath of your deity. This deific wrath deals 1d6 damage per character level to one target (either a creature or an object) within 20-ft +10-ft per character level. This damage is pure divine force, not subject to damage reduction or energy resistance, and deals full damage to objects although hardness still applies. The source of this damage takes on a thematic appearance (a war godís deific wrath might appear as a weapon of energy striking the target, while a fire godís is spontaneous combustion), but while this may change the cosmetics of the ability it does not affect the type of damage dealt. No attack roll is required and there is no save to resist this effect
Special: If you perform acts which cause your deity to forsake you, you lose all benefits of this feat until you have either regained their good graces and obtained atonement, or obtained the good graces of another deity, converted, and obtained atonement.
Special: You may take [Wrath] feats (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=16131870&postcount=4) as if you possessed the Deific Wrath feat and all domains of your patron deity. You gain no benefit from the recharge time reduction.

Born Necromancer:
You are naturally talented in the creation of the undead, able to do so with little to no training.
Prerequisites: Non-good alignment, Charisma 13+, Character level 5+.
Benefit: You gain the ability to use Animate Dead as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. Unlike most spell-like abilities you must provide the black onyx material component or else the created undead lose their animation after 10 minutes. If you are at least 11th level and have 16+ Charisma you may choose to use Create Undead instead of Animate Dead, you still must provide the black onyx if you wish the created undead to remain for longer than 10 minutes.

Dampen Magic:
You are able to turn your spell resistance outward to suppress magic as it forms.
Prerequisites: Aegis of Resistance.
Benefit: As an immediate action you may attempt to counter spell a spell or spell-like ability as it is cast or used within 100 ft of you. This automatically counters any spell or spell-like ability with a Caster Level less than your Spell Resistance minus 12; if the caster level is higher the caster must make a caster level check as if to overcome your spell resistance (even if the spell is normally SR no). Once you use this ability you lose your spell resistance for 1 minute.

Domain Focus:
You are particularly skilled with magic of a certain domain.
Benefit: When you select this feat choose a cleric domain. Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells or spell-like abilities from the domain you select. This does not stack with Spell Focus or Ability Focus.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times each time you do you must select a different domain.

Domain Focus, Greater:
You are particularly skilled with magic of a certain domain.
Prerequisites: Domain Focus.
Benefit: When you select this feat choose a cleric domain you have Domain Focus for. Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells or spell-like abilities from the domain you select. This does not stack with (Greater) Spell Focus or Ability Focus but does stack with Domain Focus.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times each time you do you must select a different domain.

Familiar Spaceswap
You are able to swap your spatial position with that of your familiar.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast a 4th level or higher Conjuration (Teleportation) spell, a familiar.
Benefit: As a standard action you and your familiar may switch positions as long as you are on the same plane. This is a teleportation effect.

Iron Warrior
You are able to bring out more of the magic dampening powers of cold iron you wield or carry.
Prerequisites: Non-fey type.
Benefit: When wearing cold iron armor (www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?410614-Cold-Iron-Armor-(because-I-hate-fey)-PEACH) you gain spell resistance based upon the type of armor worn. If it is light armor you gain SR 2 + 1/2 your character level. If it is medium armor you gain SR 2 + your Character level. If it is heavy armor you gain SR 8 + your character level. If you are currently wielding a cold iron weapon you gain a +2 to your Spell Resistance (regardless of the source), this increases to +3 if you are wielding two or more or a two handed one. If you are wearing a cold iron shield (animate shields that are free floating do not count for this purpose) you gain another +2 to your Spell Resistance or +3 if it is a tower or extreme shield.

Ki Sight:
You are able to sense the Ki of other creatures.
Prerequisites: Blind-Fight, Ki Strike, Sense Motive 12 ranks.
Benefit: You may use Sense Motive instead of Spot to "see" living creatures and undead. In addition you can detect the presence of living creatures and undead within 20 ft of you as if with Blind-Sense. In addition to the normal information gained from Blind-Sense you can determine a creature within this range's character level and type, and may attempt a DC 30 Sense Motive check to determine its alignment.

Phantasmal Companion:
You are able to make your companion beast desynchronize from the world becoming out of phase with it, or returning it to faze.
Prerequisites: Character level 7+, ability to call a familiar, animal companion, special mount, animal pal, or similar creature, ability to cast 2nd level spells.
Benefit: You may expend a 2nd level spell to cause your companion creature to become incorporeal. This last indefinitely. Bringing your companion back into phase requires you to expend another 2nd level spell.

Resolute Will:
Your will is your own resisting the control of others.
Prerequisites: Iron Will.
Benefit: You are immune to effects which exercise mental control over you (including enchantment (charm) effects and enchantment (compulsion) effects that grant the caster ongoing control over the subject, such as dominate person). In addition each round you may attempt a Will save at -6 against any compulsion effect currently affecting you which allowed a Will save to negate.

Share Favored Enemy:
Your companion shares your hatred of and expertise at dealing with certain foes.
Prerequisites: Animal companion or other companion creature, Favored Enemy.
Benefit: Your animal companion (or other companion creature with share Spells) gains the benefit of your Favored Enemy ability or abilities (this does not stack with any Favored Enemy you companion creature may already possess from being a Tall Tale Lumberjack (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?326799-Tall-Tale-%283-5-Base-Class-Contest-Winner-PEACH%29) for example).

Songbound Companion:
Your companion creature is able to sing your songs of power in your place.
Prerequisites: Perform (Sing) 8 ranks, ability to call a familiar, animal companion, special mount, animal pal, or similar creature, ability to sing Bardic Music, Draconic Hymns, or Mystical Songs.
Benefit: You may have your companion creature sing a Bardic Music performance, Draconic Hymn, or Mystical Song as if it were you. You cannot also sing one unless you would normally be able to sing more than one such song at a time (in which case you and your companion creature together may sing the number of songs you could normally sing either one of you singing the maximum number or dividing it between the two of you), and you must still expend any uses and pay any costs associated with singing the song.

Vestige's Ward:
You can call upon your vestige's power to weather a variety of assaults at the cost of temporarily losing its powers.
Prerequisites: Ability to bind a vestige.
Benefit: As an immediate action you may suppress the benefits of one vestige you have bound to gain a bonus to one saving throw equal to the suppressed vestige's level and the benefits of Evasion and Mettle for that save. You lose all benefits of the suppressed vestige for 10 minutes, but still suffer its influence and its sign becomes evident even if it was a good pact or suppressed with the suppress sign ability.

Wide Spectrum Smite:
You can smite not one alignment but two!
Prerequisites: Ability to use Smite Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law.
Benefit: Select one alignment which is not yours. You may smite that alignment as if it were the alignment normally affected by your Smite ability. If the target is both alignments you gain an additional +1 to hit and bonus to damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

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Cutting Blows [Fighter]:
You have learned to strike through a foe's defenses and resistance, blows which follow through to puncture even the most defended object.
Prerequisites: BAB +4.
Benefit: Your attacks ignore 5 points of Damage Reduction or Hardness. Damage Reduction/Hardness stop 5 less of the damage you deal if they even apply to your attacks. For example if you were attacking a pit fiend (DR 15/good and silver) with a non-silver weapon you would only have your damage reduced by 10 points instead of the normal 15, if they merely had DR 5 or less you'd deal full damage.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as a fighter bonus feat.

Determined Stride [Fighter]:
You are able to move forward despite any obstacles which block your path.
Prerequisites: +6 Base Fortitude save, Great Fortitude or Endurance.
Benefit: You can move at full speed through natural difficult terrain as if under the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell. Supernatural and magically created terrain can still slow you, however you are allowed to make a Fortitude save using your Strength in place of your Constitution to move through any effect that you could move through with Freedom of Movement. This is in addition to any normal save allowed and if that effect would normally not allow a save the DC is what it would be if it did (typically 10 + Spell level + relevant ability for spells, 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha for Su abilities, and DM's choice for supernatural environmental effects unrelated to any creature) if you succeed on the save you may move through that effect as if under a Freedom of Movement spell until end of turn, if you fail you may attempt the save again on your next turn.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as a fighter bonus feat.

Immaculate Skill [Fighter]:
You skill with weapons is nearly mystical, enough to treat even the most awkward weapon as if it had the supernal grace of the greatest mystical blade.
Prerequisites: BAB +4.
Benefit: You gain an enhancement bonus to attack rolls and weapon damage equal to +1/4 points of BAB you possess. This does not stack with any enhancement bonus your weapon possesses.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as a fighter bonus feat.

Sense Possession:
You are able to sense the presence of another soul in a creature.
Prerequisites: Sense Motive 2 ranks, and caster level 1 or spellcraft 2 ranks.
Benefit: When looking at a creature you can tell immediately whether it is possessed, dominated, a familiar, special mount, animal companion, or similar being that exists as an extension of another (psicrystal, summoner's eidolon, etc).

Smiting Blows
Your weapon is empowered to strike down those who go against your ethos.
Prerequisites: Alignment based Smite.
Benefit: You deal +1d6 weapon damage against creature's whose alignment matches that which you may smite with a smite ability which has alignment limitations. In addition damage you deal is considered the opposing alignment for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. For example if you had Smite Evil you would deal +1d6 damage against Evil and overcome DR as Good, if you had Smite Evil or Chaos you would deal +1d6 damage against Evil and/or Chaotic creatures and overcome DR as Good and Lawful.

Weapon Grace [Fighter]
You are skilled enough in the use of your weapon it transcends boundaries of human speed allowing you to push yourself beyond your own limits to strike faster and more often than the eye can follow.
Prerequisites: Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Fighter level 18.
Benefits: When wielding a weapon you have Greater Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Specialization in you may take 20 points of nonlethal damage to make an additional attack; this damage cannot be reduced or prevented (if you are immune to nonlethal . You may make a number of additional attacks this way up to the normal granted to you by your base attack bonus, the first attack is at your highest attack bonus, and each after it suffers a cumulative -5 penalty. The attacks granted by this feat do not stack with the additional attack from a Haste spell, or a Speed weapon.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as a fighter bonus feat.