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2007-04-23, 08:48 PM
I always end up playing with a team who make unoriginal bland characters, while i make a character full of personality and background (sorry to toot my own horn on this one). I made this so the forums can post some of their favorite most original characters. Here are some of mine.
Wellby Leagalow: (I made this guy back when rouges were thieves) The smart edged party loving, voice of reason in the party. He is a halfling rouge who is half jerran but takes no pride in his heritage. He wears a fadora that carrys his mothers soul and has a ferrit named oldirimmaru in his backpack.( Despite his cunning is actaully the god of rouges himself put into a small animal). He gets himself into trouble but always has enough luck to pull himself out of it. His brother is his polar opposite. When the twins were born, the Jerran doing a vile ritual didn't count on twins, so only Wellby's brother Lazurus got the gift. Lazurus is a tall, dark haired, handsome, calculating, lawful evil, caster bent on domination. As you can imagine Wellby has a rough life.
-Dern the Daring: Dern the daring is one of my personal favorites. He's an Azmere paladin who is such a cliche' he's aorignal. He's a perfect human being. But when evil arises he puts it down with his GENORMOUS +3 celestial sword. His worst fear is being stuck between a little girl who just dropped her ice cream, and an old lady who needs help crossing the street. His merry disposition only breaks when he meets-
-Lord Malrog: Lord Malrog grew up in the small town of Pallielawgood. a town full of Dern the darings. He was the only non-lawful good child in the entire town. One day Several Disciples of Bane came by town, and he liked the idea of world domination and divine ascention, so he did what any rational being would do. Slaughtered his friends and family and forged armor from their bones that work as voodoo. When a bone in the armor is broken, a baby in the immediate area suffers that same damage. (evil yes?) He always speaks about himself in the third person and trys to work his name into every sentance. Using the help of Bane's disciples he created a club using his childhood. He seeks to become a god at all costs.
-Oranus: The brilliant idiot. He is one of the most brilliant elven wizards of his time. But he is by all ways, and means socially inept. He is absolutely socially blind. He never thinks before he says something. For example.
"... Those are some ugly babies..."
"Why are you wearing those ugly things?"
You approach an old man, "You are very old..."
"You humans are slow..."
"This tastes terrable..."
It's not because he's rude, it's because he literally doesn't know better. His older brother is always bailing him out of trouble he finds himself in.

2007-04-23, 08:50 PM
Most original? I don't really do that. My favorite character would have to be Blargh the Impaler, though, my half-Orc Barbarian.

My current character has a bit of flavor, being a sorcerer with the Celestial Heritage feat line, he doesn't have much choice.

Lord Tataraus
2007-04-23, 09:08 PM
Well, I do have one character sort of (if the campaign ever starts)

Himo "Shade" Nailo: A NE fallen elf (elf with fiendish blood) who was, with the rest of his house, ostracized by the "normal" elves. He thus seeks to avenge his house's fall from grace and removes himself in all ways from his elvish heritage. Thus, he became apprenticed to a hermit Shadowcaster who taught Shade all he knew, afterwards Shade promptly slaughtered his master and feasted on the body with his faithful dog Mr. Fluffles (a Dark Hellhound). He enjoys the taste of human flesh, but rarely eats.

Of course this is for an evil campaign.

2007-04-23, 09:48 PM
Boshi, the lovable Lizardfolk tank of the party, speaks with a thick Russian accent, drinks gallons of vodka, and carries around a gigantic 10-foot-long Greathammer he calls his "Boomstick". Having nearly 30 Strength, but 9 Intelligence, he's muscley but a bit on the slow side, and is easily distracted or amused. For example, the party was being attacked by bandits, and as he ran off to help, he got distracted by a pretty butterfly and spent several rounds chasing it around, trying to catch it.

"Stop--is Boshi time!" (reference to "Stop--Hammer time!")
"In Boshi's homeland, lizard step on you!" (reference to the "In Soviet Russia..." jokes)
"Here, hold hammer for Boshi--in your FACE."
"Dasvedanya, don't get any on ya!"
"In dungeon, you lay on bedroll. In Boshi's homeland, bedroll lay on you!"

2007-04-24, 08:50 AM
I'm still fond of my last cleric - Brazaak the Enlightened, an orc (no, not half-orc) who used to be a bloodthirsty barbarian warlord named Brazaak the Unbreakable in his youth... until a fateful duel with his most trusted lietenant that got ugly when he (Brazaak) blinded his lieutenant in one eye. At that very moment, he got a religious revelation - of himself as Corellon Larethian, gouging out Gruumsh's eye not in a mythic war of truth and justice, but as a relatively underhanded maneuver against a fellow Good deity in a simple duel of sport.

He at first didn't know what to make of the vision, but he wound up having plenty of time to think about it after his lieutenant poisoned him, beat him up, and left him for dead. He wound up deciding that the true face of Gruumsh was as a good deity that had been blinded and driven mad by pain and rage. Renouncing his barbarian past, he became a cleric of "Gruumsh the All-Seeing", and did his best to spread his religion wherever he went.

2007-04-24, 10:08 AM
One character that I'm still working out is a Beguiler 4/Binder 1/Anima Mage 5/Chameleon 10. He's schizophrenic and changes his personality and abilities each day.


Amphimir Míriel
2007-04-24, 11:03 AM
Brazaak the Enlightened

Great concept DaFlipp! Kudos to you!


For my part, I tend to play archetypical characters (usually the bumbling good-for-almost-nothing bard, Elan style), but the current party I'm DMing for is kinda strange...

Olga is a 6 foot 5 inch Half-Orc Female 2nd level Fighter who is trying to cope with both her heritages.

Tara is a Human Female 2nd level Druid (probably the most "normal" character)

Syfa is a Tiefling Female 1st level Sorcerer (with cleptomaniac tendencies)

and Lereophon is a Half-Orc Male 2nd level Cleric of a Travel deity (raised by human clerics after he was abandoned in the proverbial basket)

Needless to say, they are completely useless in a social situation, and get weird stares from everyone when they enter a village.

2007-04-24, 11:44 AM
unoriginal bland

Seriously, don't confuse unoriginal with "bland". Character isn't made by being a feytouched half-dragon illithid bard or anything of the abovementioned (although those are really good ideas, salutations)! You can play a perfectly cliched elf ranger that...well... loves animals and protects his homeland, and it can be just as good a concept, and certainly not bland.
But enough of the rant...

My favorite is Karn Darkrunner, a half-orc bard/barbarian-> War Chanter, devilishly clever (14) considering his heritage, and far more swashbuckly in nature than most swashbucklers in existence. Has a wide array of Friedrich Nietzsche quotes at his disposal to flabbergast the monsters he meets.

2007-04-24, 12:16 PM
My favorite original character was an orc bard with Perfom(String instruments), Perform(Ballet) and Perform(Percussion). His strength was high enough to carry around a grand piano, which he smacked people with, and then played it for further pain.

2007-04-24, 12:30 PM
I have a friend who's planning a character for my upcoming campaign that I thought very original and wanted to share with everyone here.

The character is a half-orc, who was until recently in the employ of one of the campaigns major metropolises as a sewer worker. He would climb down in the muck and clear blockages, occasionally retrieve possessions that had carelessly fallen down the garderobe and just generally keep them in good repair. Recently the character was attacked by a gelatinous cube that had found its way into the sewers, the character survived an engulf and managed to escape thanks to his natural hardiness (high con + great fortitude). After realizing that he was risking his life down in the sludge he may as well get paid better and so became an adventurer.

I'm sure he's going to flesh it out better, as these are just the bare bones but so far I thought it interesting and innovative.

In the same upcoming game I have a player planning to play an undertaker paladin, of a LN god of death. I don't have much on his background yet but it sounds like he's brewing up something original and interesting as well.

2007-04-24, 12:48 PM
Don't know about original, but one of my favorites was Navea he was an Elven ranger in a home setting in which the Elves were like high elves all haughty and snobbish. He went on a personal crusade to bring the elves back to thier roots and back in touch with thier wilder "woodsier" side. It was a fun concept, cuz he refused to wear armour or use anything but his fathers swords. He eventually got ensnared in politics and almost lost touch with his wild side. Fun campiagn played from 1st to epic.

2007-04-24, 12:57 PM
Well, I have Theodoxus Thaxson, dwarf Fighter/Cleric (back from 2nd Ed, when Dwarves couldn't be paladin) He is the epitome of Lawful Good - was never a jerk (unless you were silly enough to blatantly steal in front of him) and basically just tried to make sure everyone in the party was behaving morally. The poor party thieves and other unsavory chaotic characters he had to associate with... they never got to 'do their thing' when he was around, less they get a warhammer to the side of the head.

My most original character however, would have to be Xaxon, my Thri-kreen Monk who took the VoPoverty and VoPeace... He was amazing... wouldn't hurt a fly, but undead knew fear when he was around. With Quarterstaff spinning, that mantis warrior would slaughter them, returning them to the peace of death.

2007-04-24, 02:39 PM
Well, I haven't been able to go player for over 2 years now, so I'll detail my favourite, and most original, NPC: Blue Jester

Jester is an Incarnate Human Effigy Commoner 1/Expert 4/Chameleon 10 (Houserule'd that it was close enough to count). His favourite weapon is his katana, and he's known to always smile except in the most serious of moments (Usually, right before he opens that infamous can o').

He's a fierce spokesman of construct rights, and it's only due to him that Warforged have any rights in my campaign world at all, though he's serving time for it. He always smiles, mostly because of his history, and loves to look cool (Unlike most DMPCs, he doesn't look cool by warrant, he likes to by nature)

Originally, Blue was an ordinary human, mistreated and badly abused. He was taken in by a very specific force and made into his present incarnation, serving as a messenger, operative, etc. for the same force. As a Chameleon he is extremely versatile, and it took a long while for the PCs to comprehend exactly what his build was until I revealed it.
Because of the process of his transformation, his Constitution score is slowly deteriorating and eventually he'll die young, but it's hoped he'll find a way to stall or repair the damage before that. Until then, he's determined to make an impression.

He has workmates too, the Red and Black Jesters, but he much prefers to watch things unravel than be a part of the peanut gallery. His motto is "You look at the world and see it as it unfolds, I prefer a more interesting perspective"

2007-04-24, 02:54 PM
Stealing a name from a fairly popular webcomic (but not the concept), I would say that my most original character was Donovan Darkblade, the self-proclaimed world's greatest swordsman under 3 feet tall. A wandering halfling knifeslinger, he was out to make as big of an impression on the world as he could, and he looked up to noone.

2007-04-24, 03:26 PM
My very early chracters were just stereotypical for their class (a ranger, who excludes himself from others and tries to stay out of social interaction, a wizard who was fixed on his magic and a barbarian who was all about axing things)

My last three characters, while still a little stereotypical has a little more depth:
Pyrathien, Fire Genasi, Rogue: He was a homicidal maniac of a thief. Pyrathien was more into killing than into gold, which doesn't mean though he isnt crazy for gold. His favorite way of killing was burning others. He was very fixed on himself and used his steel mirror mainly to look at himself while he is bathing and drinking booze.

Róka, human, fighter: Roka's parents tried to raise her as a housewife but she had other plans, she wanted to be a soldier. Since her parents didnt let her, she killed them in her mid-teens and fled from her hometown. Her past made her a little bit overly fixed on unequalities between men and women (but only those in which women were in the disadvantage). Also she became a little choleric (with a little choleric i mean, if a guy gave her a weird look, he usually ended up with a pointy piece of metal in his face).

Shirraj, Catfolk, rogue: Shirraj comes from a destructive clan that usually allied with Gnoll tribes and attacked other clans caravans, villages and others. Later she spent a lot of time with a halfling family from whom she learned a lot about thievery. She took over a lot of typical halfling traits. That's why she is usually very open to other races, she only shows disrespect for (half)orcs, goblinoids and giants like ogres and trolls. To adventuring parties she is actually more of a bar than help, because she is trying to hoard as many treasures as she can for herself, and doesnt let anyone else have a part of it, as long as they dont know about it.

2007-04-24, 03:27 PM
Most original character? Hmm, hard to say. I'm not really fond of the view that templates, races and whatnot makes for originality.
Had a character once, started at level five. He was a human rogue, conman and part of a rebellion to overthrow an evil emperor, albeit a bit of reluctant revolutionary. He spent all his starting gold on some basic equipment, a mule named Emperor, a box full of 'blank' Ioun Stones and some jewelling and painting equipment.
Those Ioun Stones sure could sell for a lot of money after they'd been 'refitted' :smallbiggrin:

2007-04-24, 03:29 PM
I like both of my characters-

Gnome favoured soul of Rill Cleverthrust-he has a white mage syndrome. He smacks around his team-mates because they're idiots. And then he heals them. And then he smacks them again. And so forth.

Also, i like my Chaos Gnome Wild-mage....not only is it original and fun to play, it's very awesome, since my DM ruled that every spell a Wild Mage casts should probably have the chaos descriptor.

2007-04-24, 03:34 PM
My favorite (I'm not sure he's the most original, but hey):

-An abjurer-wizard from a homebrew, unicorn-based humanoid race of my own(I just like the way they look). He's an ungodly mix of charisma and intellect, but when it comes to one-on-one truly meaningful conversation, particularly emotions, is really, really akward. His worst nightmare is just the child with the dropped icecream cone. He would probably panic when faced with anyone crying. With a tendancy to be long-winded and blunt at the same time if allowed to be, he can manipulate others very easily. He can't sit still for more than a few minutes, though, and tends to do things without thinking them through because he's bored of what he's doing now. His older brother is the BBEG, and he still holds some deep envy for the sorceror from when he wanted to be like him as a child. He's usually very light-hearted, and will do whatever interests him, regardless of morality. In fact, he's repetitively says that it all means nothing to him. He was, in his old town, half police-officer, half-accomplice when it came to the town's troublemaker, and eventually left town with her, because frankly, he was going to get bored. He's very vain and concerned about his looks (all he brought was his money and various magical clothing items). His familliar is a hedgehog(though, technically, a size catagory too small, it just felt so right) who he dotes on relentlessly. Despite his lack of morality, if plopped in a situation where he had to make a snap decision to save someone or protect someone at his own expense, he would always help the person...I'm not wholly sure about his alignment ((I've only been playing him one session, but that's what I've gotten from him so far.))

2007-04-24, 04:43 PM
I like to think I create pretty original characters, here are some:

Halcyon Dax, civilized barbarian:
He grew up on the tough streets of the city and taught himself how to fight and use his adrenaline. One day he bore witiness to a city guard raid on a local rogue guild. The fight had turned sour for the city guard and Halcyon became involved in the fight -- on the side of the guards. He saved the captain of the guard's life, singlehandedly turning the tide of the battle. Quickly recruited by the all too gracious captain Halcyon instantly rose from street punk to upper class (Being a guard was a position of honor in this city). He always traveled in a fine 3 piece suit over a mithril shirt. The suit was enchanted to automatically mend itself when cut. Miles of style.

Old Man:
Redeemed Illithid hermit fisherman (No, not a joke character). Need I say more?

Fenix Gottica:
In faerun, a very young catfolk was washed down a river, only to be plucked out by an ancient elf. The elf was a retired ranger and sculptor, who crafted his own pottery and artwork out of the clay banks of the river where he found fenix. He raised Fenix as his own, teaching him the finer parts of elven culture, a hatred of orcs, the art of swordfighting, and sculpture, and to worship correlon. Most of all, what the elf unwillingly gave Fenix a fear of the world outside their small home on the riverbank, a severe distrust of non-elves and etcetera. The elf died when fenix was 17, and he then set out into the world, a swashbuckler, but always covered his race, fearing the reactions of those around him. He always wore a mask that his mentor had made him when he was younger. A brown clay mask of a noble cats face.

And Soon

Mathias Riddly:
A young human artificer who was severely wounded in a battle with a warforged (the warforged cut off his right arm), but replaced his severed limb with the arm of the warforged that severed it. He is entirely consumed by profit and personal gain, but wouldnt resort to stealing in any overt way. He is more the type to extort money out of his enemies. He makes his fortune selling unique and powerful weapons to both sides of conflicts, deliberately offering technologies to thwart the last. While selfish and most appropriately Neutral Evil, he has a soft spot for his friends - though he insists he only supplies them with armor and the like to test it, or to protect himself, they know thats his way of being modest. Later in the campaign I hope to make him the captain of an airship, perhaps of his own design. The Ashbringer.

Original! Hooray!

There is another player whos characters never have any backstories or personalities. They LOVE the game, so theres nothing wrong with that. But most of their characters are just "This is my name, I am the partys cleric. It is a role I am happy with, yet not overly so".

I love my group overall, though.