View Full Version : A question of backporting PF Sorcerer bloodlines.

2015-06-05, 05:12 PM
Hey guys, I am trying to find way to make some of the base classes more exciting.

One thing I did with wizards is give them level progression speciality based abilities (including universalist)

Like for instance generic wizards gains Int mod bonus 0-level spells per day.

I gave Domains more powerful and useful abilities at different levels ( for example the healing domain no longer is +1 caster level, but 20% more healing at lvl 1; a +X to concentration when healing another where X is equal to cleric level and other such.

I am thinking of taking the sorcerer bloodlines from pathfinder and giving them to the 3.5 sorcerer.

THis is the list I am including is as follows with a brief description on how it fits into my world

Abyssal: somewhere done the line.. your daddy or momma was a demon
Accursed: your great-great grandmother.. yeah.. she really was a hag
Ancestral: You ancestors were great and powerful heroes, some of that might has come to sprout within you.
Arcane: magic is in your blood/race (like elves for instance)
Celestial: Some good outsider saw your grandpa and was like 'yep'
Daemon: A daemon was all like up in dat somewhere down the years in your bloodline
Divine-Blooded: You are a descendant of a deity, pretty cool
Draconic: A dragon intermingled within your family
Elemental: There is the remnants of great elemental energies from your ancestor
Fey: Faerie blood mixes with yours and your family's
Infernal: the legions of hell count you as a sibling
Protean: You blood runs wild with the ver present tinge of chaos
Starsoul: Not only did your great great great grandmother delve too deepl in things she did not understand.. but apprntl she came away with a bun in the oven.. and I do not mean bread.
Verdant: oddl enough in your family tree is a ..tree?

I like these, but I could not find any law based one.. it be nice I got the evils, the good and the chaos.. but there seems to be no LAW bloodline.. anybody know of a homebrewed law based bloodline?