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2015-06-10, 11:03 AM
I've been fiddling with the idea of an RPG system based around characters in an everyday high school life.

The ideal flavor of the game is comical but serious when needed. Think your classic Shonen show's like Dragonball(s) Yu Yu Hakusho Jojo's Bizarre Adventure etc etc. They're not completely seriously but the tone can switch.

*Players start off rolling character bonds
*Players come up with character concept (who am I as a person, back-story all that)
*Players Build characters

Players start off with life being average and find themselves sucked into chaos based on game scenarios
Maybe the school has Demons and only our heroes can defeat them via using their fist and house hold weapons? Maybe there are certain individuals who possess powers and our heroes just happen to be the new kids on the block with power?

Any thoughts on this idea?

Bruno Carvalho
2015-06-10, 11:14 AM
If you wanna go with typical Shonen Nonsense,what about crafting a handy "chaos table" with the first few entries (like 1-5) being fairly normal in highschool, the mid entries (6-12) being extremely improbable coincidences and the late entries (like 13-24) being supernatural oddities.

Then go with the players and the GM alternating positions as the storyteller, giving the players a mechanic to gain narrative powers by increasing the "chaos dice", which goes from 1d6 to 4d6. Then, at the end of the (week? month? semester?) the GM rolls the Chaos dice, puts the result on the table and resets the Chaos Dice to 1d6 again. The more strange things happens, the more "superpowers" the players will need, and the chaos dice getts bigger... just to throw more and more chaotic complications until the point you got a shonen anime going.

2015-06-11, 02:59 PM
Alright so first couple of "classes" and by classes they're more like flavors. What the system is supposed to do is you pick a flavor and then build onto however you like. Might have to redesign it a few times..

Currently I have
and please feel free to suggest changes to these names

This character type cannot use weapons and prefers to use just the brute force of beating the hell out of people. Unlike martial arts she relies on using her physical might and her bare knuckles because unlike everyone else she is convinced that she can overcome anything with sheer willpower and might.

Whenever this class successfully lands a melee attack it generates a stack of focus.
Whenever this class misses an attack the focus pool is emptied

This class has plenty of unique attacks that allow it to go well over the limit of how many actions a character could normally perform in a turn and can even use focus to Physically empower themselves and break their physical limitations (super saiyan parody)


Bonus to Perception
Bonus to hiding
Bonus to concealing items
Bonus Movement
Bonus to Dodge
Bonus to Trip

Basically a smart ass sneaky character that doesn't exceed in anything.

Fate Gambler
A class that has additional modifiers on dice roll mechanics such as auto success and failures on certain results

A class that may use re-rolls

The class also has a mechanic to store a small amount dice rolls for later but while doing so will take more damage

Example: Whenever the player fails a dodge role if the player is storing any critical success roles with Ace in the sleeves the hit against the player is upgraded to a critical hit.

The point of this class is to be a very high risk high reward glass cannon.

"The Moon"

The character is tormented in some way or another by some sort of voice inside of their head tearing them from the inside out that just itches for violence and conflict. Where normally this would probably be a case of schizophrenia this is an actual split personality that takes over the player's body and has all of her memories but she only has fragments of the split's.

The player's goal is to tame the personalty as they increase in level until eventually they become one.

There are two character sheets. One for the primary character sheet and one for the split's the difference between them are Combat stats, abilities and other things.

The DM rewards both the split personality and the player EXP. But the player gains very little the split gains far more and the player must rely on switching to this persona to carry them through danger.

Honestly I'm at a bit of a loss to make this work.