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PnP Fan
2007-04-25, 12:56 AM
Okay, I'm playing a 16th level Cleric. When I started the campaign he had a couple of leadership feats (6th lvl, and 9th lvl feats), that gave him some sidekicks and a small horde of followers. Well, as time has passed, I've decided that having these extra characters to run is not worth the effort involved. (I had hoped to explore the utility of the Mystic Theurge and the Knight classes by using these characters.) So, my kind DM is allowing me to drop the feats and take replacement feats instead. Of course my first thoughts are of Divine Metamagic, and some of the coolness I could obtain.

Here's the problem: I don't really have the time to research every spell and look at which of the published metamagic feats would benefit the majority of the spells. So I'm looking for advice on prefered Metamagic feats for clerics.
Other relevant facts: I have a ridiculous CHA (+7 or 8 bonus) so I'm not lacking in Turn Attempts, though I would like to be able to pull usefull stunts a couple of times per day (so I'd like to stick with 1-4 turns burned per metamagic use).

Thanks to those of you who contribute!

Bears With Lasers
2007-04-25, 01:05 AM
Quicken. Barring Persistent Spell, which is made of cheesy, divinely quickening things is the best you can do. It'll take 5 turn attempts, but with 3 attempts +7 cha, you'll be able to divinely quicken two spells (2/3s of a Greater Rod of Quicken). If you've got a +8 CHA bonus, pick up Extra Turning or a set of Nightsticks to make that three spells.

PnP Fan
2007-04-25, 11:46 PM
BWL, thanks for the suggestion!