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This thread is for keeping track of information for my homebrew setting for my PBP game, The Great Guild. I will be updating it as I create more information.
This setting is designed with the history and culture of the real world in mind. In many ways, it can be somewhat like an "alternate dimension", with things re-arranged and fantasy elements put in. Currently, the lands are having a struggle of ideas between science and magic, and other forces as well.
The Guild. A name synonymous with power. So powerful, in fact, that this humble organization grew from one among thousands, to a single entity now regarded with equal power as the governments of the land. Starting out as a small, generic mercenary guild, it then expanded to include a small blacksmith guild, then a number of other guilds, now all united under the leadership of their ambitious guild master, now called "Jengar the First". Within 20 years, the mercenary guild had become The Guild Coalition consisting of over 100 smaller guilds, and spanning the entire kingdom of Grafschaft. The guild continued expanding as much as possible, never content to settle, and was soon looking at a number of guildhouses in the continent of Xiotabe and the sand kingdom of Kentekonshia.

That is all ancient history now. The guild has been running and expanding for over 300 years now. It is accepted as being powerful enough to wield the same amount of power any kingdom has, and has had a militia program implemented for quite a long while. Many young people attempt to start a life in the guild, for it is well known that there are no broke guildsman, but the intense selection process weeds out many hopefuls.
The land of Velt is known to have 4 major continents:

-Grafschaft, the land of knights and noble lords. The founding place of The Guild. Located on the center of most maps.

-The Kingdom of Grafschaft:
The oldest human empire in existence. The entire continent was once under the rule of the Grafschaftian king, but by remaining flexible and open to negotiation, the Kingdom has been able to exist peacefully with new neighbors produced by revolts and treaties. Currently, the Grafschaft government has a close alignment with The Guild, relying on their manpower as much as The Guild relies on the Governments sponsorship and sanction.

-Xiotabe, ruled by the Holy Emperor who commands his army of Samurai in a never ending battle to wrest control of the land from the native spirits and monsters. A little north and to the west of Grafschaft.

-Kentekonshia, Filled with a vast sea of dry sand, the government here is loose and tribal based, but existent, making them part of the three civilized lands along with Grafschaft and Xiotabe. Attached via landbridge to Grafschaft on the south-east side.

-Bol'pesh, the savage nation. Home to Orcs, Giants, and other races. Currently launching small forces to attempt to crush the other lands to solidify their place in Velt. Grafschaft slave traders terrorize the land and gain orc and half-orc slaves. North-east of Grafschaft, South-east of Xiotabe.

-Prececho (pronounced Pray-say-cho), a largely undeveloped and unexplored land. A number of primitive civilizations of humans and a few other races live in the thick jungles of this land. Being scouted by The Guild In the west, far from fully explored however.

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Race information:

-Humans, still diverse:
Humans in the land of Velt are largely as diverse as you might expect. Grafschaftians are lightly olive to fair skinned, with all hair besides red and black being common. The Xiotabenese are slightly darker than the Grafschaftians typically. Black hair is predominant, and is generally worn longer on both men and women there. Green shades are common for their eyes, as most have at least some form of elven heritage. Kentakonshians are the darkest skinned. Northerners are lighter than southerners, who can reach shades of dark brown, but still darker than the majority of others. People from the island of Geck, off the southeast coast of Grafschaft and known for it's gunmen, are somewhat different than their mainland cousins. They tend towards olive skin and brown hair, though immigrants are seen throughout. Finally, the people hailing from the small series of snow-covered islands to the northwest of Grafschaft and the south east of Xiotabe, The Islands of Frost, are very pale, but hardy from their life in the savage lands. They seem to possibly have dwarven or even giant heritage, although the connection is lost to ages, much like the Xiotabenese to elves.
-Grafschaftians represent standard humans, via PHB. Their language is Common.
-Xiotabenese lose the bonus skill points, and gain +1 on spot and enchantment spell saves, from ancient elven heritage. Also, Weapon Proficiency: Shortbow. Archery is valued as a art in Xiotabe, and most residents have had some contact with it. Their language is Xiotabenese, from the elven alphabet, and is used as Common in their lands.
-Kentakonshians lose the skill point, and gain fire resistance 2. Their language is Sandspeach.
-Gecks lose the bonus feat, but gain prof. with the "firearm" catagory.
-Those from the Islands of Frost lose the skill point, and gain cold resistance 2. Their language is a slight variant of Common with no name.

-Gnomes, influenced by steampunk:
The largest gnome concentration is in Grafschaft. Specifically, in the independent, but Grafschaftian friendly, state of Caldera.Other than this area, gnomes are spread throughout the lands, wherever they can find new toys, knowledge, or gems.

Gnomes first invented the first non-magical steam engine 89 cycles ago, and the 90th anniversary is drawing near. Since then, they have managed to incorperate this finding into their society. Using these engines, the pioneered non-magical automation in mining and hauling. Within the last few year, they have begun mass producing "steam-legs" for their specialized military division. However, since this invention, they have begun to lose touch with their natural side, and elder gnomes are beginning to notice this in their younger generations that are tending towards science over magic.
-Lose "Speak with animals" spell-like ability, and gain "Heat Metal", 1 target.

-Dwarves, a race divided:

The dwarves inhabit the souther region of Grafschaft, as well as having some minor presence in Eastern Kentakonshia.

The Dwarves, are currently split into two factions: The Boulderbacks and the New Dwarven Revolutionaries (NDR). The Boulderbacks, in the east of Dwarven lands, is older dwarves, and they reject the new, unproven (In dwarf eyes) gunpowder tools and weapons. They are named after their leading clan. The NDR was founded a little over 150 cycles ago soon after Gunpowder materials were discovered in the Eastern Dwarven Mountains. The NDR members fully embrace the new technology, and are mostly younger dwarfs Both are on friendly terms with the Kingdom of Grafschaft were they reside, but they each follow their own racial leaders.

- Boulderbacks represent standard PHB dwarves.
- NDR dwarves lose their AC bonus against Giantkin, most Giants reside in the East, and many NDR westerners never see one. The practice of training against them has faded in these revolutionary dwarf's teachings. They also lose their stonecutting ability, and their +2 bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal. They gain +4 to Craft checks involving Explosives, and Endurance as a bonus feat. The NDR dwarves tend to live in shallower, blasted-out caves instead of complex networks like their conservative counterparts, so the art of stonecutting is slowly being lost to them. When NDR dwarves take Weapon Familiarity, it applies instead to the Exotic Explosives. They gain +1 damage when using all explosive Exotic weapons, and Grenade-like weapons. They also tend towards Neutrality a bit more than Lawful, unlike Traditional Dwarves, but Chaotic ones are still quite rare.

-Elves, reserved and aloof:

-Drow, Shadow-weavers undergoing revolution:

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Firearms, Prices are for regions outside of Geck(Based off of DMG, page 145):

Powder Pistol|250 gp|1d10|x3|50ft|3 lbs|Pierce
Revolving Pistol|400 gp|3d4|x2|30ft|3 lbs|Pierce
Powder Musket|350 gp|1d12|x3|110ft|10 lbs|Pierce
Bolt-action Rifle|900 gp|2d10| x2| 100ft|8 lbs|Pierce
Semi-Automatic Rifle|1300gp|2d8|x2|80ft|8 lbs|Pierce
2-barrell shotgun|1350gp|2d12|x2|20ft|7 lbs|Pierce
Firearm EquipmentPowder horn (20 uses)|50 gp|2lbs
Crude Bullet (20)|10gp|2 lb
Revolver Bullets (6)|20gp|1/2lb
Revolver Speedloader|30gp|-
Rifle Bullets (5)|25gp|1/2 lb
Rifle Scope|100gp|1lb
Shotgun shells (4)|20gp|1/4 lb
*Changes to the DMG's chart information are listed below*
Revolving Pistol: Can fire 6 rounds before needing to be reloaded. Full-round action to reload, unless a speedloader is used.
2-barrell Shotgun: This shotgun can be fired twice before it need reloading, a standard action. On any successful attack, a -1 penalty is applied to the damage roll for each range increment of the attack.
Revolver Speedloader: Allows 6 revolver bullets to be positoned in such a way that they can all be loaded at once. Reduces a revolver's reload time to a standard action. Loading a speedloader takes a full-round action.
Rifle Scope: A scope can be attached to any rifle, increasing range increment by 30ft, and granting a +5 attack bonus if used prone. Using a rifle with a scope in such a way is a full-round action.

Geck-made guns: Guns bought within the state of Geck are considered Masterwork without the normal additional cost. Masterwork firearms are not available to be crafted anywhere else. In any other region, the standard costs apply to masterwork firearms. Gecks keep the best made weapons for themselves. All Non-masterwork firearm equipment bought within Geck has it's price divided by half. Greater supply of these items lowers price.

Dwarven Blastpowder Weapons, Prices are for imported items:

{table]Weapon|Cost|Dmg|Critical|Range|Blast Radius|Weight|Type|Craft DC
Blast Tube|70 Gp|1d6*|X2|50Ft|*(See text)|8Lbs|Fire and Piercing|25
Rocket Tube|250 Gp|2d10|X2|60Ft|15 Ft|12 Lbs|Fire and Bludgeoning|35
Land Mine|100 Gp|1d10|x2|-|5 Ft|10 Ft|Slashing|20
Dwarven Hand Cannon| 600 Gp|1d12|x2|30Ft|-|15Lbs|Bludgeoning|50

Blast Tube: A Blast Tube is a semi-crude item that served as the basis for the larger Rocket Tube. The blast tube is a composite metal cylinder open on one end that has a special chamber in opposite the hole for storing and lighting blastpowder. It fires the following Explosive Weapons: Bomb Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Shrapnel bomb, and Poison Smoke Grenade. This allows the grenade to be use the Blast Tube's range increments, up to 10 Increments away. Reloading a grenade is a standard action, and the Blast Tube takes 2 hands to use. A Blast Tube can be fired with just gunpowder, doing 1d6 Dmg in a 10-ft line(Reflex save DC 15 for half-dmg). This line effect is not present when firing a grenade, the blast is consumed in the propulsion.

Rocket Tube: A Rocket Tube is the heavy-duty version of the Blast Tube. It is much longer, and is shoulder-mounted. This tube fires custom Rockets, self-propelled grenade-like shells. Rocket Tubes cannot fire standard Grenades. Re-loading a Rocket takes a Full-round action. Rocket Tubes take 2 Hands to use.

Land Mine: A mostly flat, metal container that is triggered by an amount of pressure exerted on it to explode. Usually used part of traps (Trap DC modifier soon?) and ambushes by defenders. Land Mines should not be used actively, they are designed to be set, then activated (Automatically 1d4 rounds later).

Dwarven Hand Cannon: This advanced Cannon, Rocket and Blast tube hybrid is used by some dwarven-explosive specialists to devastating effects. It has 3 barrels slightly shorter than the Rocket Tube's with handles to carry the cannons from the top. The Hand Cannon uses a flintlock trigger to ignite measured, small stores of blastpowder that propel a large, metal slug much like a solid cannonball with great force. The Cannon operator can load 3 slugs as a full-round action, or a single one as a standard. Anyone hit with a slug must make a DC 13 Relex save or fall prone. Success results in them staggering back 5 feet from the force of the impact. A dwarf's stability or having more than 2 legs makes you immune to the trip and the stagger.

*NOTE: All Firearms and Explosive weapons do not receive magical enchantments as well as the other, more primitive weapons, their max enchantment (Before epic) is +5

Explosive Weapons

{table]Weapon|Cost|Dmg|Range|Blast Radius|Weight|Type|Craft DC
Bomb Grenade |100 Gp|2d6|10 Ft|5Ft|1Lb|Fire|15
Smoke Grenade|45 Gp|-|15 Ft|20Ft|1Lb|-|15
Cluster Bomb|200 Gp|2d6|10 Ft|30 Ft| 3 Lbs|Fire|20
Shrapnel Bomb|50 Gp|1d6|10 Ft|5 Ft|1 Lb| Slashing|12
Poison Smoke Grenade|350 Gp|10 Ft|20 Ft| 2 Lbs| Special*|25
Dynamite|140 Gp|3d6|10 Ft|5 Ft|1 Lb|Bludgeoning|20

Bomb Grenade: As Bomb, DMG 145.

Smoke Grenade: As Smoke Grenade, DMG 146

Cluster Bomb: A package of small Bombs set up to scatter upon impact, then explode, covering a wide area.

Shrapnel Bomb: A Bomb filled with metal scraps that are propelled upon detonation. The most readily available Dwarven Explosive.

Poison Smoke Grenade: A Smoke Grenade filled with corrosive smoke instead, fills a 20 x 20 area with an effect equal to (Comeing soon :smallwink: )
Dynamite: As DMG 146.

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You are able to shoot firearms in each hand.
Prerequisite: Firearms proficiency, Dex 15
Benefit: This feat only applies to one-handed firearms. Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. This does not apply to melee attacks made with a firearm. You are also able to reload your firearms without a free hand, as long as both hands are holding one-handed firearms.
Normal: If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. When fighting in this way you suffer a -6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a -10 penalty to the attack with your off hand. If your off-hand weapon is light the penalties are reduced by 2 each. Reloading a firearm takes at least one free hand.
Special: A 2nd-level Geck Ranger who has chosen the duel-fire combat style is treated as having Duel-Fire, even if he does not have the prerequisite for it, but only when he is wearing light or no armor.

Improved Duel-fire

Greater Duel-fire

You are able to shoot your guns in any direction, with any hand easily.
Prerequisite: Duel-fire, Dex 16
Benefit: You are considered ambidexterous when shooting two one-handed firearms. Treat your off hand as another main hand when you use these weapons. This does not apply to melee attacks made with a firearm.

Cross shot
You spin and fire at multiple targets artfully, leaving your opponents wondering where you will hit next.
Prerequisite: Firearms proficiency, Dex 18, BAB +6
Benefit: You gain a cumulative +2 on damage rolls and -1 on attack rolls((Or AC?)) each time you switch targets during a full attack made with (a) firearm(s) weapon until the end of your turn, or until you attack the same target twice.

Steady shot
Your shots fired only get more accurate as you hit at the expense of rapid fire.
Prerequisite: Firearms proficiency, Dex 16, BAB +12
Benefit: You gain a cumulative +1 on attack rolls each time you hit a target after your first shot from (a) firearm(s) weapon. Using this feat reduces the total number of attacks per round by one. The one removed is at your lowest attack bonus.

Credits and Sources:

d20 Hyperlink SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/)

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2007-04-27, 01:48 PM
Why are there all those Human Races?
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Hmm... Lots of funny people eh?

Anyway, Yea, made that post at school, I'm actually going to start filling it up now.

Edit: I would like comments and critique, especially regarading balancing feats and items. Suggestions are nice too, and if you end up contributing significantly, I will most defenantly credit you within the posts.

2007-04-28, 07:47 PM
Why are there all those Human Races?
*Reserved For Future Questions*

I have always disliked the fact that human never (that I've seen) have sub-races, just becuse they are supposed to be so "Utilitarian". I hoped that by removing the skill point or the bonus feat, but not both, I kept that feeling of general-ness while still making somewhat specilized humans.

Anyway, I posted a few feats for my Geck and firearm people to use, and would like some feedback on balancing for them, as feats are usually one of the harder things to balance. Especialy the Cross Shot and Steady Shot feats. I purosly wanted them to be counter-active to each other, to reflect diffrent styles, but I'm not sure if the values are appropriate.

Grey Paladin
2007-04-29, 09:14 AM
The resistence to cold and fire is unbalanced against a skill point, I would suggest actually letting all humans have all the default stuff and one bonus ability, also, you should be aware that you are opening the door for massive racism in your campaign world as well as your players (regarding characters, of course)

Beside that, this seems more like a land then a setting, put more effort into it, the concept seems decent enough (unlike Ebboren and FR, Darksun&Planescape&Ravenloft Foreva!!1) but at the moment it seems like a generic D&D setting with some fluff and Steampunk thrown in, its just not different, original, or epic, enough to sway the attention from the other big players in the market.

You need to make your world stand out in some way, and decide whats your target audience.

2007-10-01, 11:08 PM
Really long delay, but I've been slowly updating recently this thread.

I just wanted to Address Grey Paladin's comment:
I think Humans are already too strong, alot, and I mean ALOT, of people play them. I'll admit, it's probably my favorite race overall, assuming I'm not trying for some specific build.

Also, since people will probably see this now that I'm re-posting, it's still FAR from done.

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Damn it, I read the thread title and was hoping for Loom.

I WILL find out the end of the saga of Bobbin Threadbare, even if I have to beat Orson Scott Card about the head and neck in order to do so.

Anyway, your setting--the dwarves--you mentioned giants mostly living in the east in New Dwarf Revolutionaries, then say that most easterners never meet them. Did you mean westerners, and therefore mean that the NDR live in the west?

Emperor for Xiotabe's section.

Also, you can bet that Xiotabe is going to be massively 'anglicized' by your players, as well as Kentekonshia. If you want them to use the names you pick, pick names people will use. The other names you're much less likely to find players abbreviating, but you might. I would, however, warn against using Apostropheland.

2007-10-02, 12:50 AM
Heh, Apostrophe land.

Yea, I know there is alot of Animosity towards that little punctuation. I know it can be overused, but I only wanted it for the continent name, not as a standard in naming conventions. I like the guttural sound of Bol'Pesh, and Bolpesh dosn't seem as much so. And Bol-Pesh? Worse.

I don't think Xiotabe is too bad, but yea, I know Kentakonshia is long. I might change it to something a little more manageable, but I've already written it down in alot of places. :smalleek:

Perhaps just Konshia...

Edit: I typed this up before I had a spelling correcter in my Browser, it's better now. Also, back when the boards supported Horizontal Rules (<HR>)

I think my guns are overpowered a bit, but they ARE supposed to be rare and such, any thoughts?

2007-10-02, 05:54 AM
Do you want balance for firearms, or are you shooting for that elusive goal of historical accuracy?