View Full Version : Is there a good winkel tripel based fantasy map maker?

2015-07-02, 04:29 PM
I've been struggling for a while to make a decent, believable world map for my setting, and among the problems I face are relative sizes and distances(helpful information to have when determining how long a journey is going to take, for example). I like having an accurate picture of what my setting looks like physically, because it helps in so many ways with world building.

I've tried using a regular flat grid, I've tried using AutoRealm(and ended up hating it for making the job so frustratingly difficult), so I'm wondering if there are better programs out there.

Features i'm looking for:
1. Uses the Winkel Tripel shape.
2. Lets you zoom into certain areas.
3. Easily prints onto standard copy paper.

(It occurs to me this post probably belongs in world building. Sorry about that.)