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2007-05-02, 11:51 AM
For the last several years, I've been using a fantastical version of Earth based (very) loosely on real-world geography and making use of historical sites and locations (It has virtually nothing in common with real world history, since I figure the presence of odd races, magic, etc would alter it such that it's unrecognizable anyway).

I thought I'd "post" some of it to see if anyone's interested and hear (read) what some of you think.

I put the word "post" in quotes, because I'm going to do something somewhat unorthodox and merely link to chunks I already have posted on my own site on the grounds that it would take up way too much space in this thread.

Here's what I've posted on this so far. (http://www.penguinsushi.com/index.php?page=Forum&thread=27)

I'm looking for general feedback here, but also suggestions and ideas for expanding it. I have quite a few thoughts that I haven't yet posted, but I know I haven't thought of nearly all the cool ideas and applications that could be crafted - and I probably won't.

I'm most interested in ideas for expanding and tweaking these entries (http://www.penguinsushi.com/index.php?page=Forum&thread=27#reply88) (Geography, Major Cities, Legendary Sites) and things along that line.

Note: As I've mentioned on another thread (somewhere): With regard to any game mechanics listed (particularly in the new races), I'm not overly concerned with what standard d&d would consider 'balanced', 'over-powered' or whatever. I'm more concerned with concept.


2007-05-14, 09:06 PM
It is a pity this didn't garner any responses, but it's not surprising. If you want people to respond you would be well advised to post directly into the Thread and limit what you post so it can be digested gradually. The Ages of Earth section, for instance, would have made a great starting point for discussion. Give it a couple of days (by which time it will likely have fallen to page 3) and then post the next section (either in the same Thread or start a new one). That's just my experience of how best to garner reponses from Forum goers.

2007-05-15, 06:08 AM
I really dig it.

In the "Age of the Cracked Earth", maybe this is where the continents shift apart? Plate tectonics are a lingering remnant of a curse?

The Netherlands: Be careful, the Dutch are cool :)

I think you are on to a great idea. One additional advantage of using Earth is realistic geography. I mean, come on now, D&D settings each have like, five forests, and five mountain ranges, and three deserts, and three swamps, and a jungle, and maybe same plains scattered here and there. And there are what, 20 cities and 30 villages in the whole world?

Real geography is much more complicated, and real population distributions as well. Provides a means to evade that issue.