View Full Version : Dread Necro + Fiend-Blooded (HoH)

2007-05-04, 09:09 PM
Do you think the DN + the FB prestige class would make a good build.

I think they augment their "wanna-be combatant" status by getting some nice ability bonuses (+1 Cha, +2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +1 AC), 5 more necromancy/enchantment/illusion/fire spells, DR, resistances, and a fiendish familiar (fiendish quasit/imp/ghostly visage by RAW?). It's a d4 prestige class but if you acquire the proper undead template, you might be able to get them as d12's.

As long as one can get their DM to allow Undead Mastery to stack by spellcasting level and not class level, I think it would make an adequate choice.