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2015-08-06, 08:35 PM
Across the many planes of the Multiverse, there is an almost universal love for games of chance that binds the gamblers of the planes. Dragon's Ante, poker, blackjack. Whatever the game is, there are those dedicated to learning to both sway and trick the bindings of luck to win their fortune. You have started honing your card-playing abilities to such a preternatural level that fate itself seems to start to bind to your will, and the cards you shuffle begin to glow with untold power.

Deal 'Em
Starting at 3rd level, you can use a deck of cards to grant your strikes mystic power. On the next successful attack you make within 3 rounds, the target is affected by Deal 'Em. Using a standard 54 card deck, draw 2 cards. The number/face determines the damage/extra effects of the strike, and the suit determines what typing the extra damage takes. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Dex modifier per long rest. The deck is not shuffled until you refresh this ability or you run out of cards.

Know When to Hold 'Em
Also at 3rd level, you gain a supernatural sense of how to play card games. You gain half again your proficiency bonus when using the Sleight of Hand, Deception, and Persuasion skills when playing card games of chance, such as poker or blackjack.

River King
Starting at 9th level, you draw an extra 2 cards when using "Deal 'Em". This allows more combinations to be made, as shown by the table.

Jack of All Trades
At 13th level, you now draw 5 cards when using "Deal 'Em", the maximum possible. Every combination of cards is available to you.

The One True Ace
By 17th level, your ability to manipulate fate has reached its peak. When using "Deal 'Em", after drawing 5 cards, you may replace up to 5 of those cards with new ones drawn from the deck. You may do this twice per short rest. In addition, your bonus to skills towards card games is now double your proficiency bonus.

Deal 'Em Rules
Card Suits - The highest card in the hand determines the type of damage dealt.

Spades - Necrotic
Clubs - Cold
Diamonds - Radiant
Hearts - Fire

Card Numbers/Faces - Damage numbers are added unless otherwise stated.

2 through 10 - Deals damage equal to the number on the card.
Jack - ???
Queen - ???
King - ???
Ace - ???
Joker - ???


Pair - Multiplies the damage of the pair by 1.5
Two Pair - Doubles the damage of both pairs
Three of a Kind - Triples the damage of the card.
Straight - ???
Flush - ???
Full House - ???
Four of a Kind - ???
Straight Flush - Automatic crit if the attack hits.
Royal Flush - Automatic crit and automatic hit.
Dead Man's Hand - No extra damage. Both you and the target make a DC 14 Con save or be reduced to 0 HP.

Alright, I know it's rough (half the cards and hands don't have values), but I think the concept I have could be really fun to play if fine-tuned.

2015-08-06, 11:33 PM
What about a card higher than a 10 deals either 1d10 damage, or doubles the damage of the other card, and having only cards higher than 10 counts as having all 10s?