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2015-08-10, 10:36 PM
Up front, please let me apologize for the wall of text. We are looking at starting a new game and giving all players an artifact of their choice. This is my idea for my own homebrew artifact; thank you all for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

This D&D Homebrew Artifact is based on Brent Week's Night Angel Trilogy.


Black Ka'kari (a.k.a. The Devourer):

It bestows upon the owner Immortality (at a price), Invisibility, rapid healing, and the ability to devour magic, wood, stone, basically anything, hence the pseudonym The Devourer, and can also be molded into almost any shape the wielder requires. The Black Ka'kari is a sentient substance; this substance was created by an unknown source(s) although, for reasons unknown, it is suspected that no less than seven of the most powerful sorcerers, wizards and witches of their era (at least a millennia ago) came together to create this sentient artifact. While the Black Ka'kari speaks to its hosts, it has never revealed much of anything about its past.

The Black Ka'kari will only attune to a player whose personality, ideals, bonds or flaws indicate that the player has the innate ability to care deeply about others, those with true apathy need not apply. During the attuning process, the host's magical ability is devoured; from that moment forward the host will forever be mundane and have no access to magic (no feats, abilities or level bonuses can reverse this effect). The Black Ka'kari must attune to the player (not the other way around); afterwards, the player can either chose to absorb the Black Ka'kari into their body or the player may cover a silver sword with the Black Ka'kari; absorption and excretion take 5min each. However, the absorption/excretion action may only be taken once per long rest. Once attuned, the player and Black Ka'kari can speak telepathically across any distance.

If the player has the Black Ka'kari absorbed, certain passive abilities are endowed due to the nature of The Devourer:
- Immunity to the lasting effects of poison (including drugs/alcohol), necrotic and acid--excludes initial damage taken.
- Increased stealthiness in any environment (equivalent to Rogue's Expertise in Stealth).
- Functions same as "Second Wind"; if player has this ability and the Black Ka'kari, the player adds +5 to Second Wind's effect.

The following are the passive abilities available to the player when the Black Ka'kari is coating the player's silver weapon
- Weapon gains +3DAM but loses "silver" property (silver property regained when the Black Ka'kari is reabsorbed)
- Weapon gains "shield (AC +2 to mundane & AC +4 to magical)"
- Weapon inflicts bleeding 2d6 damage

If in the player's body, the Black Ka'kari has access to the following abilities (may both be used, or one used twice one Long Rest will refresh uses)
--player must pass Charisma 5 DC before either ability can be accessed, failing this DC means both uses are gone until 1 Long Rest
- Invisibility for 30min (can be used incrementally); when time limit is up there will be an audible ***POP***
- Black Ka'kari pools into player's eyes, revealing black orbs light from within with a blue fire (Combat/non-combat Intimidation bonus):
- If target is an 'evil' creature, must pass DC save of 20 INT otherwise, they are frightened
- If target is other than 'evil' creature, must pass DC save of 13, otherwise they are frightened
- Frightened state (if successful) has two outcomes at the player's discretion: creature runs away screaming loudly or creature is immobilized with fear for 5min

If not in the player's body it usually is 'stored' on the player's weapon, the Black Ka'kari will actively devour anything that is not silver (even magic spells). Both abilities may be used or one may be used twice 1 Long Rest will refresh uses:
- If on the player's weapon, the Black Ka'kari will eat through anything the player allows; the time it takes is up to the DM. However, this action is stealthy and undetectable (undetectability does not include party members, only the PC whom the Black Ka'kari is attuned to).
- If the player does not want to store the Black Ka'kari on a silver weapon, the player may create weapons out of the Black Ka'kari. Weapons made cannot be thrown or even dropped. Weapons made have the same properties as their mundane counterparts. Weapons made have +5DAM but always inflict 2d6 necrotic damage.

Epic Ability:
- If the player dies and remains dead for more than 72hrs and unless the Black Ka'kari attunes itself to another player character, the player is automatically revived in a remote location within 2 miles of the player's body. The cost to this immortality is that one NPC whom the player holds dear will die in their stead. Finally, upon revival, the player has lost 5 levels but retains all skills, attributes and abilities.

2015-08-10, 10:40 PM
Wouldn't Detect Evil work better for the Black Ka'kari then Detect "Underdark"?

2015-08-10, 10:47 PM
Wouldn't Detect Evil work better for the Black Ka'kari then Detect "Underdark"?

Awesome idea, thank you! I'll edit the description straight away. Thanks! :smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin:

2015-08-11, 09:25 PM
Thanks 'anonymous' your idea about the revival/ & oss of levels is great. Now if a magic user (say a wizard) accidentally bonds with the Black Ka'kari, he/she will be able to effectively reclass somewhat. Great idea to not allow the unfortunate magic user to simply "reset all skills" or worse make the DM be the bad guy...