View Full Version : Funny DnD Stories from the Players

2015-09-02, 05:33 PM
Here's one.

My group is the following:
Balazar, dragonborn barbarian.
Epoh On, tiefling assassin rogue,
Ie Rake, dumb human fighter.
Suuni, half elf monk,
Chady, dwarf cleric.
Lord Roy Whitecottage, half elf wizard

(FLASHBACK: The group is in a castle filled with kobolds and lizardmen. They found a room with a trapdoor in the ceiling...)

DM: Ok, the trapdoor has chalk writing on it. "Beware, do not open! Undead inside!

Balazar: Let's open it!
Ie: Sounds good!
Suuni: Uummm...
Chady: Don't worry! It'll work out.
Roy: Um, ok, i guess if you guys are...
Epoh: Um... I don't think-

Ie: Too bad! I open it!
DM: (evil look on face) Heh heh. Ok. Do you climb into the room?
Suuni: OK. Sure.
DM: Ok, you see what must be a library. There are three see through librarians in there. UNDEAD librarians.
Heh heh.
Suuni: Knew it!

Any way, the cleric casts Daylight on the librarians and they float away and turn basically everything undead. We abandoned that place, and found a teleport. Phew.