View Full Version : New half-dragons [Template]

2007-05-11, 12:16 PM
What they are:
They came from a diferent campaign setting (TORMENTA), but this is a homebrew version.

Half-Dragons are a acquired template only applicable on humanoid creatures.
Alignment: as base-creature
Abilities: +2 on all stats
Size: as base-creature
Type: dragon in additon of current type
HD: as base-creature
AC: natural armor improves by +2.
Speed: as base-creature
Base Attack: as base-creature
Attacks: as base-creature
Damage: as base-creature
Bonus Feats: Great Fortitute, Endurance, Tougness*2, Persuasive, Athletic
Saves: as base-creature
Skills: inherent bonus of +2 on all skill checks
Special Attacks: as base-creature
Special Qualities: Immunity to element [Ex], Magical Afinity
Environment: As base-creature.
Organization: Any.
Challenge Rating: As base-creature +3
Treasure: As base-creature.
Advancement: As base-creature.
Level Adjustment: +3

Immunity to element [Ex]: they are immune to one of these attacks: fire/cold/sonic/acid/eletricidy depending of his dragon eritage.

Magical Afinity: they get sorcerer in addition of their normal favored class for purposes of multiclassing XP penalties. They also get one more spell per day when they level up in addition of having high Charisma score.