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Quote of Some Kind by a member of the class!

Elan are, as a race, the result of the human quest for perfection. They are selected from the qualities their elders determine as the best and infused with psychic energy to repair and preserve their form granting them that which humanity desires the most immortality. Even among these chosen elites there are those who epitomize what it is to be Elan. Some perhaps simply took more naturally to the ritual of transformation, their psionic vitality reaching down longer tap roots into reality, others represent that ambition and drive to seek perfection, which pushes them now to perfect what the ritual left imperfect. Regardless Elan Exemplars are those Elan which take the natural abilities of their kind to a further level, pushing the limits on what they can, and cannot, do. They are filled to the brim with life, hard to extinguish, and able to adapt to a variety of tasks with the use of their psionic energies.

They are not psionicists, however. Elan Exemplars turn their psionic powers inwards not into the form of psionics. While they gain a breadth of power in this regard they are less psionicists than even Psychic Warriors. Instead they merely reinforce what they already are, mind and body blending into one whole.

Any elan can in theory become an elan exemplar; there is no single path to it. While many trained their psychic powers as psions or even psychic warriors this is far from a universal truth. Some were warriors, thieves, priests, or even mages before turning to their own personal self-perfection. While psions have the largest pre-existing reserves of psionic powers for an Exemplar to draw upon, the martial skill and fury of a barbarian may make just as good of a basis for their talents, as too might the adaptive skill of a factotum or the guile of a rogue. Some Exemplars are born, something about them reacting with the ritual which made them to make there natural powers grow and extend beyond the normal boundaries of an elan. Others are made through a pursuit of self-perfection. Ascetics, sages, spokesmen, and warriors all seek to become the pinnacle at times and in an Elan Exemplar some elans find that perfection.

Race: Elan
BAB: +3
Base Saves: Any one +4, all at least +1.
Skills: Autohypnosis 4 ranks, Concentration 4 ranks.
Feats: Any Elan Racial Feat (see Complete Psionic pages 51 and 52).

Class Skills
The Elan Exemplar's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (any; each taken individually) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (n/a), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex) Use Psionic Device (Cha), and Use Rope (Dex).
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

Hit Dice: d10

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialPower Points
+2Heightened Resiliency I, Racial Feat, Sustenance
6 (+6)
+3Elan Aptitude, Greater Elan Retainment
14 (+8)
+3Absorb Energy, Elan Weapon Talent, Recuperation
24 (+10)
+4Absolute Resilience, Psionic Battle Skill
36 (+12)
+4Bolstered Speed, Heightened Resiliency II, Tireless
50 (+14)
+5Improved Recuperation, Resist Psychic
67 (+17)
+5Perfected Physique, Superior Resistance
86 (+19)
+6Improved Psionic Aptitude, True Retainment
107 (+21)
+6Psychokinetic Blows, True Recuperation
130 (+23)
+7Heightened Resiliency III, Mystic Resilience, Superior Template
155 (+25)

Weapon Proficiencies: An Elan Exemplar gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Power Points: An Elan Exemplar does not gain psionic powers or manifester level in any class, however they do gain a Psionic Power Point progression as shown above (the number in parenthesis is the number of power points gained at that individual level). This column shows the total power points gained from levels in Elan Exemplar before bonus power points. An Elan Exemplar gains bonus power points based off of their class level and Wisdom score if it is 12 or higher (see XPH for table).

Heightened Resiliency (Su): Whenever an Elan Exemplar would take damage their psionic powers dampen the blow somewhat. Whenever an Elan Exemplar would take damage it is reduced by 2; this reduction is applied to any type of hit point damage whether weapon, spell, energy, or otherwise and abilities to overcome damage reduction do not apply against this ability. Beginning at 5th level this ability improves to reduce damage by 4, and at 10th it reduces damage by 6.

Elan Retainment: An Elan Exemplar is a paragon example of the elan species and they gain Elan Retainment (Complete Psionics page 52) as a bonus feat. If they already have it they may select any 1 elan racial feat (see Complete Psionics page 51 for some) that they meet the prerequisites for as a bonus feat.

Sustenance (Su): An Elan Exemplar's psionic powers sustain them. They no longer need to pay power points to use their Repletion ability.

Elan Aptitude (Su): An Elan Exemplar is a being of excellence and adaptability, able to use their psionic powers to augment them in a variety of mundane acts. Beginning at 2nd level an Elan Exemplar may spend 1 or more power points as part of making a skill check. They may treat themselves as having additional ranks in that skill equal to the power points spent. These effective ranks can only increase their total ranks in that skill up to their Character Level +4 (so if a psion 5/elan exemplar 2 has 10 ranks in Concentration they can only benefit from 1 power point spent on it, but could benefit from 11 spent on Spot which they have 0 ranks in). An Elan may use this ability on a skill check that they have no actual ranks in, but may not use this ability to make trained only skill checks in untrained skills.

Greater Elan Retainment (Su): An Elan Exemplar finds it easier to maintain their psionic focus. Beginning at 2nd level an Elan Exemplar may use the benefit gained from the Elan Retainment feat any number of times each day (instead of the 1/day described in the feat).

Absorb Energy (Su): An Elan Exemplar can absorb a portion of psionic energy which is turned against them adding it to their own reserve. Whenever a 3rd level or higher Elan Exemplar successfully saves against a psionic power or psi-like ability which is save negates (including a save for half/partial with mettle or evasion) they gain 1 power point + 1 power point per 3 spent on the effect. This may not put an Elan Exemplar's power point reserve above its starting capacity. This ability does not trigger from Spells or Spell-like ability despite Magic-Psionics Transparency.

Elan Weapon Talent (Su): When an Elan Exemplar is given a strange weapon they can extend their psychic life force into the weapon learning its balance and use in moments. Beginning at 3rd level whenever an Elan Exemplar is wielding a weapon they are not proficient in they may spend 1 power point to gain proficiency with it for 1 minute. This proficiency only extends to that specific weapon not other weapons of its type (i.e. that spiked chain, but not all spiked chains).

Recuperation (Su): An Elan Exemplar's psionic vitality constantly functions to mend their body in the presence of grievous wounds. Beginning at 3rd level they gain Fast Healing 1 when at half or less health. At 6th level this improves to Fast Healing 3 when at less than half health, and at 9th level this improves to Fast Healing 6 at less than half health and Fast Healing 3 up to full health.

Absolute Resilience (Su): An Elan Exemplar is able to draw out more protection from less energy. Beginning at 4th level an Elan Exemplar which uses their racial Resilience power reduces damage they receive by an additional 2 points per power point spent (4 per power point, or 6 per power point with the Enhanced Elan Resilience feat) for the first class level worth of power points spent this way.

Psionic Battle Skill (Su): An Elan Exemplar can call upon their psionic powers to push their mind into an adrenaline induced overdrive. Beginning at 4th level an Elan Exemplar may pay 1 or more power points as a free action to increase their Base Attack Bonus for 1 round by an amount equal to the power points spent. An Elan Exemplar gains additional attacks as normal for high BAB granted by this ability, and if used to raise their BAB (sans Epic Attack Bonus) to 21 or higher gains a fifth attack at -20. An Elan Exemplar cannot raise their BAB to higher than their character level +1 with this ability or higher than +21; this is before Epic Attack Bonus (if any) is applied.

Bolstered Speed (Su): An Elan Exemplar can boost their body into superhuman levels of speed when necessary. Beginning at 5th level an Elan Exemplar can spend up to their class level in power points as a free action to gain an enhancement bonus to their base land speed for one round. This bonus is +10-ft plus another 10-ft per 2 power points beyond the first spent.

Tireless (Su): An Elan Exemplar is sustained by their psychic might. Beginning at 5th level an Elan Exemplar never needs to trance and gains a +4 bonus on saves against effects which induce sleep or unconsciousness; they still must rest for to regain spells or psionic power points as normal. In addition they may spend 1 power point per hour of forced march or hustle past the first in the day to perform it without any penalty, and may spend 2 power points to instantly end the fatigued condition or 6 to instantly end the exhausted condition.

Psychic Resilience (Su): An Elan Exemplar can guide the essence of a psychic attack to restore their own power instead of harm them. Beginning at 6th level an Elan Exemplar gains Mettle and Evasion against Psionic powers and Psi-like Abilities as long as they are psionically focused. This benefit does not extend to Spells and Spell-like Abilities even if Magic-Psionics Transparency is in effect.

Perfected Physique (Su): An Elan Exemplar can channel psionic power through their body to reinforce it temporarily. Beginning at 7th level a elan exemplar, by spending 1 power point as a swift or standard action, can grant themselves a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution for 1 minute. By spending 3 this bonus is increased to +4. By spending 7 it becomes +6, and by spending 11 it becomes +8.

Superior Resistance (Su): An Elan Exemplar's abilities do not merely passively augment their ability to survive harm but their ability to actively direct their psionic power to their defense improves as well. Beginning at 7th level when an Elan Exemplar uses their racial Resistance ability they may pay additional power points (up to their class level) if they do the racial bonus to saving throws is increased by 1 (over the norm for their ability) per additional power point spent.

Improved Elan Aptitude (Su): Beginning at 8th level an Elan Exemplar gains 2 effective ranks in a skill per power point spent as part of Elan Aptitude. In addition they can raise a skill ranks to an effective total of their character level +9 instead of +4, and can use this ability to make trained only skill checks untrained through adding 1 or more effective skill ranks.

True Retainment (Su): Beginning at 8th level an Elan Exemplar can use their Elan Retainment feat without spending power points (i.e. whenever they spend their psionic focus they can spend an immediate action to keep it).

Psychokinetic Blows (Su): An Elan Exemplar learns to channel their psychic power through their weapons giving them a harder hitting power. Beginning at 9th level an Elan Exemplar may 1/round spend up to their class level in power points to empower their weapon. All attacks made by them with that weapon for 1 round gain +1d6 damage per 2 power points spent.

Mystic Resistance (Su): An Elan Exemplar learns to divert magic almost as if it were psionic power. As long as a 10th level Elan Exemplar has their psionic focus they gain Evasion and Mettle against Spells and Spell-like Abilities.

Superior Template (Su): An Elan Exemplar is the pinnacle of their kind, the ultimate expression of the ritual that created them. Beginning at 10th level an Elan Exemplar gains immunity to disease and death effects. They may use their racial Resilience ability as a free action usable outside of their turn instead of as an immediate action, and may spend 1 power point as a swift action to get rid of 1 negative level they are suffering. Finally an Elan Exemplar with this ability is true breeding and any child they have with a human or another elan will be an elan not a human; this trait is not passed on to these children however.

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NPC Reaction
To those who do not know about elans and Elan Exemplar is most likely to resemble some sort of monk as the two share a pursuit of self-perfection. Reactions will vary based upon what the elan does with their skills. They can emulate a warrior or rogue well enough to play at being one of those typically. Among elans an Elan Exemplar is typically respected. Even if a psion may have more power to warp and reshape the world an Elan Exemplar represents the start of something that may propel their whole race further.

Elan Exemplars are for the most part defensive. They can absorb damage (eventually turning 1 PP into 4 or 6 HP whenever needed), heal off what they don't absorb (fast healing at half health eventually becoming up to full health), and pump their saves (up to +24 or +26 at 10th level). Their offensive capabilities are limited to turning power points into a capped bonus to skills and to a capped bonus to attack which can allow them to keep up but never truly surpass those who focus in those fields. With short adventuring days they are jacks of all trades with the potential to absorb massive amounts of damage, with long ones they will eventually flag and be forced to choose between sinking damage and offensive capabilities.
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