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2007-05-20, 11:38 AM
This is an alternate spell casting system i came up with and i would like your impressions.

How Casting Works
1) Select a spell you can cast.
2) You cast the spell as an action indicated by the spells description,
3) You make a caster check with a DC equal to the amount of magical strain you have accumulated.
4) The spell is successfully regardless of the result.
5) For each point you fail the check by the save DC for spell is reduced by one and you take a point of damage as the strain of casting gets too much for you.
6) After the spell is cast add a number of points to your Magical strain equal to the level of the spell cast.
(e.g. You attempt to cast fireball, you have accumulated 13 Magical strain so the dc is 13, You roll a 6 +3 for int for a total of 9, you fail the check by 4 points, the DC for your fireball wound be 12, 10 +3 for the spell +3 Ability modifier -4 for failing the check, and you would take 4 points of damage).

Your spell strain resets to zero if you get a good 8 hours rest.
The is no upper limit for how many spells per day you can cast and you can continue to push it as long as your heath points hold out.

Spells known

Bard - As per the bard class table

Cleric - A cleric knows a number of spell from he cleric list equal to their class level plus any bonus spells for a high Wisdom score, they also know spells from there domains and Either Cure or Harm spells for there alignment.

Druid - A Druid know a number of spells from the Druid spell lists equal to their class level plus any bonus spells for a high Wisdom modifier. They also know the summon natures Allie spells.

Paladin - at 4th level a paladin knows a number of spells from the paladin spell list equal to half their class level plus any bonus spells for a high wisdom score.

Wizard - A wizard knows a number of spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell lists equal to their class level plus any bonus spells for a high Intelligence score + 1 spell per spell level chosen from their specialist school. These spells are recorded in their spell book which is read when casting.

Sorcerer - As per the Sorcerer class table.

Prepared spells
A Wizard and a Cleric may prepare one spell for each spell level they can cast from there School/Domains, These spell do not add to their Spell strain, though a caster check is still made for any strain accumulated that day.

May add +4 to there casted level checks for spell stain.

New feat

Enduring caster
Able to cast spells of 1st level or higher
You may add +2 to any caster level check for spell stain.

2007-05-24, 01:28 PM
Seems to me that this is just a flavour mechanic. It doesn't really address the most significant Spell Casting problems (overpowerful Spells, complete reset after eight hours sleep). As it goes, it seems okay balance wise.