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2007-05-21, 10:14 AM

A paleness about the skin and an eerie crusing feeling is all that immediately gives away the indication that someone is a Groakshadow. By some, it is considered a blessing, a route to immortality, to others, it is a curse that leaves them in eternal solitude an mysery. A groakshadow is like a black hole of life. Everything around a Groakshadow withers and dies, a stroll through a beautiful forest leaves a trail of dead twisted trees, blackened grass and animal carcasses while the groakshadow can only get stronger.

A groakshadow is created by one of two methods, The first is by pure hate, evil and a complete and total contempt for all life. The second is a rarely known, and powerful curse, a curse so obscure and powerful that nothing short of a wish or a miracle can remove it.

Size and Type
The creature's type changes to outsider(augmented with base type). Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves or skill points. Size is unchanged

Special Attacks
A groakshadow can cast "Vampiric Touch" as a spell like ability once every 1d4 rounds with caster level equal to his HD/2.

Special Qualities
A groakshadow retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

Life Sink(Su)

At the heart of the groakshadow's power and curse is the life sink. The groakshadow is a well that pulls in life energy and will never let it out.

Every round, Every living thing within range 5ft/2levels takes an amount negative energy damage equal to (1/2 the groakshadow's hit dice) -1 per 5 ft away from the groakshadow.

for every hit point taken in this manner in a round, the groakshadow gains half that number of hit points (a quater for plant material)

It is assumed that most small plants will have less than a single hit point, so, although they die, there is no gain, large trees however may provide a small amount of sustinance.

A groakshadow has no way of controlling this quality. It is always active, when he fights, when he walks, when he sleeps, even when unconsious until he dies.

Always Solitary

Challenge Rating
Base Creature +1 (+1 per 5HD)

Double standard.

Usually Chaotic Evil


By character class.

Level Adjustment
+3 ??


Comments and help with the question marks (and probably the name) would be appreciated

2007-05-21, 10:28 AM
I feel sorry for the CG Groakshadows...

"I want a hug!"
"Get away, foul demon!"

So, alignment should be Usually Evil, rather than Any. This won't eliminate Good Groakshadows, but it'll reduce their number considerably. Considering their ties to negative energy, Evil is a common trait.

What's the Caster Level for Vampiric Touch?

I'd say no LA, considering a PC would be nearly impossible with this, as any allies he has (other than undead), would have to stay at least 5 ft away from him, which increases every other level. +3 if you really want one, I think.

CR +1, I think. Maybe dependent on HD, due to increasing Aura, though.

2007-05-21, 10:43 AM
Actually, I was toying with an idea to have a cursed woman who can't see her lover as she would kill him. I was also thinking about am evil insane sorcerer, so that's why I put any... I'll go for Usually Evil.

2007-05-21, 12:48 PM
Is this based off of the 'Moomin' series by Tove Janson (I think that is the right spelling) or is there an underlying myth to that that both you interpritation and Mr. Janson's pull from?

Because I kinda prefer the Groke as a unique para-elemental of cold... not that you can't have both of course, even in the same campaign...

2007-05-21, 01:12 PM
I did kind of start off this idea when thinking about it, however I kept changing the idea until it became something else. I prefer the idea of negative energy relating to the feeling I want to create from THIS, which although inspired by the Groke, is a separate being entirely. (Partly why I also want name suggestions)

Oh, and it's Tove Jansson, who is (was) incidentally female (and gay).

More comments please I want to refine it more... help with some more fluff would be nice too.

2007-05-21, 01:16 PM
I never post on this board because I have no imagination with which to homebrew things, but as a Tove Jansson obsessive I'd just like to say that she was female.
Though you could have been referring to her brother, Lars Jansson.
I'll go away now.

2007-05-21, 01:23 PM
I am corrected on the gender of the Jansson.