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2007-05-22, 02:53 AM
I have created a race for my D&D campaign that my friends play (though none of which chose ot use it but that is cool). I just want to get some feed back on what you think about the race I created.

So here it is back story, stats and all:


Diamond (white) 5% resists all elements
Rarity: rare
Full round action: Has ability to Heal: 1/day/2lvls: heal for 1d8 points of dmg/2lvls up to 4d8 points of healing; in 20ft radius. Does 1d8dmg to undead same standards

Ruby (red) immune fire
Rarity: Common
Full round action: Has ability to immolate: 1/day/2lvls; dealing 1d6 fire dmg/2lvls up to 5d6 in 20ft radius

Emerald (green) immune poison
Rarity: Common
Full round action: Has ability to Gas Cloud: 1/day/2lvls; dealing 2d4 poison dmg/2 lvls up to 6d4 in 20ft radius

Amethyst (purple) Will Increase +6
Rarity: Uncommon
Full round action: Has ability to Mind Shock: 1/day/2lvls; dealing 1d8 arcane dmg/2lvls up to 3d8 in 20ft radius

Topaz (yellow) immune lightning
Rarity: Common
Full round Action: Has ability to Over charge:1/day/2lvls; dealing 1d10 electric dmg/2lvls up to 2d10 in 20ft radius

Sapphire (blue) immune cold
Rarity: Common
Full Round Action: Has ability to Frost bite: 1/day/2lvls; dealing 1d4 cold dmg/2lvls up to 4d4 in 20ft radius 10% chance to cause opponent to lose 1d4 ac for characters rounds/character lvl

Jet (black) 5% chance to reduce dmg taken by half
Rarity: Rare
Full round action: Has ability Dark Heart: 1/day/2lvls; deals 2d6dmg untyped/2lvls up to 4d6 dmg; 10%chance to heal self half dmg dealt

All Gemsouls:
Feed off minerals in the earth
Don’t need to drink
They Do Sleep
Favor weapons made from gems
Favor armor made from gems
Gemsouls do not have a preferred class, they are wide in variety and all classes are welcomed to their society.
Gain: gain a +1 to 3 of your stats then gain -1 to the other 3
Gain: +2 survival, +4 craft (when making a gem item) they prefer gem made items and there for have become great crafters in armor and weapons made from gems, +4 sense motive because of there lack of trust in others they have become adapted to knowing if someone is hiding what they really intend on doing.
Gemsouls can be up to 3 colors: if done then they lose immunities to their main color and gain percentage. Example a gemsoul of two colors would get 30% chance to resist their element type rather than immunity. Such as a Sapphire and Ruby Gemsoul would gain 30% chance to resist fire and 30% chance to resist cold. A gemsoul can only retain one of the special abilities from one of the types not both. Like wise a gemsoul of three colors would gain 10% chance to resist each element of the chosen colors and again you can chose only 1 of the 3 abilities. White gemsouls and Black gemsouls cannot mix they are only their color.
Gain: 1per/day 10% chance to find a gem in 40ft radius worth up to 100g
Languages: Common, Gemsoul (an array of blinking there colors; only gemsouls know this language). They can learn the language of races that they would normally be around: Elves, Humans, Orcs, Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves, Knolls, Draconic.
A gemsoul can not be healed with spells or potions. (The only exception is with white gemsoul ability) They can only heal hp by eating gems of there type worth 50g it acts like a heal potion 1d8 heal potion.
Gemsouls wear armor made from gems. If any other armor is worn it will harm there bodies. Scraping and scratching it.
Gemsouls use weapons made from gems. If any other weapon is used it will receive a penalty -1 penalty for light, and an additional -1 penalty for every weapon category higher
Gemsouls fear Dragons.
They have good knowledge of stone, minerals, ore, and earthen elements like that of a dwarf.


Gemsouls have no gender
They procreate through soul harvesting with incubators that store gems. The incubator captures a soul then stores it in a gem. The gem then begins to grow. This is also done with magic to create the specific gems. Ordinary gems will not do. The gem takes only about 1 day to reach maturity. Then it can think and move as a sentient being.
Gemsouls vary in height and weight, depending on the gem color and the soul harvested.
The duller the color the older the gemsoul is, and the brighter the younger.
They do appear to be constructs made of gems.
Each gemsoul has its own body design
An emerald gemsoul has two large spikes growing out of its shoulders like shoulder armor. And has a gem fin along its back like a fish. It stands 5’6’’ weighs 200 pounds. It has clawed hands instead of rounded hands. And it has spines all on its chest.
Some gemsouls actually mimic the look of the soul that was harvested.

Background of the race:

Gemsouls are an accidental sentient construct type humanoid. A powerful mage tried to create an army out of them, using souls of fallen soldiers and adventurers. But he wanted to limit the sentience; he failed miserably and allowed too much sentience. They began to learn and in time they rebelled, knowing he was going to use them for evil purposes, and became a race of there own. Now these gemsouls are of a neutral nature. They tend to be peaceful unless provoked. They have no natural deity that they worship, although some tend to take on traits of other races near them; mostly Elves, Humans, Orcs, Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves, Knolls, etc… A gemsoul society tends to view outsiders as threatening, though they may sometimes make friends with some outside their own kind, it is rare. The ones that decide to leave their society tend to join adventuring groups. They do not have many natural skills, only the skills they gained from the souls harvested. They survive off the land and do not need much to sustain themselves. Gemsouls reproduce through some magic, but mostly they have the ability to harvest souls, and gain some basic skills from them a gemsoul once its born can not harvest a soul. They use a special incubator that collects souls and stores them in gems of a random color. A gemsoul can be born within minutes, but their life span is not known. The oldest known to live was 351 years old but was killed unnaturally. Most gemsouls do not trust other races because a gemsouls body is worth much money. If not careful gemsouls disappear and are harvested they are chopped, chipped and used to make jewelry. White Gemsouls are the good side they have harvested a good soul. Black gemsouls are the evil side they are gemsouls who have harvested a corrupt soul. Thus are instantly out cast. They are not destroyed because in a gemsouls culture they will avoid harming another gemsoul if at all possible. A gemsouls color directly resembles a natural element; such as fire, cold, poison, electricity, arcane. Some times a gemsoul has a mix usually no more than 3 different elements. The colors show the resistance to that element and the kind of natural power a gemsoul has of that element. These mixed colors are pretty uncommon. Dragons usually love to keep watchful eye on a gemsoul society. They claim gemsouls are a part of there treasure and will protect them; not for the gemsouls but for their own greed.

2007-05-22, 02:57 AM
Right now its a Bit of an Eyesore.

First off, it doesn't seem to be in proper format. Use the Setup described in the homebrew thread thats stickied. Second, space out the abilities to look nicer.

Also, for different Gem types, do this. Under special Qualities, put "Gem attributes" then at the end, put what different types of Gemsouls have what abilities.

Sorry, but as it is, its far to annoying to read.

2007-05-22, 05:40 AM
I second Corncracker's advice.

There are some points that need clarification:

Do they heal by normal rest? If not, then I would lower the gemstone price for the healing gems
What is their land speed? You say "it can think and move as a sentient being" but at what land speed?
You say they "fear dragons"; what does this mean in-game?
Similarly you say "They have good knowledge of stone, minerals, ore, and earthen elements like that of a dwarf"- is this equivalent to all of the Dwarven abilities surrounding stone and earth, Intuit Depth, Stonecutting etc, or only some?

Because of the lack of formatting I haven't been able to get an accuarate idea of what each Gemsoul does, but overall they seem overpowered- Level adjustment +1 or +2 overpowered.

I would reccomend:

Better formatting. Bulleted and/or numbered lists are easy.
Split them up explicity by colour
Definitley change the "+1 to 3 stats, -1 to 3 stats" thing. At the least, make it +2/-2, as this is more balanced (it always means an increase in modifier of +1/-1, regardless of the initial stat). Better still, specify what stats they apply to, because a race should have a general leaning to certain attributes becuase that is really what being the same race means. If you wish, split it as per the colour of the gem.

I hope this helps.

2007-05-22, 07:22 AM
Elemental resistance isn't a percentage in third edition it's a flat value that's deducted.

2007-06-03, 09:00 AM
Maybe "Fears Dragons" means a penalty to saving throw against dragon fear?

2007-06-09, 06:26 PM
I agree that this is difficult to read, and sofar I have only read the stuff which is obviously crunch. But I like the look of this race and i may take it and twist it to fit my campaign. Also i would like to second all of Hazkali's proposals. appart from that this is a good idea

2007-06-09, 11:58 PM
Hmm, a bit more fluff and detail would be nice, but I love the idea, so i'm using it for my world

2007-06-26, 09:01 AM
yes its a bit of a eye soar i still realize that but its only work in progress
i actually have the full race completed as of now so if you want the full and revised completed stats of them then let me know. and i am happy you guys like them enough to use in a campaign of yours. i have yet to use them becuase i have been trying to work with them making them a balanced race i stil lrealize that they have powers that are still quite overpowered. there is also another part to them that i had not mentioned

2007-06-26, 09:27 AM
Just a little bit of advice, ad the tag [PEACH] to the title of anything you want people to review. And as the others said, get it organized.

Duke of URL
2007-06-26, 09:41 AM
Gemsouls do not have a preferred class, they are wide in variety and all classes are welcomed to their society.
This wording would suggest an XP penalty for any pair of classes that differ by more than one level. Do you mean this, or did you mean to make them like Humans and Half-Elves, where their highest-level class is the "favored" class?

2007-06-29, 03:46 AM
Because of how there history goes they can be any class without penalties like that of a human. basically when they are created they harvest a soul. and they become the lvl class of what ever that soul was. if a fighter dies his soul gets caught by a special magical device and is placed in a gemsoul, which in turn allows the gemsoul to become that class. eventually they can cross class be physically learning how. but there initial class would be there favored class. does this make sense?