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2007-05-22, 10:48 AM
Magesworn Elf:
Elves are rarely content to sit still, unless it is to pore over some
forgotten tome or listen to ancient secrets. Their eyes shift
constantly and they drum their fingers rapidly when idle. They have
little use for casual conversation and frown in irritation when
engaged thusly, however, they rarely dismiss the offender, because
there is always the chance that they will say something useful.
Physical Description
Elves are short and slim, standing about 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 feet tall and
typically weighing 95 to 135 pounds, with the elf men the same height
and only marginally heavier that the elf women. Elves have lost much
of their grace over the centuries and move in a fidgety, halting
fasion. Elves almost never grow facial hair, but it has been known to
happen from time to time. Their hair ranges from blue-black to copper
and blonde, and their eyes tend to be dark, often brown or black. They
clothe themselves in decadent finerey whenever it is available, as
though to offset their newfound mortality. Elves age at the same rate
as half-elves in the PHB. As elves are mortal, they too must sleep
like the other races.
Elves try to make as many friends as possible, but only to gain
information, not for companionship, which often causes the elves to
alienate most people, especially those that the elves consider
barbaric, such as their wood elf cousins and the ghul. Most elves find
the caverns of the dwarves stifling and dirty, but are more than
willing to suck it up in order to get at the dwarves vast subteranian
libraries. While humans rarely share the elves obsession with
knowledge, they nonetheless make wonderful studying partners as they
have the most contact with the other races.
The elves obsession with knowledge has often led them down darker
paths than they once might have trod, and so tend more towards
neutrality, however, at some level, they are still very much a part of
nature and retain their chaotic tendency.
Elven Lands
Most of the magesworn live in the human country of Bederland, although
many travel extensively.
The magesworm believe first, and foremost, in personal power. The pact
they made with Chaos long ago in order to learn the secrets of arcane
magic has granted them the ability to use Arcane magic, so few venture
outside the belief in personal power, although most Magesworn
subscribe the religion of Bederland in order to keep the church off
their backs, and also to get at the libraries.
Magesworn speak the self-styled "high elven" tongue, but most elves
learn multiple languages so as not to cut themselves off from
potential knowledge.

Magesworn Elf Racial Traits
+2 Int, -2 Con: Elves are highly intelligent, but their academic lifestyle makes them frail.
Base land speed is 30ft.
+2 racial bonus on Search and Spot checks.
+2 racial bounus on three knowledge skills chosen at first level.
Elves gain the same skill bonus as humans, but not the feat bonus.
All magesworn gain one bonus language at first level.
Favored Class: Wizard

Magesworn elves are a derivation of the wood elves, who still retain their immortality.

2007-05-22, 05:03 PM
Magesworn Elf Racial Traits
+2 Int, -2 Wis: Elves are highly intelligent, but very reckless.
Alright then. Makes a super Wizard, since Wisdom isn't that useful for a Wizard, as the Skill Bonuses (from being an Elf) and High Save (from Wizard) work in their favor already.

Gasp! Medium! How peculiar!

Base land speed is 30ft.
Medium and 30 ft land speed? Wow!
I'm just kidding. No problem with these, of course.

+2 bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks.
Elfy elf elf. Do they retain the finding secret doors ability?

+2 racial bounus on Knowledge checks
Ooo... That makes total skill bonuses +28, or +30 if you include Psionics. That's alot. Also, Wizard (favored class again) has ALL knowledge skills, so 1 rank in all of them gives you access to any knowledge check at about +7 apiece (+4 Int, +2, 1 Rank.) That's alot. Which is only augmented by....

Elves gain the same skill bonus as humans, but not the feat bonus.
....this which gives you more skill points bonuses (+4 at first level, +1 every level after.) Also, you're +2 Int increases this more - So, more Skill Points, on average, than a Human

All magesworn gain one bonus language at first level.
Which is in addition to the one they learn from +2 Int.

Favored Class: Wizard
I wonder why.

Strong. Very Strong. Strong +0 LA, but weak +1 LA. I'm on the fence, but I'm just giving feedback. Right now, it's far better than a Human. +28 skills, as well as extra skills, beats a Human's bonus feat anyday. Also, the Synergy of Wizard and Magesworn Elf is really strong, furthering their strength. I'd personally say +1 LA as it stands right now, but a few tweaks here and there, and you're golden.

If it were me, I'd say no bonus skills like a Human, and no Bonus Language - After all, you gain those automatically from increased Int. +2 Knowledge (arcana) and +2 Knowledge (nature). Maybe give them the door ability back, because they still lack the common Proficiencys.

2007-05-22, 05:24 PM
I would say to let them chose 2, maybe 3 knowledge skills to to add the +2 bonus to, and take out the human skill bonus package. Aside from that, I think there pretty balanced. As much as batman ever will be.

2007-05-22, 05:37 PM
I had a post that compared Magesworn to Gray elves, but firefox ate it.
Three times.

So I'm giving up on it, and just saying- I believe some of the benefits that Gray Elves / Normal Elves get do make them comparable races. And humans have always been weak- we know that.
Like Low Light vision. Helpful stuff that.

2007-05-23, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I changed two things: I took away the racial bonus on listen checks and took you advice on the knowledge bonuses MeklorIlavato.

2007-05-26, 02:09 PM
I made some changes, looking better yet?

2007-05-26, 02:48 PM
I still contend the Extra Skills and Language is redundant, because you gain both those from the +2 Int.

2007-05-26, 06:43 PM
Seconded. Extra letters to make the system let me post

2007-05-27, 10:15 AM
I think a -2 to Wis is rather weak. The FR Sun Elves keep the -2 to Con, and the reason is simple: it is bad for wizards.

The way you have it is that elves who sit around and read books are tougher than elves who go and practice archery, etc.

So mechanically and for flavor, I think the -2 to Wis is a bad idea, but it is of course just my opinion.

2007-05-27, 01:54 PM
I've had to second that sentiment. There's really no good way to justify the "recklessness" of Magesworn Elves if all they do is sit and read, and yet their fighting brethren are much more fragile.

2007-05-28, 03:26 AM
The con penalty makes sense, I think I'll change it to that.

2007-06-11, 12:49 PM
I tend to agree that these guys don't deserve the Human Skill Point Bonus.