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2015-10-17, 12:21 PM
***Work in Progress***
Because, how badly do we need more dragon totem homebrews?

Dragon Totem
Path of the Totem Warrior
Dragon Totem

LVL 3 - Totem Spirit

Your proficiency bonus is doubled for athletics checks to shove or jump.
If while raging you target a create with a running long or running high jump you may shove the targeted creature upon landing as a free action. If the jump was high enough to elicit falling damage, a resultant and successful shove transmits this damage to the target.
The spirit of the dragon makes you into a fearsome presence on any battlefield, dashing your foes about.

LVL 6 - Aspect of the Beast

You may now add your constitution score to the distance, or modifier to the height of your running long and high jumps, half for standing jumps respectively. Distance covered through jumping uses half the normal quantity of movement.

Note (existing formulae: A running long jump has a maximum distance equal to your strength score. A running high jump has a maximum height of 3 + your strength score)

LVL 10 - Spirit Walker

LVL 14 - Totemic Attunement

Whenever you are subject to an attack roll you may attempt to perform a standing long or high jump as a reaction. Make an athletics check against the attack roll. If your athletics roll is greater than the attack roll you avoid all damage and harmful effects from that action. Rules for provoking opportunity attacks apply as normal for creatures other than the attacker.
You may perform a standing long or high jump as a bonus action with no movement cost. This bonus action may be taken at any point during a jump.