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Milo v3
2015-10-19, 07:00 AM
Avatar - Barbarian Archetype
Some warriors have the blood of gods in them.

Avatar's Mark (Ex): All avatar have a brand, symbol, or alteration on their bodies that signifies the divine beings bond with it's host. This mark comes with a benefit as well as a hindrance. This choice is made at 1st level, and once made, it cannot be changed. The avatar's mark cannot be removed or dispelled without the aid of a deity. An avatar's mark is based on his avatar level plus one for every two levels or Hit Dice other than avatar. Each avatar must choose one of the following curses. This ability replaces fast movement.

Mark of Ears: Sounds you make are distinct, all warping to better fit your divine theme. You gain a sacred bonus to bluff checks and sound-based performance checks equal to half your avatar level, but also take an equal penalty on sound-based stealth checks.
Mark of Eyes: Whether you have the holy symbol of your divine relative upon your head, your hair appearing to be made of fire, or your bones are visible through your skin, having a visual mark allows all to see that you have been blessed (or cursed). You gain a sacred bonus to intimidate checks equal to half your avatar level, but also take an equal penalty on disguise checks.
Mark of Feet: As you travel, the world warps to suit your needs and wants. You gain a sacred bonus to fortitude saves against environmental conditions (such as extreme heat) equal to your class level. But as altering the world with this reality warping is vaguely visible, you also take a penalty on sight-based stealth checks equal to half your avatar level.
Mark of Heart: Your body only survives by being held together constantly through divine energies. You gain a sacred bonus to fortitude saves against disease equal to half your avatar level. In addition, when you enter rage, your bonus to Constitution is reduced by 2. Finally, you cannot die of old age, though when you are past your maximum age you gain no bonus to constitution while raging.
Mark of Spirits: You are constantly followed by minor supernatural being, brought into existence by the unconscious desires of your divine blood. This functions as a familiar, treating half your avatar level as your wizard level (minimum 1), except that it must possess the figment archetype. In addition, you cannot gain the benefits of the aid-other action, unless your familiar is the one attempting to aid you.
Mark of Tongues: You can innately speak one of the primal languages of creation itself. Pick one of the following languages: Abyssal (evil outsiders), Aklo (aberrations & great old ones), Aquan (water subtyped creatures), Auran (air subtyped creatures), Celestial (good outsiders), Ignan (fire subtyped creatures), Infernal (evil outsiders), or Terran (earth subtyped creatures). You speak this tongue so perfectly that you gain a bonus on all charisma based skill checks against a certain type of creature dependant on your selected language (see the brackets following each language above). Unfortunately your selected language becomes the only one you can speak, though you can still comprehend and non-verbally communicate in other languages you know.

Rage: Bonuses gained from raging are sacred bonuses rather than morale bonuses. This modifies the rage class ability.

Mystery: At first level, the avatar must select one oracle mystery, and gain one of the class skills associated with that mystery of their choice. In addition, you can take revelations from your selected mystery as if they were rage powers. You only gain the benefit of a revelation gained in this way while raging, as normal for a rage power. This ability replaces trap sense.

Enduring Power (Ex): When an avatar of 14th level or higher stops raging, he can select a single rage power or revelation he possessed. He can continue to use that rage power or revelation as if he was still in rage until the next time he enters rage. This ability replaces indomitable will.