View Full Version : If you could mix and match elements of D&D and Pathfinder what game would you create?

2015-10-21, 09:33 PM
Everyone has a favorite edition or whatever but there seems to always be something that can be fixed that perhaps another edition could do well. What is your favorite part of each edition of D&D and Pathfinder? What kind of game would you create out of the different elements of all the editions?

Lord Raziere
2015-10-21, 09:58 PM
I would have the guns and gunslinger of pathfinder, the artificer of both 3.5 and 4e somehow combined, tiefling and dragonborn, Eberron in general, 5e warlock with more pacts from 4e, 5e sorcerer with more bloodlines from 4e and Pathfinder, definitely many of the psionic classes of 4e and Pathfinder with 5e mechanics, warforged in general, 5e backgrounds, 4e take on Wizards with 5e mechanics, alchemist, the goodest possible orcs and goblins from whatever edition was the loosest about them being evil, 3.5's take on building PC monster classes, 4e's Boons, 3.5's alleged many magical items for more magitech, all the races except kender, Tome of Battle and Path of War, and no alignment from any edition ever

2015-10-22, 07:21 AM
I would port all pathfinder classes to 5e, with kits, as well as magic item properties, and prestige classes reimagined as feats.

I'd probably wind up running a run and gun Pathfive game in an insane asylum breakout scenario with the summoning of ancient eldritch horrors as the core plot against that scenario backdrop.

2015-10-22, 10:15 AM
I'd create 3.P, possibly using 5e's idea of prepared spellcasters having "spells prepared" and "spell slots" seperately.

I probably wouldn't incorporate many other elements of 5e- I appreciate 5th edition a great deal from a game design perspective- but most of the things in 5e that I think were very well done were done to make the game faster at the table for new players, and easier to learn. That's not a bad thing by any means, but it does come with a few costs. Since all the people at my table are already very comfortable with the 3.5 rules, it wouldn't be worth it for me to weave 5e elements into the game.

2015-10-22, 10:24 AM

2015-10-23, 11:59 AM
I'd just forget about every other edition and mix the best parts of 3.5 and Pathfinder. I guess I would use Pathfinder Core Rules as the basis of the system and some good splat material like Archetypes. Then, I would tweak some minor rules details and streamline a few things but not everything.

I mean, that's what I'd do if I could only mix and match. Now, if I could add stuff, there would be a long list...

2015-10-23, 01:04 PM
--> The Combat system would basically be 3.5 with heavy modifications from Unearthed Arcana such as Combat Facing, Class Defense, Armor Damage Reduction, HP possibly replaced with a wound system, mass combat from Heroes of Battle, and, of course, called shots.

--> All the 'campaign-centric' rules from AD&D 1e like monthly living expenses, recruiting henchmen, random wilderness encounters/clearing wilderness, leveling up by training, and building strongholds would be used.

-->The feat list would be overhauled with minor ones like, idk, Quickdraw, Flick of the Wrist, Short Haft, etc. being turned into Skill Tricks. Fighters, Rogues, Monks, Swashbucklers etc. would all get free skill tricks at certain levels, similar to Rogues' Talents.

-->Overhaul the spell list and keep it closer to Pathfinder than 3.5 (I still haven't read 5e's spell list yet really . _ .;; ) As in AD&D some spells actually take years off a caster's life as part of their cost.

-->Keep the Archetypes/Alternate Class Features from Pathfinder for most classes.

2015-10-23, 01:07 PM
Take 5e advantage/disadvantage, exploration rules with movement rates and exploration actions, short rest HD healing, and ascending AC, and passive perception and stealth abilities interacting with light sources

Race-as-class from Basic with some extra classes based on multiclassing from 1e AD&D.

Mighty Feats of Arms for fighters, idea from Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Mortal wounds table and "restore life and limb" spell and table from ACKS.

Idea of prestige classes, more similar to how BECM does it rather than 3e, where at a certain level, the player may have an option to join a special class and add new abililties. Ranger, paladin and bard would be prestige classes, and possibly a couple more (maybe monk). Would depend more on in-world role play and not really be about mechanical requirements so much.

Everything else pretty much as 1e AD&D, with some homebrew involving some of the specifics of combat and a scout class which would be a wilderness/tracking class that is not strictly better than a fighter, as the ranger is.