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2015-10-24, 11:29 AM
Archetype for the Magus I've been working on for a bit. Would appreciate some thoughts. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k11FK3jjZNKpxiKqdydlkMK-lNP3v4xex-hhhc7hiB8/edit?usp=sharing)

Class progression table and some thoughts on builds down the bottom.

Fosco the Swift
2015-10-25, 10:37 AM
Warning in advance, I'm a bit of a nit-picker

A white-haired magusí hair has Hardness and Hitpoints equal to twice his class level plus his intelligence bonus (minimum 5).
So a 10th level magus's hair could have a hardness of 20+? Seems a little high to me, especially since it'll keep increasing.

Let Down Your Hair (Ex): A white-haired magus with this style has hair that is exceptionally tough and difficult to cut. Its hit points and hardness are doubled.
Hardness of 40+? This is definitely too high. Try this:

Without the Style: Hardness= 1/2 Magus level+ INT; HP=Magus Level+INT
With Style: Hardness=Magus Level+INT; HP= 2(Magus Level+INT)

Whiskers (Ex): A white-haired magus with this style gains the Tremorsense monster ability out to a distance equal to his hairís reach.Tremorsense is an extremely powerful ability: The Magus can ignore most miss-chances such as Invisibility, blindness and total-concealment. Make this a limited number of times per day.

Overall it is a very interesting idea, I like it. However, short of nit-picking, I'm not very good at judging the strength of classes.