View Full Version : Pathfinder [Archetype] The mind is a terrible thing (Spiritualist)

2015-10-25, 11:02 AM
The concept as it stands is essentially an archetype that represents a spiritualist tied to Tychilarius and the Night Heralds. A work in progress at the moment. It would help if I had even the idea of a name.

Aberrant Vessel (WiP): In place of a traditional phantom, a (???) gains the service of a creature referred to as an aberrant vessel, a strange creature through which a once living creature manifests, its brain being all that remains of its previous life, imbedded in the (???)'s body. This functions in all respects as the phantom class feature, except: An aberrant vessel is a creature of the aberration type, this does effect Hit die, base attack bonus, and skills; An aberrant vessel begins play with two tentacle attacks instead of two slam attacks, each dealing 1d6 points of damage. All phantom abilities that function normally with slam attacks function instead with tentacle attacks; An aberrant vessel can only assume an 'ectoplasmic form', not an incorporeal one; Whenever an aberrant vessel would gain a ability score increase, they instead gain an evolution point they can spend on unchained eidolon evolutions. For the purpose of qualifying for evolutions, use the (???)'s class level as their effective unchained summoner level; An aberrant vessel cannot be banished; An aberrant vessel can only become manifested, or stop being manifested, while adjacent to the (???), its body being absorbed into the (???)'s own body. Should the aberrant vessel's body die, its consciousness returns to the (???) and it takes 24 hours for the (???) to prepare to generate a new aberrant vessel. While not manifested, only the aberrant vessel's brain exists, melded to it's master's body. This ability alters Phantom.

Tether of Flesh, Tether of Thought (Su): A (???) can only sacrifice health to heal their aberrant vessel while the aberrant vessel is within reach of the (???). Additionally, when the tether between the aberrant vessel and the (???) would be broken, the aberrant vessel's body simply becomes incapable of action. The tether can be restored as a standard action, provided the (???) is within 100 feet of the aberrant vessel and has line of sight of it. This ability alters Etheric Tether.

Detect Aberration (Sp): At 5th level, a (???)'s connection to their aberrant vessel and the dark tapestry bestows upon them the ability to seek out its natives. This functions as detect aberration, usable at-will as a spell-like ability. This ability replaces detect undead.