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2007-05-25, 05:06 PM
Once again, I was reminded of certain oddball ideas from my roleplaying youth...

Now, I live in Denmark, population 6 million approximately.
I live in the 6th largest city, which has about 100000 citizens, if you count the smaller towns around it as well.
When I was a teen, I played a lot of World Of Darkness with some of my mates from an even smaller town, say around 5000 inhabitants or so...

And of course, with all the 'By Night' and 'Rage Across' supplements that came out it was bound to happen that my buddies created their own WoD version of their town.... For the danes who might know the city, it was called 'Ulstrup By Night'.... :smallbiggrin:

Now this is a small city with some outlying farms, a supermarket and a hotdog stand, basically.
They statted out the people from the city they knew, made the 50-ish lady who owned the hotdog stand a badass Brujah Vampire, among other things. Also, Denmark has about 1 large river, which isn't particularily large. They statted a Mokolé (werecrocodile) that lived in the swampy area near the bridge where they usually went to smoke...

I can tell, it was a surreal experience playing world of darkness scenarios in that odd little town which I knew so well...

So, any other stories of weird settings?

2007-05-25, 06:25 PM
I ran cyberpunk games set in my own town, and CoC games set on the tiny, wind-swept island nation where I used to live...

But the strangest idea I ever encountered was a one-off CoC game that a friend ran for several people - mainly non-gamers actually - where we all played ourselves as PC characters, on a holiday in Devon...
It was terrifying. By midnight, no-one was brave enough to go outside in the dark to get any snacks at the shop - this was an all night store just over the brightly lit road in a built up area of a city, nothing like the scary dark country setting of the horror game we were playing, but the atmosphere was just perfect in the game.

2007-05-25, 07:24 PM
CoC? plaese explain

2007-05-25, 09:41 PM
CoC? plaese explain

Call of Cthulu

2007-05-25, 10:03 PM
Some friends of mine, back when I was going to school in Colorado, played/ran a WoD game set in the little town our college was in. I didn't get involved because it was a LARP...in a town with a population of about 1200.

As far as CoC goes, there was a running joke amongst us about the inhabitants of the town who grew up there as having "that Alamosa look." :smalltongue:

2007-05-25, 11:47 PM
My most creative city name ever:

Municipality of Lando

The New Bruceski
2007-05-26, 03:55 AM
I'm gonna swipe that idea.
Portland's well-suited to something cyberpunk; nice big river in the middle with limited access points. Regularly-organized downtown with the sprawl all around. A few places inside the city that are large enough to hide yourself in "off the grid".

Yeah, I'm gonna have some interesting dreams tonight.