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2015-10-31, 08:48 PM
Harvest Domain

The Harvest domain grants you a combination of spells to ensure the harvest and spells to harvest the living playing into a dual role as both the protector of crops but also the reaper of life. It is granted by gods of the harvest, of nature, of life and death, and the cycle between them.

Granted Power: Whenever you kill a creature you may heal a creature within 10 ft per cleric level 2 hp per hit die of the slain creature.


Bless CropsM (new spell see below)
Death Knell
Create Food and Drink
Plant Growth
Slay Living
Heroes' Feast
Control Plants
Wail of the Banshee

Bless Crops
Level: Dru 2, Harvest 1
Components: V, S, M, DF
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Special.
Area: Up to 10-ft radius per caster level
Duration: 9 months or until harvested.
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Circumnavigating an area of land, sprinkling it with powdered silver and specially prepared water, you invoke a protective blessing upon the crops growing within. Warding them from blight and pest.

When you cast this spell as part of its casting you must walk (at your up to your speed each round), counter clockwise, around the area of effect sprinkling the material component over the area. This spell creates a protective ward over all crop plants growing or planted in the area of effect. Plants under its effect are immune to disease and natural insects and animals will avoid them. Affected plants are also resistant to harmful magic. A Diminish Plants spell, Blight spell, or other spell which would render the area incapable of growing plants or kill a plant or plants in the area fails to do so unless the caster succeeds at a CL check (DC 15 + CL of Bless Crops); this only applies to spells which specifically kill plants, it has no effect on a fireball or other spell that incidentally kills plants by killing/destroying anything. This spell has no effect on weeds or decorative plants in the area, only protecting crop plants.

Material Component: 5 lbs of silver dust (worth 25 gp) and a vial of holy, unholy, axiomatic, or anarchic water both of which must be sprinkled over the circumference of the area of effect. If cast as a Harvest Domain spell one of these two material components may be ignored.

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Hey look - a bi-polar domain :smallbiggrin:

You got my vote on originality :smallcool:

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Love this domain. Great work!

I just joined an LOC game as a God of Harvest.