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2015-11-02, 08:19 AM
Every living animal has a soul. Generally speaking, these souls are of magical origin and reside in the animals' brains. They provide thought and awareness; without a soul, an animal wouldn't be an animal at all, only a dead, immobile chunk of meat. Souls are composed of an ethereal substance known as "vivium" which leaks out of a creature's skull when that creature dies, dispersing into the world and the places beyond, to eventually condense into a new soul. Unfortunately, vivium does not always get the chance to re-condense; sometimes, droplets of vivium get stuck deep underground and crystallize, before becoming ground into flecks and mixed with more mundane stone, forming what is known as "soul sand." Soul sand can be mined out of the ground, but without some additional coaxing, it will remain in its current form. Often, it is mixed with magical resin and formed into nuggets, for use by wizards.

A wizard is someone who can channel vivium through themselves in the form of a spell. While casting a spell, a wizard would appear (to those capable of sensing such things) to have two souls; one of them is temporary, and generally disperses into loose vivium droplets once the spell is cast. There is substantial risk to casting a spell, because the vivium within it sometimes sticks around and attaches to the wizard's soul... being absorbed and incorporated into it in such a way that the wizard gains knowledge, but has their personality subtly altered; many a reckless or elderly wizard has gone mad from the conflicting thoughts of their bloated, over-saturated minds.

2015-11-02, 10:32 AM
So what if a wizard wants the extra soul bits? Sort of like the Stygians from Dresden Files.

2015-11-02, 11:16 AM
So what if a wizard wants the extra soul bits?

They cast spells as often as possible, because they have very little control over how much their soul will grow from an individual spell.