View Full Version : Star Wars Saga Edition?

2007-05-26, 07:39 PM
there is another edition of the d20 star wars game coming out in june. i am very interested in finding out what, if any, are the differences between this edition and the last (revised edition). so far as i can tell it comes with dice and thats about all thats concrete.

i suppose i want to know if it would even be worth my time. i was very upset when the $30 revised edition came out not one year after the $30 core rulebook.

2007-05-26, 07:44 PM

Read and evaluate for yourself.

2007-05-27, 12:43 AM
i have to admit that i feel a bit torn. i thought some of the changed were way overdue, others feel like theyve dumbed the game down.

i guess itll boil down to how pretty the pictures are... NO! i have quite an investment on my bookshelf. i suppose most of that is now obsolete. great.

2007-05-27, 01:29 AM
Wizards has officially declared they will publish a conversion kit of some sort for those who use older edition books.

I think I'm going to buy it. All in all it has sounded promising.