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2015-11-03, 02:02 AM
I'm working on a campaign setting that I'm tentatively calling “Broad Magic” as opposed to “High Magic”. Meaning magic is extremely common and easy to get a hold of, but always comes with a catch or a cost. In this setting, you can get most potions from the town apothecary down the street, but knocking them back by the case load might not be wise.

The aim is to allow the players access to a lot of interesting magical options, but with some cost-benefit tension.

Some Ideas...

-Potion of Cure Wounds
Each dose ingested heals 1d8+3 points of damage, but reduces the user's maximum HP by 3. All Maximum HP lost this way is recovered after a long rest.

-Potion of StoneSkin
Each dose grants the benefits of the Stone Skin spell. At the end of the effect's duration, the user is Poisoned until conclusion of a short rest, and must make a DC 14 Constitution Save or become Petrified for 1d4 days.

-Potion of True Seeing
Each dose grants the benefits and detriments of the True Seeing spell. Each minute under the effects of this potion the user must make a DC 10 Intelligence save or become Frightened by the incomprehensible 'things' that dwell in the spaces between the material and ethereal realms.