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Fuum Bango
2007-05-27, 12:17 PM
I was going to make a world for a RPG, and then I forgot all about it, here is some stuff.
Long ago a sinister God or Devil or Fey or High Sorcerer formed a world of extremes, rage filled sea, huge smoothed hills that lead to cliffs overlooking fields of ice, shattered, twisting mountains and a glimmering, glass desert where it built a blue tower that reaches far past a giant iron moon. But it was barren. For all its power it could not create life, this saddened it, infuriated it, so it plucked beings of all kinds from other worlds then placed them within its realm. Hundreds of years have passed since the Great Theft.

You play the descendants. Everyone is of mixed race, they are so far removed from the Stolen Ones that they may not even know who or what their ancestors where, other may revere a particular ancestor and act out their traditions and actions. Kingdoms however are still young, though many may have knowledge of various technologies; the world is in a Dark Age state. People don't currently have the resources or man-power to build past the most basic technology. Also, the world has no real Gods. It is a setting of horror and hope.

Without racial walls, the people created gangs of like-minded folk for protection, which over time merged and shifted, finally concluding as Courts. Each Court owns a barony, as well as safe houses around the world.

The Shining Brigade, White Court - Ruled by King Glamour & the Shield Maidens
Peace is the goal of the Guards, though they despise battle, they will fight and die to bring the world closer to unity. Justice must be accomplished, honor upheld and innocence protected. They are known for respecting law but corruption within it is dealt with violently. At their worst they believe the world should come under rule of the White Court, for the others canít look after themselves. That said they are often kind hearted and want equality, this brings many stranger people into the fold, who peruse the ideals of the Court more than any other.

The Laughing Visionaries, Cerulean Court - Ruled by the Deep Council and influenced by Electric Jones
The Smilers know only two things for sure, life is a game and it has no greater meaning. Surprisingly they are one of the most active and progressive Courts, they are famed for their creations, leagues apart from anything the others are capable of. Their reason from improving technology is fueled by their want of a pleasurable life. Cerulean Court members are often sensationists, who wander the land for rare experiences to take their mind off the lack of significance. They all yearn for immortality, and the older members are fearful of almost everything; thinking it could aid in ending their life. The older members homes are littered with traps, for fear of assassins and thieves.

The Wolves of Elsewhere, Black Court - Ruled by the Ebon Gentlemen
Ever watchful, the Spooks have a plan. If there was a way in, there is a way out. They consider this world the work of a mad demon and that beyond this falsehood are many great paradises. They act as informants, telling the other Courts want they deem necessary for them, ever vigilant of important information. They have their hands in many places, gentle directing people where they must. At their worst they feel trapped and would rather tear the world apart than let the deceptions go on.

The Theater of Life, Emerald Court - Lead, but not ruled, by Bruva Samo
The Givers are said to be an off shoot of Smilers, but you wouldnít know from talking to one. Life is short, they say, so make the best of it and help others to feel joy. Material gain is unnecessary and it is a better to give it to those in need. They think the world is beautiful, but change is the only way to stop entropy. They are famed explorers and often act as guides to travelers. The Emerald Court also appears to be fascinated by death, seeing it as a great adventure. At the very worst, they are pacifists that aid all life, good or evil.

The Warriors of Wordless Oaths, Scarlet Court - Ever changing, currently Warlord Rotterhut
Ogres are after one thing, nonstop combat. Though harsh even when not acting as mercenaries the camaraderie and structured life of the Scarlet Court has given it more than enough members to be recognized. Fools believe them to be mindless warriors, but they have been known to trick the other Courts into paying them to fight a band of Orderless only to later find out they where Ogres in disguise. They are master tacticians and are always on step ahead of anyone they fight. They think glory and strength are the most precious things in the land. And some think its propaganda, which all but the highest ranking members known of. That the Court is ruled by a secret master and that the Ogres exist to one day fight back an immeasurable power.

The Masters of the Fantastic, Indigo Court - No ruler
Braggers search for knowledge of the world, so they can bend the laws that govern it. The feel that to be humble is to be weak, that joy lies in power and power alone. At their very worst they believe that their thoughts are better and that if they become the God the world needs, they can change the world for the well-fair of all. They can sometimes be found as merchants; though their prices are high the Indigo Court has connections to all major trading posts, so they sell only the best. After centuries of assassinations on Rulers to seize power the Court vowed that no one can ever rule it. This is fairly often contested by powerful individuals within the Court.

The Path of the Singular, Saffron Court - Ruled by Amber Goldvein
All things are one to the Zealots, they believe the world has formed from the thoughts of all life. Thus as each member improves themselves the world is improved. But also others must advance to better the world, many of the Saffron Court travel the world aiding other in improving and some go so far as to kill those they feel are unworthy to take their thoughts from the world. Belief is the strongest force in the universe to them. And is legends are true, their mountain barony was pulled from the very earth by the Court founders...

What you want a speech?, a Punk might say, Iím busy kicking rocks. The Orderless are beings with no Court and no power. A goal may be to enter a Court or to destroy them or just to live a quiet life.

The Breathing Gods,
No Gods exist, but some are doing a good job acting like them. Here is a few.

The Doom Titan
A giant mass of fat in sallow thin, bruising skin. Every few years his form claims new ground, flesh rolling over terrain, absorbing it into his colossal body. Over that is grotesquely huge, bloated head that is covered in mouths. He lacks eyes, jaws are in their place. He never talks, but his clergy hear his call, even from miles away. His followers live on him, his high priests about his ears and the lesser paving the way for his mighty form to conquer all.
"Even a man who owns nothing can still offer his life!" - High Priestess Tulsallum

Queen of All Nights Dream
There was once a time when she didnít appear within the minds of sleeping folk. But that time has long been forgotten. She is mysterious and dignified clad only in a long silver robe that shows her nude, pale body beneath. The few that meet her do so rarely and are often young children. Never seen outside of dreams, it is unknown how powerful she really is. Her rare temples spread thin across the land, the temples are usually wide and low, of simple, study build, mostly unassuming and peaceful. Inside them are large resting areas for weary travelers. The few clergy are silent in most religious debates; almost all of them have seen the Queen first hand and feel they can't be wrong about her. The Queen doesn't interact often, so over the years they have improvised in her wants, taking care of the mentally ill and opening art galleries in the more civilized cities to improve imagination of the people.
"To sleep and feel, to find your soul once more, that is our way." - Motto written over the church doors

The Grim Judge
The very thought of him strikes fear into the most harden criminal. Like a broad mountain of metal the Judge glides though the earth, venerated by warriors for destroyed armies single handedly and worshipped by the meek for his kind heart. He is constantly on the move, but that hasnít stopped him from speaking with many folk throughout the ages. In fact heís talkative enough for people to know three facts about him; He was once the servant to a real God, he likes farmers and other toiling workers and once had a lover who was slain. Many prominent worshippers are of the White.
"Forward! Toil, bleed, cleanse the heart of sin!" - A priest of the Judge

Knocker Spidery
Little is known of him other than he once was mortal of a Court that has since been destroyed. He can control spiders, or at least they are often controlled by him, he may have a control over scorpions as well and lives within a nameless mountain, intruders are placed in magical cages for all eternity. Only a one Bruva Samo has ever escaped, oddly Knocker's minions have never been sent after the ruler of the Emerald Court. He has an aura of nobility and knows the etiquette of each Court and can speak every language, from the high tongues to a local Orderless dialect. He loves to play games, but the stakes are always high with the Knocker. He has followers across the land all of which owe Knocker something, usually their soul; some suggest they have made deals involving political power within the Courts with the fiendish man. His followers come from all walks of life, often criminals of some flavour, whether murderers wanting power or petty thieves willing to give their all for the coin. He revels in mortals doing wrong; he often helps them to do so.
"I'm said to be a fork-tongued bastard. But believe me when I say that the world is there for the taking, I merely want to help people take their piece." - Knocker Spidery

Red Howler
Said to have been born from the Red Court Civil War, Red Howler almost destroyed both sides of the war. Nearly ending the Court. Some Ogres fear she is sleeping and could wake at any time, ready to devour the Scarlet Court once more. Others worship her as the spirit of battle herself.

Of all the Breathing Gods, he has the most followers. Shohann is the southern-most star and master of navigation, sailing and trading. He appears to his high priests when he can and always attends his festivals, often in a short, thin form described as elven by those who know what a elf is. He can be seen in the distance on calm days. traveling the seas in his ship WindFell. Though generally good natured, it is rumoured his ship is made from the skull of a rival God.

Fuum Bango
2007-05-27, 12:35 PM
A player can be of any race if the DM allows it, however most people are of mixed heritage, such as a descendent of various different sub-races of elves or a human with mild orcish features. Most are undistinguishable from humans, but show traits of their bloodline.

Then players can add "Heritages" to them for more interesting beings.

In the person's childhood, they were the strongest, the most cunning and blessed with a clear, commanding voice. Most know the tales of their bloodline, and the burden of the Heroic is past to them as they reach adulthood. What they do with it, is up to them. They seem to possess a sense of peopleís motives and strengths.

Perhaps it was selective breeding between wizards, or the whim of a True God long before the Great Theft, but their blood burns with a potent magic. Those of Magical breeding are cunning and independent. They value free will, but the blood often whispers to them to find more magic, more magic. They can feel magic in the air, and are more resistant to its affects than most. At birth they show their Magical nature with tattoo-like markings around their lips and on their palms, but these fade as they age. They may also have more notable, long-lasting features like pointed ears or long fingers.

Slender, with very sharp features and straight, soft hair that lifts with the smallest of breezes. Their skin is often a simple tan, making them the hardest Kin to notice by untrained eyes; however their eyes, while often common shades, gently change as the day goes by, it could be bright green at dawn then dim hazel by dusk. They all feel a need to travel, by this can range from them becoming scouts to sea faring explorers. They are often care free, they are calm and gentle, but when they are angered they rarely stop attacking the aggressor. They have control of air, bending it into a force most potent.

Ore-Kin (Earth, Metal)
Metallic green or blue matted hair like wire, bronze skin with speckles of gold and dim grey eyes are all common traits of the Ore-Kin. But all of them are tough as hell. They are usually reserved waiting for the right moment to do anything, others are just lazy. Their voices seem to echo; leaving some with some common folk ringing ears. Ore-Kin are the easiest to spot of all Kin. They can twist metal to their will, and masters of the blood can leave conventional armies without means of attack or defense..

Deep black skin with bright, glowing blue eyes, rolling curls of dark hair, flattened nose, a rounded, large jaw-line and unnatural height are all common traits of the Storm-Kin, though it can vary as much as any Kin. Voices loud as thunder and anger quick as lightening, the Storm-Kin naturally hold themselves with pride and care. Though they can be frightening, most are often neutral, barely able to hold grudges. They hold sway over storms, throwing bolts and creating billowing clouds as they master the blood.

Shunned both for their strange habits and stranger looks, the Wild-Kin can call upon their blood to change their body after much meditation. Over time most are consumed by there blood, becoming monsters of taloned hands and poison barbed teeth. Four paths can be taken by Beast-Kin, though a rushed or angered calling can give the Beast-Kin abilities from another path or from a dark, ancient place of monsters. The first path is Aquatic, of swimming, finned blood, such as mermaids. The second is Aerial, of soaring, winged blood, like hawkmen. The third is Reptilian, of dry, scaled blood, like lizard folk. The fourth is Mammalian, of hoof and clawing blood, like Minotaurs.
However, it is possible for Wild-Kin to control their blood, those who do appear as normal folk with a small trait like thin, sharp teeth or large, alert ears. The Wild-Kins blood is at constant odds with the descendant.


That said, politically powerful bloodlines, through close ties or isolation, several family groups have been founded. They are not naturally (or super-naturally) powerful, though they may have rare traits. Their power comes from having each other.


Physical Description:
Mimarda, otherwise known as Hare Folk are almost human in form, but with long, muscular legs and otherwise rounded feature. All have silky white fur that covers their bodies but for their palms. They are all within 5 feet tall and are surprisingly hefty, weighing up to 160 pounds. Their eyes are large and oval shaped, often bright blue or lime green, but some have pink irises. They have noticeably large ears that hand from the sides of their heads and grow as they age, eventually reaching their shoulders.
They live solely on fruits, nuts and in harsh summers, grass and river reeds.
They wear tight fitting leather clothes of dark purples and brown when within their home towns. They adopt a style of green when they venture into the forests about their home to blend into the landscape.
Mimarda are secretive. They share little information with travellers and are happy to see the back of them. With others of their kind, they are loving and thing of all Mimarda as their family and thus have no surnames. Every Mimarda of a town has a role given to them when they are born that they will do their whole lives. They are however not a overly lawful race, they have no leader despite have many legendary Kings and laws are not written in stone, crimes are dealt with case by case.
Scouts, always male, are revered by the Hare Folk, and are the only Mimarda seen outside of their homelands. They carry messages between towns and keep a lookout for strangers.
Women spend much of their life looking after children and acting as doctors for the favoured male scouts.
Mimarda live in close nit towns within forests, they all have contact with each other through messengers.
Mimarda currently have a relationship with the Black Court, to a point. Some scouts have been seen talking with high members and a single member of the court has been allowed into their towns.
They all share a legend of a floating island their people lived on long ago. It is said it fell to the earth after a lone stranger destroyed the islands heart, but is unknown if it fell elsewhere on into this world...It could be the reason for their hatred of strangers.
Mimarda names stem from the jobs they must do throughout their lives.
Artha - Scout
Beppa - Cook
Ferka - Guard
Feva - Warrior
Gosta - Messenger
Quota - Archer
Arthrele - Scout Healer
Case - Gardener
Casave - Druid
Feve - Warrior
Jappe - Musician
Zerele - Wife

Scouts are the most likely to venture forth, whether delivering a message to a far of town or fighting invaders. However in times of great need most specially trained warriors may leave the town, sword in hand, to fight. Female Mimarda may leave after being inspired by the tales their males tell, though those how do may never return.

+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution.
Medium: As Medium creatures, Mimardas have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Mimarda base land speed is 30 feet.
Low-Light Vision: A Mimarda can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
+4 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
+2 racial bonus on Jump checks.
Automatic Languages: Miraca
Favoured Class: Rogue

No stats for the others.

The demanding clan Ravana is always at the center of Indigo Court's more shocking activities. Toned with warm, golden skin and long white hair and sultry, burning eyes the Ravana use their looks as much as their high intelligence to get what they want. Trained in the arcane from an early age, all are expected to be greater than any other and are taught that outsiders are lesser folk. They compete with each other in the magical arts, each given a number that shows their rank. This leads to the clan having a less than friendly outlook on others and in turn few care for them. They all wear formal robes of grey with black pointed shoes. Women of the clan cut their hair very short while the men never shave it, but hide it underneath tall, coned hats. There are around twenty family members, but they are dwindling.
Though a picture of elegance, rumours have spread that constant inbreeding within the clan have birthed malformed bone-thin children, more like beasts than people that roam the country side around the Ravana mansions. They are described as having tight, deformed lips that show huge yellowing teeth and long spindly arms, but still have the tell-tale white hair.
Leath, Fifth of Ravana
When the highest of the Indigo Court has a morally low idea, such as "Wouldn't it be neat to have a guard dog, right? That spits acid..." Leath is the one called to make it happen, he'll do almost any depraved arcane rite for the Court and he'll keep it secret at any cost. Not so much respected as tolerated by his peers, Leath holds a high rank in the Court. He is also quickly becoming a low number within the Ravana after his mother and father died of a rare illness and his elder brother went missing. But how long can Leath out pace his dark magic and the curious members of his family that want to know what his parents died of and where his brother went...

Short, stocky with leathery skin and thick, curly body hair. They often dye their hair blonde and other bright, rich colours but it is naturally deep orange or rarely slate grey. They often wear tunics of bright silks and knee high boots. By no means attractive or of a diplomatic nature, Clan Goldvein's knack of finding treasure and putting their views across simply has insured their worth to the Saffron Court, whom favour them now more than ever. They all have an obsession, for some itís as simple as collecting art for others it could be abstract concepts like fate. Famous for standing their ground both in the face of more quick tongued Court rivals and the onslaught of a large army of Orderless that attacked their underground home come fortress of Gotterhause fifty years ago, killing many. Though a social family, they all practice an art of hiding that has past down through the generations. They are said to have around forty family members currently, but some claim their are more that never leave their fortress-like abode.
Famous relatives:
Amber Goldvein
The Ruler of The Path of the Singular, she is the matriarch of the Goldveins. Stern, precise & always calm. She is clean shaven, leaving only a mane of sunny yellow about her scalp. She collects insects, admiring their simple, ordered existence. No one will tell her, but many fear it is her obsession...and that Amber may be taking it a bit too far. She is never without her Skeleton Key, an artifact that has been in the clan many hundreds of year. It is said to open any lock it touches, but few know its power.
Nord Goldvein
Known as the Wyrmfoe, he is a living legend, a slayer of beasts. He is said to be like a burly mass of matted hair, with only his toothy grin shining through it all. He fights by ambush, patience and strength. He wears heavy, scarred armour and wields a huge magical hammer known by many names, such as King of Frost and Winter Bringer. He trains many young Goldveins in the roguish arts.

Many languages have sprung up over the centuries, mixed from many cultures and some are complete replacements of old ones. Not much information on the yet...

High Miraca, the primary language of the White Court, complex and unhurried in its ways. Conversations in High Miraca can last for hours where other languages would have finished it in minutes. It has many variations of similar words and is used outside the Court mot often by poets. No self respecting merchant speaks High Miraca.

Miraca, an Orderless language derived from its high form mixed with heavy doses of slang. It still grasps at complexity, but it is much quicker said. People who know High Miraca learn Miraca quickly.

Twist Tongue, invented by the Cerulean Court, few speak it, even with the Court itself. It is so contrived and the words so guttural that only the most determined linguist care to learn it. Itís great if you think people are watching your or reading your journals though, which many of the older Smilers believe.

Cas, an Orderless language that has infected most of the world with its presence. If you speak Cas you can talk to someone within a mile of yourself. Itís simple, to the point and inoffensive. Used by merchants, sailors, clerks and even diplomats though they may use it only if they share no language with whomever they speak to.

Bloody Fingers, surprisingly the Scarlet Court invented a language, not just any old speech either. Bloody Fingers is a form of sign language used on the battlefield, to past information without warning the foes. It is always changing, ever so slowly, so other Clans can't learn it. Only members of the Ogres can learn it.

Of course in a new world there wouldnít be many magical items made so to appease the players Iíve added this mechanic. Rarely objects from other worlds can be found, but not in a pleasant state. A simple ring may be trapped under ice, a once grand tower could be flung deep within a lagoon, some high ranking member of a Court could have a sword owned by a Stolen and powerful airships might be caught under strong rain forest vines.

Thatís it gang, Iím not putting any more into this topic. Any thoughts? Want to steal some stuff? Make stats for things? Make a campaign in RPG part of the forum? Want to write a short story with this?, go ahead.

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