View Full Version : Are there any Dwarfen or Gnome specific fiends/lower planes?

2007-05-27, 02:58 PM
Okay, someone recently asked me If I could help start a D&D campaign that he could join. Now I am a horrible DM if I say so myself, but I do like to think I have some interesting ideas; (The Iron Throne being controlled by lowly Mephits. Or my version of the Lords of Heaven, it included an Angel of Death and a former Lord of Hell, both of whom were acually good).

What this has to do with hellish gnomes or dwarfs is this; I did start getting some ideas. I'm thinking of an all stuntie (dwarf, gnome or halfling) campaign in a very dwarf centric culture, particularly with religion. But with the exception of Durzagons I don't see anything resembling dwarfen (or gnome, etc) Damned for lack of a better term. Or for that matter a place where naughty stunties go to when they die.

Can anyone help me out here?

2007-05-28, 01:22 AM
The joke answer would be take a bearded devil, make them shorter and you've got a dwarf devil.

If you need something quick, you can add the Fiendish Creature template to dwarves, gnomes or halflings or even kobolds or goblins to create some fodder. Personally, I would like to see fiendish hobbits halflings riding Yeth hounds (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/yethHound.htm), since they get +3 on will saves against fear.

If you want to really press the dwarf demon idea, you could quickly take some of the spell-like that demons/devils get and replace them with ones that go with the dwarf mindset better. Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh, Meld into Stone, Stone Shape and naturally Earthquake could all be spell-like abilities that dwarves might imagine their demons with. Maybe instead of an Ice Devil, young dwarves stay up at night afraid of Earth Devils. In mines, cloud kill kills when the only other air is through 30 feet of stone, so their demons might use similiar tricks.

For an afterlife for the d*mned, you might come up with something like a cross between slave labor mines and earthquake city, where the souls work constantly building mines, but the plane punishes them by destroying thier mines almost as fast as they build them. "We have to keep digging forward because the mine shafts we built yesterday fell in last night behind us," sort of deal.