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2007-05-27, 11:45 PM
Mine is a debate between
t'kal strongclaw
race ;humanoid tiger like
1)rare race to play
2)saved party from being stranded on a island
3)captained a ship
4)got accused as a blackguard when a critical miss happened
5)freed 3 fellow paladins from jail
6)been in jail a couple times my self
7)help leading a rebellion against a corrupt town
bloodhawk archer willow
a kagonesti elf
ranger/wild runner
1)evil intelligent greatsword that possessed me
2) when i fought my party killed all npcs that was there
3)first dragonlance character i played

2007-05-27, 11:56 PM
Those descriptions are rather poor man, at least give us a little bit of the WHY. For example :

Limion Mirnir, Elven Cleric of Correlon Larethian. Known for : Being part of a two-man crew who've managed to clear not one, not two, but FIVE dungeons in the Underdark, back-to-back. Also the only character I've had who cleared 125 damage to a single target, without a critical, at level 5.

Kyle Tucker, human (afflicted wererat) rogue. Known for : Nothing, actually. He's entirely nondescript. Or was, when I made him at level 1 - becoming a wererat and fighting demons for five levels now has made him a little distinctive. Currently level 6, and on a natural 20 (which counts as 30 in our games), can make a DC 50 climb check. Has contributed to the party while under the effects of a Feeblemind spell. And is the reason that the Church of Pelor in the city of Heltos is now a mass of demonic veins in the shape of a building, rather than a church. Prompted by an intelligent katana, he's taken up the mantle of Elf-protector, and is currently learning to dabble in herbology.

Jacob Paloma, human monk. Known for : Being a ridiculously poorly optimized monk due to being blind, permanently. Plus being a BIT on the accident-prone side, with his 6 dex and all. Still, his most notable accomplishment so far (we're still at level 1, haven't played him nearly as much as I'd like) is catching a halfling that was sailing, screaming, through the air over his head. Listen check in excess of 30 to pinpoint the halfling's location, natural 20 on the touch attack, and Blind-sight saw to confirming the touch attack. Gotta love being the blind guy who reaches up, grabs the flying halfling, and sets him back down on the ground, then goes back to eating.

2007-05-28, 12:41 AM
Khithil, Human Hexblade. Notable for: Beating up the party's barbarian. Twice. Within about one minute, in game.

Aerethi, Human Illusionist. Notable for: Never taking damage, ineffective fireballs, very effective colour sprays, avoiding creating the first half-elf in that campaign world.

2007-05-28, 01:02 AM
Ferah, Thri-Kreen Warblade. Notable events: Confirming a critical hit with my first use of a special 'legacy' item, being saved from certain death by the Lady of Pain, witnessing the death of the Lady of Pain, watching a pain-in-the-ass foe get vaporized by a Hadouken, and creeping out a bunch of people in a small town in Louisiana by wandering around obscured in a heavy cloak.

and we're only up to level 4.

2007-05-28, 01:11 AM
Tenebrious Octoped, cleric of C'thulu. Created when I rolled a 4 for Charisma and realized I'd never be able to convert the masses, so I decided to drown them. More known for his Gauntlets of Ogre Power and +2 mace, Tenebrious was a frontline melee expert more than a healer. He was known to forget to prepare healing spells for days at a time, often resorting to battlefield surgery if it was truely necessary to heal someone.

He was the ranking cleric for the fledgling mercenary group the Gerbils of War, which included such notables as Zippy MacTeagle, the Scottish/Rastfarean Necromancer/Thief; The Grand Mohf Basch Kubla Kahn, another rogue; Randall Fisting, the punk rock fighter that charged into combat with his +2 spiked combat boots; mercenary Captain General Electric, who was immune to his namesake; and finally a character named after a Monty Python character so vile that it couldn't be repeated here for decency's sake.

The Gerbils of War were infamous for stealing merchant caravans on their way out of town, and astonishingly beloved for their tendency to stumble upon, and then exterminate, clans of vampires and other undead. Unfortunately, their adventuring career came to a sudden, shocking end at the hands of something that looked suspiciously like Pennywise the Clown.

The Gerbils made a second appearance in a Battletech game where they displayed a knack for forging requisition papers and making off with entire garrisons' supplies.

2007-05-28, 01:17 AM
Astar: Dwarf Knight. Notable events: Stood his ground against his own party when they were intent on slaughtering the children of a goblin tribe they had just defeated. While standing alone, he refused either to draw his weapon against his party or to stand aside, saying they would have to kill him first. He got his way, too, but then he had to spend much of his share of the loot trying to find a decent home for eight goblin orphans. And some members of the party still haven't forgiven him. The same may be true of the goblin tykes as well.

2007-05-28, 02:18 AM
Cai Brightfoot: Halfling Cleric. Notable for: Riding giant bees into battle, playing practical jokes on the BBEG and managing to convince a goblin shopkeeper that a chainmail bikini she wanted to sell was actually a helm. :smallbiggrin:

2007-05-28, 04:44 AM
Hadrian the wise, logorrheic halfling sorcerer.
Known deeds: sent to sleep trice in a row the party's warrior during the start of the campaign, when the DM tried to assemble all the PCs. :smallcool:
He also charmed the same warrior for almost half the campaign eliminating the risk of retribution from the warrior for the sleeps at the campaign start. :cool:
Currently waiting for learning Hold Person to use on the warrior. :biggrin:

2007-05-28, 08:13 AM
James Cyanblade: Human rogue/streetfigher/tempest.

Notable for:

Originally being an OD&D character that was converted to 2nd edition and then to 3.5.
His ever-shifting alignment - is he CG, CN, or CE today? Nobody knows!
Inventing Whirlwind Attack in 2nd edition while fighting a pair of dragons.
His penchant for eating the tongues of his enemies, particularly fiendish ones.
His glowing blue-green eyes, a sign of his planar ancestry and heriditary ties to Chaos and Limbo.
Once acquiring both the Hand and Eye of Vecna.
Forcing the DM to rule "That never happened!" and re-starting an adventure after some...inappropriate...hijinks involving the party mage and a medusa.
His vorpal sword.
Marrying a drow warrior named Ricklasandalsy Do'Zarla and eventually fathering a half-drow son he named Valdekez.
Continuing to be both a boon and an annoyance to the party paladin.
Now being a W.o.W. character on Bladefist.

2007-05-28, 08:52 AM
Niriel Amastacia, elven wizard/loremaster. Notable because:

Is a better singer than a bard, knows more about nature than a druid, has saved the lives of more party members than a cleric, and is more devotedly good-aligned than most paladins.
Carries more magic items than an average character twice her level, most home-made.
Has never cast a damage-dealing spell.
When captured by a family of red dragons, managed to convince them that they liked her singing more than they wanted to eat her (long enough to be rescued, anyway).
Never lies, hardly ever even conceals anything, and always assumes the best of everyone she meets unless she has a good reason not to.
Has somehow survived from 2nd-level to 9th-level despite this.

- Saph

2007-05-28, 09:10 AM
Saph: I'm very impressed. That's a special character alright.

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-05-28, 09:13 AM
Dentu Einstrauss, a rogue. Notable for having survived about a dozen different campaigns, raising a fully featured army from scratch thrice, saving the world twice, winning a PC to PC duel when he was two levels under against a fighter, and once crippling an entire army on his own by sabotaging an entire major supply line, then waiting with the only non-poisoned food for miles on the top of a caravan for the rest of the party to catch up.

2007-05-28, 10:05 AM
Richter Bravesteel, a Human Paladin/Shining Blade: Richter has two big landmarks for me. The first is that he was the first paladin I ever played in 3.0 or 3.5. The second, is that he marked the first time I ever played a character who I feel was a better person then myself, which was a role-playing challenged I hadn't tried to before. ( I feel I'm a decent guy, but I'm not a saint.)

Richter was exactly what I think a Paladin should be. He was gentle and soft-spoken normally, and he could turn into an inspiring leader during combat. He almost always offered surrender to his enemies, and would never strike down someone who was helpless. He even went as far as to patch up foes who hadn't quite died yet, as he believed in redemption more then retribution.

He kept himself minimally well equipped, and would give half his remaining money to the rest of the party, and the other to churches, charties, and what not.

One of my favorite moments was in a combat with a Durzagon Cleric of Eranthyul, which was nearly the antithesis of Richter. He used his magic to charm the other characters except my character, and he was going to use them to activate an item that would sacrifice and entire community. Richter bravely stood against him, and demanded he free his friends. In two rounds, he landed several blows, and two smite evils on the Durzagon which broke his hold on the other characters. That being said, the Durzagon had a quickened Divine power up, and smacked me with an unholy blight as well, so poor Richter was beaten within an inch of his life...

Well, the other characters joined the fray, and we managed to win. Still one of my favorite encounters ever; one player said "Just Run, you can come back for us later." and I said, "Richter wouldn't run, there is too much at stake."

Thanks to him, I think I became a better role-player. :D

Mr the Geoff
2007-05-28, 10:25 AM
Soap - Human (barely) Rogue

Known for
Rolling natural ones on move silently checks
Always catching an arrow, javelin or similar straight in the face in the first round of any given combat.
Going 5 levels without ever pulling off a single successful sneak attack.
Such abysmally low HP rolls that he was eventually killed by a spell aimed at the wizard standing next to him, despite making his reflex save and taking a further half damage due to alignment.
Despite all of this he generally had the party in stitches from start to finish, and every time he went into negative hp,and both times he died, he did so in such a way as to benefit the rest of the party (springing the ambush, discovering the invisible creature etc)
Not only this but the one time the party didn't res him, the bad guy brought him back as a zombie and successfully used him in the attack which wiped the rest of the party the very next day. Proof that even as a totally sub optimal character the party were boned without him.

He is still sadly missed, though after his gruesome death I rolled a barbarian for the d12 hit die as I needed a break from getting 1 shotted at level 5

2007-05-28, 11:20 AM
As I am primarily a DM, I don't have too many characters - instead I'll post one that one of my players made...

Hawlfarg, Lawful Evil Half-Orc Cleric, bound by Geas/Quest to help a party of good/neutral heroes. Mind you, they were mostly composed of idiots, which made it even more fun for the dark and cynical servant of Hextor (yeah, he was raised by humans, no Gruumsh) who so desired to tear them all limb from limb. For most of the time we played together, Hawlfarg would spend most of his time either contemplating how he could destroy the other party members (but nothing ever worked), or simply insulting them for their idiocy. He rarely put much effort into helping them outside of battle - but when a fight came around, it wasn't unlike him to smash the head of whatever they were fighting in, in a single round. When things started getting bigger, he adapted, using bodies as thrown weapons when necessary. He managed to knock out an evil giant spider that way, in a single round, too.

Unfortunately the campaign ended prematurely...no PCs died, just everyone had to go away. It's too bad - Hawlfarg was a one-of-a-kind character. He is still greatly missed.

2007-05-28, 11:29 AM
Asmolil, tiefling ranger/ assassin. Lawful Evil, but a lot more lawful than evil, to the point that he repeatedly saved a group of demon-fighting paladins against their will. Fanatical about the Blood War, to the point that he got an Axiomatic Demonbane longbow, and started carrying around holy water for more efficient demon-assassinating. Currently interrogating an epic-level wizard, trying to figure out a way to collapse the Abyss.

Citizen Joe
2007-05-28, 11:40 AM
My favorite was Helmott, a Lawful Neutral (more like anal legal) human fighter Purple Dragon of Cormyr with only mediocre stats.
Known for:

Not trusting most magic
Treasuring his only magic items Murlynd's Spoon
Thoroughly enjoying the gruel that said spoon produced
Being ULTRA legal about things to the point of waiting for a zombie to hit him before breaking into a dungeon on the grounds of the zombie being a danger to the community
Filling out (and enjoying) reems of paperwork to justify any adventuring situation.
When facing a demon with a nasty impaling weapon, took an impale to the gut and rather than wriggling free, clung desperately to the weapon, thus effectively disarming the demon so the rest of the party could finish it off.

Mr. Moogle
2007-05-28, 12:44 PM
Kenneth Strongfist: Human monk. Notable for outrunning his pissed off party twice and Grappling a Dragon. more on that Here http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41814&highlight=Dash+epic

2007-05-28, 01:04 PM
Ellis Mentois A.K.A. Agent L A.K.A. Agent... Lemming
Spycraft Pointman

Notable for:
Having the lowest Wisdom in the team.

His crippling fear of using firearms. Instead using naught but a knife, a taser, and a grappling hook in firefights.

Being capable of near superhuman feats of agility... outside of combat.

Despite his less that awe-inspiring callsign, managing to dominate and order about a team that who's members earned the names Phoenix, Gorgon, Hind, and Siren.

Coming within an inch of death once during the course of every mission, sometimes more.

Losing a tug of war match against a woman in 6 inch heels.

Catching a bullet to the face while riding shotgun in a bulletproof 'copter.

Spending a full minute mooning terrorists in the middle of a gunfight.

Ordering the deaths of more henchmen than all of the campaign's BBEGs combined.

Stealing and concealing illegal equipment from the Agency for the sake of keeping the team alive and well.

2007-05-28, 01:05 PM
Dela Toga
Half elf Ranger
Chaotic Good/(Nuetral)

Known for:
Tripping a Troll with a halfling
Eating a wizard's familiar
Siccing a pack of wolves and 1 camel on a noble
Winning a drinking contest with only one sip

His hair was dyes 3 colors: blonde, black, and the color the bood to the last guy his killed
A wizard's hat and robe (just to confuse people)
a vial of his own spit worn around his neck (to pour on people who insult his ears)
4 earrings on his ear

2007-05-28, 01:30 PM
Jocur the Uncaring, Dwarven Barbarian - notable events - slicing his left arm off to avoid being blown up, jumping an 80 foot ravine, rolling a 20 on a check to propose to a woman with 16 charisma when he only had 6, killing a main boss in one hit and persuading someone to sell him a tavern for 50gp.

Jodur the Humourous, Changeling Dragon Shaman - notable events - blowing up a room of explosives with him still inside, being attacke by his fellow companions after shape shifting into a demon, fighting a deranged cleric of heronious and lighting a mysterious trail of clear liquid (parafin) which was coming out of a collapsed building which had one of his companions inside.

2007-05-28, 01:50 PM
Hmmm.... so many to choose... so little typing space.

Aezetyr, Half-Fey Sorceress/Stormcaster.
Stats are what you would expect for one of these characters. Nothing special outside of the 22 CHA.

Lesser known for being the backup singer for the party Bard (my Perform[Singing] is at +12) and being said Bard's bodyguard; in a manner of speaking. :smallwink:

More well known for:

1: catching 4 ogres in a Lightning Bolt and taking out 3 of them in the same shot.

2: Enthralling an entire villiage to weed out an evil being that is threatening said villiage.

3: Casting "Tashas Hideous Laughter" on a party member that was about to sacrifice a yeth hound to his Intelligent dagger. (loong story).

4: Being the lawyer for same said party member after they were caught trying to steal from the local constable. Keep in mind that for my Sorceress, Diplomacy is not a class skill (yet it's +13 at 8th level, only) and I am Chaotic to the core.

2007-05-28, 03:05 PM
Jack Bison, straightforward Human sword-and-board fighter. He had pretty good INT and CHA but lame WIS. I particularly liked the character concept as I had high Craft(Painting) and made him an artist. All the decent skills, except Ride or Intimidate, are cross-class or nerfed by armour for Fighter, so I invented one and broke the stereotype. Ha!

I made him a Neutral mercenary who cared little for anything but animals and his art. He made rude and snarky comments about other allied and enemy warriors and the local decor. He painted brutal slayings and wondrous events. When the party rescued a noblewoman, the only thing he asked was to have some of his paintings in her gallery.

It was fun to roleplay.

2007-05-28, 03:30 PM
Malor Vedaness, Male changeling warlock. He's a charasmatic young changeling who wanders around, putting on tons of new faces wherever he goes, loving, learning, loving more... He's particularly charasmatic and is the party face. He's currently adventuring with a fire elf abjurer and a rilken cleric. He was thrown from his own reality and put somewhere else, but still knows almost nothing about it. He was desended from a half-incubus doppleganger in the service of Graz'zt, which explains not only his changeling heritage, but his warlock powers. His three most used disguises are Durin Ironbeard, dwarven blacksmith, Morana D'vella, Half-elven barmaid and Will Limrick, a human wizards apprentice. Though right now he's mostly benefitting from a Skarn disguise.

2007-05-28, 03:39 PM
Oh yeah!

My first EVER character for a long term game, a Half-Elf/Half-Orc Fighter, who became a full blooded elf reason of godly magic on an unknown plane of existence.

This guy was so hated and rejected, that he became "evil" throughout his epic journey. And one day, after peer-pressure, he was inducted into a divine ritual to completely change my personality, and became Lawful Good.

One night, he acquired the ability to ride a BLACK DRAGON, and acquired a spear that could evidently go through anything and a greatsword that emitted a flaming sphere so that only two people would remain, until a winner was decided, from death.

At the end of the campaign, my character became the general of the whole continent. Everyone knew me, and I could have started my own kingdom, and millions would have followed. He also was granted the ability to weild a greatsword in one-hand, and a two-handed waraxe in one hand, without penalties.

He worked hard to gain the confidence of his followers, and in the end he also created a school of fighting, concentrated on the greatsword.

Yeah, he was awesome! :D

2007-05-28, 03:47 PM
Mmh, here a couple of characters ive grown fond of.

Laethias, Half-Elf bard. Known mostly for horrible singing abilities, bad jokes, overall stupidity and stunning ability to find and trigger every single existing trap in any dungeon he wanders into.

Sir Bergrad of Haerintil, Knight Protector of The Great Kingdom. Known for slaying the Orc Warboss Grathak in the South-North War in single combat while having already fought for two days without rest. Has wielded the Legendary Sword of The First King. Ventured into the forgotten Dwarf realm in the western mountains and there found Reox, an ancient dwarf runesmith trapped inside a maul to stay for centuries. Reox has since worked as Bergrads main weapon and advisor, not to mention helping in enchanting the partys armor and weapons. Destroyed the Ice Globe and its three Guardians, thus turning the outcome of the South-North War. Led the defense of the Valley of North against the ten-times outnumbering horde of Grathak.

The latter character is still in action, and the GM has made the world himself. So its not your typical DD world: Elfs are amost extinct, Dwarves have long since been purged from their mountain realms and hordes of barbarians and orcs pour from thr northern icelands to attack the southern Kingdom of Haerintil. I want to point out that Grathak was at least 4 lvls higher than Bergrad and both had full HP when the duel began.

2007-05-28, 06:05 PM
Lord Auran d'Lyrandar, wizard/ dragonmark heir.

Notable for:
His love of many vices, gambling in particular, which he justifies by resorting to House Lyrandar policies about letting the younger members of the house gain experience on their own. He reasons that he needs to experience as many things as possible.
His cleverness. He comes up with almost all of the strategies and plans for the entire party. And then fails to reckon with the enemy's Listen check. (That only happened once, though.) A lot of that cleverness is due to me, the player, of course.
His morality. He preserves a Good alignment, which is mostly expressed through his desire to take practically any enemy the party runs into alive, and his distaste for killing.

Notable accomplishments:
Convinced House Lyrandar, his family, to boycott an entire nation. Because he got in trouble with the law there. The trouble was due to attempting to capture said nation's spies on a Lyrandar airship. To his credit, two-thirds of them survived to be captured. The trouble only increased after he and his companions broke into the King's Citadel in an attempt to convince the nation to leave them alone.
Lectured a paladin in good standing. On morality. :smallamused:

Rigel Cyrosea
2007-05-28, 06:37 PM
Garrock Austvale, Wizard.
Know for: Having 3 str. I actually rolled four 1s all together, for a 3. However, roleplaying his disability has been quite fun. He's still level one, so he hasn't achieved much yet. Oh, and all his spells Verbal components are instructions translated into Ido. Mento-stranjas la Igarmilito furtaristo! :smallbiggrin:

2007-05-28, 06:53 PM
My favorite character was a level 14 Changeling Beguiler. His social based skills were up in the stratosphere and he was a master at disguise and inpersonation and forgery. I forget how many different people he changed into thoughout the course of the campaign. Our party was pretty tense and no one trusted each other so role-playing him was pretty fantastic. He was capable of pretty much anything and even if he couldn't do something, he would convince you that he could.

2007-05-28, 07:09 PM
**Memory is a little hazy on wizard, there was a lot more, I may come back and edit some.**

No-Name (yet I named the familar...)
Level 9 Wizard Half Elf
Forgotten Realms

Crashing a caravan with a grease spell.
Causing the second cart to crash into the first.
Remembering the third one had fire and alchemical components in it.
Finding out that there is more than one use for pyrotechnics.
Causing every encounter for everyone to go blind from aformented pyrotechnics.
Discovering that making Puffy the familar a 9-headed hydra is fun.
Discovering the brokeness of polymorph.
Meeting a demi-god and living to tell the tale.
Using a wish ring to warp the gating in by the evil clerics of Shar with only one round to spare to a good aligned god who then restored two friends to life without experience loss and blasted the aformented evil characters to smithereens.
Causing the DM to lose his sanity more than once.

My new character has some standards to meet it seems.
Tobias (I named him this time!)
Level 6 Bard Blue Half-Dragon (Human base)

Proving that a bard is not useless.
Dragonbomb. 480ish lbs. Think about it.
Having fairly high DC for spells, and yet out of 6 times trying to charm person, only succeeded once.
Discovering that a massive Strength score actually has very tangable benefits. (Im not a meeler until I played this character :smallbiggrin:)
Realizing that despite being a little over 8 feet tall and have scales in EBBERON, I rarely am questioned. Go figure.
Gaining an enlarge power. Dragonbomb x8?
Discovering size does matter.
Escaping irate authorities by using aformented power.
Flying companions and self away from authorities to the captains tower to get sorted out.
Causing some serious damage to wall in attempt to get inside. Discovering that I have great door creating powers.
Discovering that it is a bad idea for the wizard to pilot. It's HIS fault that the boat crashed. Profession (Pilot) my &#%. If only he had let me drive. :smallamused:
Causing the DM to lose his sanity. Only one time springs to mind well. Need to fix that. :smallbiggrin:

2007-05-28, 07:27 PM
Sir Kaine Drakon, Paladin of Tyr.

Notable Events: Dealing 300 Damge with an unarmed strike, non crit. Living on the plane of Shadow for 3+ years, single handedly defeated an adult dragon.


Notable Events: First character in 2nd Edition that I actually ENJOYED playing.
House ruled as a QUAD CLASS character (Fighter/Cleric/Mage/Thief) Stole from her Paladin brother.

2007-05-28, 11:07 PM
Mikhail, Human Monk

Known for being the only of his party to attempt to hit a great wyrm red, then be the only of the party to survive the encounter after 4 of them died in one hit. Thus, leaving the invisible rogue to fail his move silent as he ran the hell out of the cave, through an inter-planar portal to safety, but sadly, incurable insanity at the loss of all 5 friends.

Perhaps I'll find him again someday, sitting in a corner gibbering about death, dragons, andthe difficulty of running on a horde of treasure.

He could run faster than the dragon, almost faster than the dragon could fly.

2007-05-29, 11:30 PM
Awwww, only D&D characters? You're missing out on all my best stories!


Tala, arctic gnome... prefers not to specify. Petite by gnome standards and sensitive about her height, particularly when people seem to think she can't take care of herself. Companion to a wolf, Mahele, to whom she owes her life several times over; she considers him her guardian, but at the same time responds more strongly to attacks on him than on herself.

Manar Ryanelle, human paladin. A former minstrel, she grew up on the idea of mercy and redemption, and follows the concept in everything she does--though even she has her doubts about how universal the ideas are. Currently serving as one part tour guide, one part introductory partner for a party of six other paladins.

And one of my old projects:

Ratri, doppelganger assassin. Chaotic by nature, evil by apathy and slightly insane, she divides the world into two groups--those who are "interesting" and those who aren't. She's unswervingly devoted to an individual who falls into the latter group, a fellow bent on world domination in the most random way possible--and highly unlikely to betray him, because in her opinion ruling the world would be too much work. Despite her freespiritedness, she's an expert infiltrator who with the proper equipment could hang around a city full of paladins and never break cover--and has accomplished such a mission already.

2007-05-30, 12:25 AM
Garak Ironvault, Dwarf Barbarian
He, and his wizard sister, Valana, are out on a quest to get cash so they can buy their way back into the dwarven city from whence they came (He got thrown out at the incredibly young age of 47 for being drunk and disorderly, even for a dwarf. His sister is babysitting). He is known for drinking enough dwarven whiskey to kill and preserve a rhino, one shotting a young adult white dragon at level 3 (yay lucky crits), creating a set of bolas out of dire lion paws, creating enough clothing for a regiment out of furs of things he has killed, and owning enough trophies from his kills to construct a flesh golem.

2007-05-30, 08:45 AM
My favourite DnD PC is Ancalagon, a NG Orc Barbarian 1/Fighter 8/Exotic Weaponmaster 1/Tribal Protector 2 (a 3.0 prestige class. The campaign started 3.0 and coverted when 3.5 came out) and his Hv Warhorse named Horse (upgraded through GM fiat and later the Wild Cohort feat from the Wizards site). His stats at 12th lev were -
23 Str, 12 Dex, 18 Con, 14 Int, 10 Wis, 10 Char (the 2nd highest Char in the party). Had favoured enemy (from Tribal Protector) "Folowers of Grumash". Had the long term goal of find Grumash's lost eye and destroying it.

A Greyhawk campaign where we started as 4th lev guards for a weapons caravan. His tribe had come of the worst in some sort of religous dispute a few centuries ago and turned from the worship of Grumash to the worship of Corelleon. His cousin and him joined the party after travelling with some Elvish Paladins. Took to wearing Mithral Fullplate engraved with the symbol of Corelleon, and was trying to get Mithral Breastplate Barding for Horse when the campaign ended. Weilded a Spiked Chain and Horse had Horseshoes of the Zephr (float 1" above any surface, including water, leaving no trail and having perfect footing.

Highlights: -
As we sailed towards a town under loose seige by Orcs, rode Horse of the ship and galloped across a 1/2 mile of ocean, leaping onto dock where the human guards were watching, lifting up his visor and declaring in the name of Corelleon we're here to crush those barborous orc servants of the old one eyed <expeltive>.

When sneaking up on a cave portal defended by a Hobgoblin mercanary company our invisibility spells got shorted out. He then charged across a trapped killing zone under ballista and archery fire, and used Horse's buck to sommersualt him over the wall into the Hobgoblin defenders. Despite losing two spiked chains to paired <5 trip rolls, and reduced to 0 hps, killed the Hobgoblin Captain facing him AND his remaining 5 followers with a Power Attack, Knockdown, Improved Trip, Great Cleave combo that finished the Captain I'd damaged and carried on to the remaining followers (all 4HD) before falling over from taking the 1 hp for making a standard action. Note, until near the end he was the only party member there, since Horse had outrun everyone else (I paid to have my Horseshoes of Zephr givin the Horseshoes of Speed enchantment as well).

Purchased a Wand of Reduce Animal for our Ranger, and Spiderclimb for our illusionist Wizard, so that Horse could come down dungeons with us.

Basically he was an Orc who thought of himself as a Paladin, but was to Chaotic to ever make that step into LG need to actually take the Paladin class. He's the closest thing I've ever played to a Paladin.


2007-05-30, 09:08 AM
Solyx the logical and charismatic cleric of a chaotic stupid god.

- Researching and successfully using the spell dismantle peasant .
- Convincing a mummy Lord that it does not exist.
- 'Crashing' a powerful NPC through logic.
- gaining several powerful items as supernatural abilities.
- horrendously abusing the limited wish spell.
- Being able to speak in such a way that a target is affected by insanity (This is a supernatural ability).
- Getting nearly killed by my own party on 3 separate occasions.

Carradoc of the Hall of Grond. Dwarven Prince with levels in barbarian/fighter/frenzied berserker/berserk.

He has a tendency to dish out the hurt a lot and is one of my favourite characters to ever play. So much so that I will do everything to get him ressed as my next character's cohort should he die.

2007-05-30, 12:02 PM
I gots two that I really enjoy.

Skorvar Badgercloak, Gnome Favoured Soul of Rill Cleverthrust.

Well, firstly, his first name means "Wise Jester" in gnomish. That should tell you something. He pretty much keeps the party (and enemies, in one encounter) in stitches. Otherwise known for:

-Using a holy longsword way too much
-Casting "Weapon on the Deity" on a pickled fish, dubbing it the holy mackerel.
-Hitting a party member for being a jerk, then healing him because his skills would probably be needed.
-Ending a largescale encounter with the wall of light spell. "Vampires? What vampires?"


"Ludicrous" Lenny, Chaos Gnome Wild Mage.

Known for:

-Being completely random.
-Randomly teleporting places for no reason.
-Being like a Hammer Bros., killing enemy sorcerer.
-When captured and forced in to gladitorial combat for nobles to watch, writing "Screw You" in to the ground with prestigitation.

2007-05-30, 02:04 PM
Well... I only played about four PC in OD&D and AD&D 1st and 2nd addition (I was always DM). My favourite definitely was:

Nalshaee, AD&D 1st edition drow fighter, CN: way too chaotic to survive in Drow society and as religious as a cat. Notable for: my one and only PC kill - and it wasn't my fault. Honestly. Or would you surrender your weapons to the party's assassin while on a graveyard full of undead? Didn't think so. :smallbiggrin:

2007-05-30, 02:17 PM
Four favorites for different reasons.
1) Tirith - Paladin from 1st edition when all we had was the Blue Basic Edition and Players Handbook. we were too young to understand anything so just kept combining magic swords together each time we picked one up. later viewed Dieties and Demigods as a monster manual. yeah its probably pretty lame but I suspect many did that at the time. Very good memories.

2) Nike Longlife 1st edition Thief. Stuck in a party with players who for one reason or another only kept what they could use and left Nike with pretty much everything else random. Flew into combat on a giant fly. entangles monsters with ropes of entanglement. Once used a wand of wonder to randomly cast flesh to stone on an lurker. really annoyed the DM. ran him through Temple of Elemental Evil for a summer in middleschool.

3) Barrack. 3rd edition Monk/Fighter who used a guisarme (feats from dragon magazine). Nothing fantastic but I always thought the ability to flurry with a x3 critical weapon was fun. My party members poo pooed the likelyhood of it happening until just when we needed it I critted 3 times in one round and did over 100hps damage. Probably never happen again but I only needed it to happen once. :smallsmile:

4) Slasher. 3.5 WarForged w permanent enlarge cast on him fighter/War Hulk. The ultimate straight forward fighter. Wields a monkey griped Huge keen scimitar. He's put me in the absolute oppositite position as Nike. Almost nothing works for him. Fun.

Rowan Intheback
2007-05-31, 11:55 AM
The character I'm playing now actually. Rowan Intheback is a Half Dragon (base half elf) sorcerer prestiging to Dragon heart mage right now at level 8.

I focused his build on his cha entirely and his skills are all diplomacy based. his base check (without rolling the d20) is 42 and his bluff is 34. This has given him quite the list of accomplishments:

When his party was being chased by a lynch mob he turned around and rolled a 2 on a Diplomacy check not only did the mob stop but the party was treated to a feast and free room and board.
When being attacked by a doppelganger pulled a natural 20 on a diplomacy check and (63 this is due to the use of Draconic Persuasion) now the party has a doppelganger as a minion.
Went into a wizarding academy and bluffed to the young wizards that he was a wandering scholar. Then proceeded to continue his bluff telling them the invisibility spell only work if you are naked.
Bought a dagger from a merchant cast prestidigitation on it and sold it back to the same merchant bluffing that it was now enchanted with powerful magic and diplomacy checked his way into charging the merchant 2000 gold for it.
When a crime lord attempted to poison his food he bluffed convincing the Mafioso that he had not only eaten but enjoyed several helpings. The entire dinner party remarked how quickly he had finished his clearly full plate.
Once stopped a higher level monk from killing him by telling her "you can't do that... your arms are made of snakes. Deceptively arm shaped snakes." the monk then ripped her arms off just to be certain she was safe from snake like peril.
Stopped an enemy cleric from healing her boss by shouting "No! You'll kill him!"
Despite his charisma he has never seduced any character.

2007-05-31, 01:23 PM
wizard, currently 4th level, of a unicorn-based race I designed for the campaign.
Known for:
- Generally, openly stating that he is an egotist (and an a-hole)
- Occaisonally giving the party home-made magical items, with the exact reason being "because I'm a jerk, that's why"
- Doing the most good for other people when he doesn't have time to think about it.
- Frequently explaining to the party that he is smarter than them.
- Being better at dealing with crowds, manipulation, or formal situations than he is with any sort of intimacy.
- Always, always, putting his little digitgrade, two-toed foot in his mouth (in intimate situations)
- His inevitable romance with the party's fiendish (the same race as him base)bard
- His frequent knocking over of chairs when he is pissed.
- His hedgehog familliar, Pine, who lives in a house-ruled in extradimensional pocket in his robe, which apparently contains a small cart for firewood, a tiny barrel of brandy for mountain rescue, and a pair of hedgehog-sized night-vision goggles, despite not needing them. also, a tiny headband. Basically, nothing useful for anything but roleplay.
- Using Pine to spy on everybody
- Having an uncle who creates "rains of things, you know, fish and blood and baby grand pianos, and small but angry wombats."
- Pointing out that wizards exist under an entirely different hierarchy, one that includes wizards always being at the top.
- Being generally restless
- Being generally guilty and worrying
- Having a semi-rational hatred of paperwhites.
- Drinking fruit smoothies.
- Loving magical clothing and jewelry.
- Using the party's knight as an example at every oportunity. Because it's convinient
- Being the one who originally outlined the basic first leg of the plot: standing up, knocking down his chair as he did so, and yelling at the sky "Oh! that's it! that *******'s going to die!"
- Really wanting a tower of his own somewhere (apparently like all wizards)
- Once having put several animals in someone else's house "to see what would happen."
- Having a rather questionable alignment, especially since he never cared about alignment.

2007-05-31, 09:30 PM
Becomes-the-Breeze, a level 12 Monk-race is basically a homebrew Argonian from Elder Scrolls. Known for:

1) At level 3, rolling a nat 20 for both a jump check and a punch, while in the midst of a charge to instantly deal lethal damage to basically what was an Awakened spider queen with a very large Cha score that was bothering the locals with swarms of unnaturally large spiders. (DM ruling was that since there happened to be a trampoline under the queen (homebrew spell), if I made a jump check higher than 2x DC12, I could jump+charge)

2) At level 9, successfully untrained-Bluffing a room full of various people all with high Will saves (guild with prerequisite of level 4 arcane caster) that he was, in fact, Elminster's most honored teacher in some obscure academy of magical arts when Elminster was a teenager. Basically the result of very, very bad saves to disbelieve and the fact that the high-level Bard (CO of the guild) who couldn't even fail that check on a 1 was being distracted by the rest of the party.

3) At leve l12 (during the last gaming session of the campaign) managed to take a Cleric of Erythnul by the..erm... yeah... and make a Grapple high enough to 1. rip that particular thing off, 2. throw him out the window, and 3. roll another super-bluff check to convince witnesses on the street that this was common practice for that particular religion. And also manage to hold on to his NG align

All added to the fact that this character seems to enjoy the most uncanny luck with practically every type of dice roll (at least 1 spectacular thing happens to him every gaming session).

2007-05-31, 10:35 PM
Ailwyn Stormcastle, better known as The Phoenix.

Elven Thief, 2nd Edition.

- Stole the prize money of a gladitorial tournament before it was awarded
- Allowed himself to be imprisoned no less than ten times over the course of the campaign because "The Fallen Phoenix Always Rises Again."
- Managed to trick an entire party (and both infuriate and titillate their players) out of a much larger share of treasure than usual. [A word of explanation. I turned my skills on one party member at a time, and it amused the others, but I made sure I hit them all relatively equally in the long run.]
- Relied most heavily on intelligence and planning, rather than raw dexterity.
- Is extremely indirectly responsible for the death of a halfling shopkeeper. (It's quite a tale, pm me sometime.)

This character was my favourite to play because the DM was receptive to my style of play. I describe my actions in great detail, and with the right DM I was able to get through many thieving expeditions with minimal rolling of the dice. He's also the character with whom I had my greatest PC story, which I will send to people if they're interested (it's not too long, have no fear).

My second favourite character to play was an NPC, but I have plans to bring him about in another campaign as a player sometime.

Martin Pale, Human Wizard (Lawful Evil).

- Almost successfully took over the world (twice).
- Was once thwarted not by the PCs, but by a rival group of power-hungry Wizards.
- After being imprisoned in a ring, he ended up in the party's hands. He used disguise skills to convince them that he was in fact Chaotic Good and willing to help the party defeat Martin Pale (himself) if they would only go on a quest to release him from the ring.
- After being released from the ring, Pale used a magic portal to go back in time to eliminate the PCs' parents. The PCs followed, and much hilarity ensued. One PC's parents were in fact killed. Poor guy.
- Eventually defeated by the PCs and cast into a void between planes of existence. Presumed dead (dun dun dunnnn).

He was an absolute riot to play, he was dry and sarcastic, but also a lively character. He was not all about the books, not all-consumed by his attempts to destroy the party, but he liked imaginative yet down-to-earth schemes. The chapter with Pale in the ring was probably my to-date greatest GMing achievement, and I'm extremely proud of this character. I have a couple players now who know that in whatever game it appears, the name Martin Pale brings fear and destruction.

Call Me Siggy
2007-05-31, 11:32 PM
Let's see....

The Nameless Swordsman (Or woman-never really showed face)
Swordsage 20, mostly used Desert Wind.

Notable for:Having good scores in all stats...except for CHA. 14 STR, 16 DEX, 18 WIS, 14 INT...3 CHA.

Needless to say, roleplaying was...awkward. He/she/it was too shy to ever show its face, or say its name, so gender was never really determined. Of course, it masked this shyness by, well, being insane. It had odd speech patters, usually laughing loudly and disruptively at serious moments, ending most sentences as a question with no...and never referred to any other member of the party by name. Instead, it identified them by personality...the Elven Cleric was called "serious-face", the Human Binder was called "Mr. summony-person", etc...the Warblade was the only person it really respected, mainly because they both studied the Sublime Way.

It also managed to throw a white dragon.

This is Siggy....

2007-06-01, 01:42 AM
Man which character is my favorite. it's such a hard list it's hard to say. What I can do is give you my recent characters from the past few years.

In order of appearance.

Damionte : Half Elf Ranger/Archer: Damionte was my first character built in 3.5. He was a good archer considering the limited books we had at the time. He was fun to play, but earned me as aplayer a reputation for cowardice. As an archer he was alwasy accused of bringing a gun to a knife fight. I was also usually the first person to run away when I thought things were going badly.

Alas his end came while running away. He was the last man standing during our assault on the 2nd Temple Of Elemental Evil.
While running away from a red dragon that had torched the rest of the party he was attacked by a pair of invisible assains. After eluding them he died shortly after from the poisons delivered by the assasins blades. - TPK

Dexington : Dexington was a good character and a great build. My first time really getting to play a Psionic character. This Half Giant P-Warrior/Fighter/Ardent/Warmind was a Full Blade wielding power attack cleaving god of damage. He had a fairly long backstory which i never got to get into during his career. Dexington was a mid campagn replacement for my first psionic character. A Half giant P-Warrior Monk who got killed at lvl-3 fighting a dragon. "Why in the world we were fighting a dragon. (On the deck of a spellfire ship no less.) at level 3 still eludes me."

Dex met his end as the last man standing in another TPK. "Same group of players as the Temple Of Elemental Evil above." He was the opposite in just about every way to Damionte. He lead from the front. He cashed it in at lvl 9 to 4 beholders. I am proud to say that after the rest of the party was defeated he had just two deholders left. He still managed to take one out before falling to the last one. Having 4 classes really pumps up your saving throws. - TPK

My Current character,Brisk Dusk of Deyotch is an interesting mix. He's also one of my deeper characters on the story side. I won't bore you with his back story though as it takes too much time. He's a dragon Touched Warlocke/Cleric/eldritch Discple of Hlal. The chaotic good god of Copper Dragons. His younger brother is Dedrick. Dragon Asperant, and loyal follower of Brisk.

Between the two characters I can be the parties band-aid while still being able to dish out some damage. Between them they make a good scouting team. The inate ability to fly as well as go invisible is pretty nice.

I'm happy to say Brisk and Dedrick have not yet succumb to this groups seemingly insane need to TPK before the teen lvls. Last week we hit lvl 12. WOOHOO go us. Playing the cleric has alowed me a direct hand in rather or not we TPK. :)

I actually have my next character ready, but as I am GMing next and the current campagn is almost over he probably won't see the light of day unless something crazy hapens to my current guy.

The new as of yet un-named character is a monk. :) I know I've been preaching against monks but he's a monk ... type. Mechanically he'll be a Monk/Cleric/Warlocke/Eldritch Discple/Sacred Fist. The idea was to build a monk with a street fighter like fireball. Along the way I expanded it to actually fill a role in a party. Since no one else in our group will play clerics he needed to be able to heal as well as do his monk thing. Play tests at various levels have been promising. If I do not get to use him in this campagn I'll use him as a re-accuring villain wen it's my turn to GM, probably around the end of the summer or christmas depending on how long our current game lasts.

2007-06-01, 08:04 AM
Sevar de Tel'Valun: a fey'ri bard who was raised by an elven high mage. His step-brother is a champion of the elven race, and Sevar was prophesized to bring about the twilight of the elves on our world. He is notable for taking Graz'zt down at 16th level by using spell turning on Graz'zt's trap the soul spell like ability, which overcame his spell resistance and Graz'zt rolled a natural one on his save. Sevar also fought a vampiric lich true necromancer (and won).

This character has been put in so many situations where he should have been killed, but the people trying to kill him always end up liking him more than the person who sent them after him.

He is a lyric thaumaturge/sublime chord/seeker of song/spellsinger. My first and only time I powergamed, but he has a very intensive story to back it up.

2007-06-01, 09:51 AM
Gnome Battle Sorcerer

Known for having the dwarf fighter in party carry his alchemists lab with him the entire game.

Inventing a dozen gadgets (with real blueprints) designed to maximize the use of alchmical items

taking out a horde of abberations before the party could reach them (he left two of twelve in two round) guaths and mindflayers beware

having a high pitched squeeky voice

2007-06-01, 11:29 PM
My favorite character wasn't my own.
His name was Urf.
2nd Ed Kobald Fighter.

Most notable for
Lowering his stats at creation because "These are entirely to good for a kobald."

Picking up any shiny bouble or nicknack, including a pair of glass orbs that glittered and floated when struck together, and putting them into a ragged old sack.

Echoing the Dwarven cleric when he praised his god "Hail Maregard!!!" and was told repetidly to "Shut the hell up, Lad." when he did it.

Being thrown out of a church steple by the Elven Bladesinger to "Check for wards on the window."

Filling in as the party bard by singing "Dwarvses is stupid, Elfses is Mean." out of tune when ever the mood struck him.

Having his sack of nicknacks and trinckets up-ended on a rope bridge 100ft off of the ground by a city councileman. The player looked at the DM and said rather calmly "He did what?" When confirmed The thirty pound kobald threw his unarmed self at the councileman and rode him "Slim Pickens" style to the unyeilding earth below.

Asking the Palidan if he could barrow her Holly Avenger so he could help kill the drow demigod the party had unwittingly released.

Weilding said Holly Avenger to full effect. Did I forget to mention that at some point Urf became a Paladin of the dwarven God called upon by the cleric? The party had no idea untill that very moment.

Weilding a Sun star and a +5 Knife so effortlessly that the party did almost nothing to assist him in battle with that Black Wyrm in it's own lair.

Proclaiming himself "King of the Kobalds."

Diving into the Tarraque's mouth, to retreave the Bladesinger's arm that had the wish ring needed, to slay.

And last Challenging Tiamet to battle because "All other dragons is just to small." She has yet to accept.

2007-06-01, 11:41 PM
Tannis Half-Elven.

Even though he went out like a chump.

2007-06-02, 12:44 AM
My favorite character of all time... J.J. the half-orc barbarian. (The name is a long story.) He did not flourish in a Japanese campaign setting, but he was awesome nonetheless. Notable achievements include:

When ordered to assassinate the police chief, declaring himself the "distraction", grapnelling through a window, and crushing three guards by shoving a futon through a rice-paper screen.

Collecting the severed heads of all boss monsters whom he killed by massive damage. Collected three before he kicked the bucket.

Lastly, my favorite: we were attempting to infiltrate a boat. I snuck in and killed the captain, but a bluffing attempt went wrong and we were about to be captured by the enemy. Of course, my assassin companion immediately shouted "he killed the captain!" and started attacking me. I had one turn before I was clubbed into unconsciousness and tortured. The obvious protocol would be seppuku, but J.J. was to awesome for that. Instead, I disemboweled myself and declared a ranged attack with my large intestine.

Of course, I rolled a natural 20.

As the intestine hit my companion in the face, I grabbed him by the collar and growled, "I have three words for you."

"What?" he asked.


Needless to say, the campaign went downhill from there. I believe the DM finally got rid of my via divine intervention.:smallcool: But I was just sick of the other players and the DM by then and I wanted out.

2007-06-02, 11:20 PM
Vuthamolik, Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Dragon Shaman (Black Dragon Totem). Notable for his habit of using his breath weapon to kill birds in mid-flight, and then catching them in his mouth. And for bathing in his breath weapon. And for using his breath weapon on just about any obstacle the party came across. Heh. Sure showed those swinging axe traps... Oh, and noted for hiding at the beginning of every encounter. Every one. And, upon the BBEG's appearance, turning around and running into the catacombs but getting caught anyway. And, of course, for commenting on the smell of the filthy mammals he had to travel with. You'd think they could've bought some soap occasionally. Of course, he did have a few quirks. Like his love of anything shiny. Or anything containing alcohol, even if it is in a crate at the end of a corridor of traps. Oh, and due to several glamers on his armor in order to allow him to keep his camouflage skin, he appeared to be wearing only a belt and a bandoleer. I figured it isn't indecent since his race doesn't appear to have anything to cover up, according to the Monster Manual 3, but then, he probably wouldn't have cared anyway.

2007-06-02, 11:38 PM
Gaberiel: Human Bard
Notable for: So, one day Gabriel and his crew (Leadership feat) are hanging out in "his" forest, a caravan of villagers fleeing the incoming Orc horde passed on the road. So, he step out, order them to stop and surrender their belongings. First potential hero that opposed me, killed in one round before he was able to act. After he robbed the villagers of what little valuables they had, a woman approched him with food. He immidiatly turned it away, saying "I'm not a monster."

The Unlucky One
2007-06-02, 11:49 PM
This is mine:

Rurik Orcslayer: Figther/Tempest LG

Known for:

Missing all important save
Having a demon talking to him in his head
Being beardless and having deformed eye because of this same demon
Missing a DC 26 save with a bonus of +20
Being locked up in his adamantium prison to avoid hurting people because of the demon possession
Being killed by a paladin and a cleric (his party) while under the effect of a spell
Having sacrified 1480 prisoners to make a deal with a demon prince to save his kingdom
Having sacrificed a part of this same kingdom to cure an demon disease affecting his people

2007-06-03, 08:34 PM
Orik, a LE human fighter/rouge who played more like CN. He was a Knight of Tahkisis in a Dragonlance campaign. His party was ordered to find the Tower of Waywreth in Silvenesti. Our DM decided that the forest was infested with Otyughs. Yeah. So my character scouts ahead, fails miserably, and fights an otyugh. Rinse and repeat. Was very suprised when I found that they only had an 11 Str and could be easily grappled:smallbiggrin:. Later that night the dumb cleric on watch did not spot an otyugh sneaking up on us (the "dumb cleric" adds that you cant be dumb for failing a roll). So while the dumb cleric fails his spot check agaisnt the otyugh, it coup de graces me. Luckily i rolled a 20 fort save. Orik awakes with a roar "Damn you otyughs!". I was going to multiclass again into ranger to get favored enemy "aberration" but the campaign ended. very sad.

The Unlucky One
2007-06-19, 09:39 PM
I have 2 more

Tharivor and Aramil : Elf Twin brothers (I played Aramil first and when he died I played Tharivor) CN

Aramil : Got hated by the party dwarf
Aramil was petrified because of the party dwarf ( Bad guy : You want to see my power? Dwarf: Try it on the elf, we don't care about him)
The statue of Aramil got melted in a lava trap just after that

Tharivor have been mistook for his brother and kidnapped by a justiciar
He then been saved by the party but never got his stuck back
Has been converted CG by an ****ing pacifist
The justiciar then killed all the party ( Mettle+Evasion+ Ac 50 at lv 15)

2007-06-19, 09:44 PM
I like Lilith the Tiefling Barrister (http://youtube.com/watch?v=vcU2-Fm8wVQ).

2007-06-20, 12:19 AM
My favorite D&D character has to be Tannen (see sig).

Minotaur (runt)
Ranger (though later the campaign turned gestalt, and he ended up Ranger//Fighter/Swordsage)

Notable for:

Having his Wisdom (18) higher than any of his physical stats (and his Intelligence [16] not far behind it)
Having (1) a positive Charisma modifier, (2) soap in his inventory, (3) ranks in Profession (minotaur grooming), and (4) a minotaur grooming kit
Being the voice of reason and the mediator of the party throughout the campaign
Being, for a while, the only Good-aligned (NG) member of the party
Occasionally picking up the CN pathological liar Sorcerer by the back of the collar and shaking him until he stopped being stupid and/or annoying
Helping to fight off an army of Zerg--*ahem* Kytons that tried to overrun the dwarven town out of which the party was based
Killing (with the help of the party Monk and a little assistance from the Sorcerer) a circle of Vrocks that would have turned a good chunk of the town into a smoking crater
Contributing to the worsening alcoholism of the dwarven bartender in the tavern where the PCs stayed, just by virtue of existing
Making friends with the Psychotic Neutral half-elf Rogue in the party and picking up her habit of ordering apple juice at the tavern
Having a ridiculously high Spot modifier, an even more ridiculously high Listen modifier, and a habit of rolling natural 20s on checks with those skills
When the party was able to have a high-level NPC wizard Scry on the demons' stronghold for us, rolling a high enough Survival check to "get a sense of the layout of the place" that he was able to memorize the floor plan, allowing the party to plan out our plan of attack in advance. (That's what the DM gets for describing the place as "maze-like" with a minotaur in the party)
Getting to wield the Angel Wing Razor (+5 Vorpal bastard sword, penetrates all DR, *very* evil) in the final boss fight
Agonizing over whether it was spiritually-healthy to attempt to wield the Angel Wing Razor before said boss fight
Right after boss fight, realizing that a Solar just showed up (An angel! Shiny!), and he's holding the Angel Wing Razor (ohcrap... I'm in trouble). And willingly--perhaps even eagerly--handing it over to said Solar when he asks for it.
After said boss fight, when the Angel Wing Razor is transformed/purified through the death of the aforementioned high-level NPC Wizard at the hands of a Solar, getting to walk out of game possessing the now-pure-Good Angel Wing Razor---because of his friendship with the Psychotic Neutral half-elf chick

I had so much fun with Tannen. I miss that campaign.

2007-06-20, 12:40 AM
My first D&D character, ever. Nuggin, Neutral Evil Halfling Fighter

Known for:

- Escaping a prison cell less than 60 seconds after the door was locked
- Never failing to intimidate any humanoid taller than himself
- Planting razors in foodstuffs
- Kicking party-members in the shins
- Slaying an Adult White Dragon at level 3, alone
- Forgetting to label/categorize his potions (that was fun)
- Astonishingly accurate "critical hit" forecasts ("One hit. He'll be done.")
- Tax Evasion
- Blackmail
- Kleptomania
- Killing more foes with improvised weapons than ones he was proficient with
- Never backstabbing his allies, despite his numerous opportunities (simply because keeping them around was easier :smallbiggrin: )

brian c
2007-06-20, 12:40 AM
My first ever character: Ganesh the human Monk. His name was due to the fact that the miniature I picked out for him was a tiny idol of Ganesh (the Hindi elephant god with 6 arms). Notable accomplishments: grappled a kraken (or something like that) in an underground lake because he didn't have a ranged weapon. He died in the proccess, but a couple party members ended up surviving to kill the beasty.

My second ever character: Henk, Half-Ogre Barbarian/War Hulk. He had a pretty deep backstory considering his low mental stats. He was exiled by his full-ogre brothers and had strong jealousy for anything bigger or stronger than him, which led to taking levels in War Hulk to boost his strength (32, 36 when raging, at level 9). His greatest day was being tricked by the party sorcerer into charging a hill giant ("That giant stole your shiny thing!" "Henk smash giant!!!"), dropping into negative hp once but surviving.

addendum: I later rehashed the same character with a somewhat different name in a campaign with a different DM. At "level 0" because of the LA (so basically a racial HD) he singlehandedly dealt with two bandits attacking from roofs of buildings by climbing up 30ft and doing some ridiculous amount of damage with a fullblade, leading to the DM description "Um... he just exploded". Also went around a major city to find a butcher shop to purchase a sheep for dinner. I can't remember his name, but thanks to good rolls he actually had above-average mental stats despite racial adjustments.

Recently though I'm been DMing, which I feel gives more opportunities to create memorable characters, though less time to spend on them except BBEGs.

2007-07-04, 09:21 PM
Berian Caluser IV, Chaotic Good human bard/mindbender.
Notable for:

Asking a Sex Oracle (don't ask) if he'd ever see his family again, since he hadn't returned to his home town ever since the second adventure of the campaign.
Being one of the three player characters to never die in the campaign. The other five players had their characters killed at least once. Seeing how the campaign ran from level 1 to 10, I consider that to be quite the feat.
Being asked to sing every time he said he was a bard, even though his only ranks at Perform were in Perform (Oratory). He finally caved in at level 9, took the Versatile Performer feat, and everyone was happy.
After taking the Versatile Performer feat, he performed at a tavern in the Abbyss with a lilliend. Since his Perform check was way over 30, he brought the demons to tears with his song about hope and goodness.
Disguising himself as a goblin to infiltrate a camp of goblins, getting caught by villagers that were being raided by goblins and thought he was a goblin and having to remove his disguise to prove he was not a goblin.
Using Mirror Image liberally in combat once he had learned the spell, which may be a reason for his continued survival.
Using a Glibness spell to try and bluff his way through a guard, and failing miserably, even with his really high Bluff check.

All in all, I really liked that character.

2007-07-05, 11:03 AM
Corronus Alton: Chaotic Neutral Elf Psion

Famous For:

single handedly creating and fostering a clan of elven superiorsts.
Saving the party with clever uses of telekenisis, and exploding/ burrowing astral constructs.
Making exactally one mele attack in his entire life, which was confirmed with 3 natural 20's making for instant death from a dagger
Being a quadriplegic

Kaimirrus Alton: Neutral Good Human Artificer

Famous for: killing Corronus Instantally
Causing massive amounts of collateral damage
Dwarf Smuggling
Destroying an entire boss encounter in 1 turn
Essentially creating Sigil in an ancient Roman Setting.

2007-07-09, 01:29 PM
My favorite character ever, because it was the longest game I was in.

Meepo Van Gina (I was named by three other party members the Evangel brothers.)
Kobold / Vampire
Monk 5/ Tattooed Monk 3 /Ninja of the Crescent Moon 10/ Rogue 2

Known for:

- Getting laid by a human before anyone else in the party.
- Running up walls with spider climb, then dimensionally swapping with the fighter to give him a better vantage.
- Failing his fort save, being turned into a squirrel, and killing the Rakshasha that did it to him with a FLYING SQUIRREL SNEAK ATTACK!!!!!
- Only dieing once but that was fine because he raised as a vampire.
- Having an AC of 72. 73 if he chose you as his dodge target, and being missed by a Great Wyrm (I think) White who had cast truestrike on himself.
- Only playing evil once when he set a garden of paralized people in a Lich's garden on fire. He was irritated that there is no percentage in being good.
- Developed a foolproof plan to kill the Evangel brothers when he overheard them planning to kill the party, Involving the martial artist being his undead slave, the psion getting hit with a maximized Desinigrate, and the beat stick going head to head with two monks and two vampires.
- Being named The Sleepless Demon (The greatest of the Evangel's was known as the Living Demon and we were an awesome team) because he had a tattoo from Tattooed Monk that made him never need to sleep or eat.
- Turning a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon into his fletching. It was only after this that he realized he didn't have enough hit die to control such a creature.......the party never really stopped blaming me for that one.