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2015-11-06, 03:01 PM
I found the Lingering Injury Table in the DMG to be fairly lame for a couple reasons, but mostly because 1 point of magical healing will fix most of the injuries. What's the point?

For my game, I wanted an injury table with a little more to it, with the following things in mind:

- Make injuries tough, but avoidable and manageable
- Make more use of the exhaustion mechanic
- Make more use of the Medicine skill
- Require different levels of healing and skill to heal injuries
- Require the party to actually spend resources to heal injured allies

To do this, I tied each injury to a level of exhaustion and based the amount of healing needed to that level (see the colour code). However, I had to make exhaustion reliably removable, so I added the ability to remove with Medicine skill care and bumped the power of the Lesser and Greater Restoration spells regarding exhaustion. Keep in mind I generally use the Longer Rest variant.

I have a couple of my own worries:

- Some of the injury effects overlap with exhaustion effects, but I figure you could sometimes heal exhaustion and not the injury, depending on resources, so I'm mostly ok with that.
- If healing from bleeding out, the party will almost always choose to heal the injury immediately, thus the effects will rarely be felt. However this will cost resources and the exhaustion will still take effect.
- Exhaustion too harsh, even with the new ways to remove it?
- The healing will only cost valuable resources until about level 10. Afterwards it will be no effort to remove them. But you're supposed to be badass by then and exhaustion still applies.

Here it is:


Any critiques or advice is welcome, it's something I threw together today so I'm sure I haven't thought it through enough.